Thursday, July 12, 2007

There are even grant programs for your pets!

We all love our pets! And if we don't then there is probably something wrong with us!

Many times I have talked about there being grants to help people who need emergency funding and you can now add pets to that list!

While animal shelters and individual pet owners sometimes have trouble paying for the cost of animal care, there are organizations out there dedicated to helping care for one's pet. It's not just our own medical emergencies that can come up there is also the emergencies that come up when our pets get sick. (And I include myself because I am a pet owner)

Some of these organizations even provide financial help to those who help to rescue and/or take care of stray animals! Many of these same organizations work in conjunction with area veterinarians and local animal clinics. So if your pet gets sick or needs emergency medical care you should find out from these animal clinics and animal hospitals whether or not they are aware of any of the programs that help provide financial assistance to those pet owners who need it.

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