Friday, October 23, 2009

Government Grant Program Deadline Extended!

It’s not for as long a period as entrepreneurs around the country were hoping, but the U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill reauthorizing the deadline date of one of their grant programs to October 31, 2009.

This particular grant program (along with their sister program) provides millions of dollars in grants — with awards reaching upwards of $750,000 to individual businesses meeting specific criteria — to technology start-up companies through a variety of federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, Department of Agriculture, Department of Health and Human Services and NASA.

Grant Program


For Nurses

Who Want To Teach!

Because there is a shortage of nursing teachers, more of them are sorely needed! Despite the economic downturn, record numbers of well qualified potential nursing students continue to be turned away or placed on long waiting lists, (in some cases several years in length), by traditional campus based nursing schools due to severe shortages of nurse educators. As has been reported for many months now, the nationwide deficit of nursing faculty has reached critical proportions as the current faculty workforce rapidly advances toward retirement and the pool of younger replacement faculty decreases. The shortage of nurse educators poses serious threat to national health care. The number of nursing graduates with bachelor’s and master’s degrees isn’t keeping up with soaring demand. Educators and health planners see the growing demand for nurses not only as a need for additional personnel but also for additional education, with more nurses prepared in baccalaureate programs that emphasize leadership, patient education, case management, and care across a variety of acute care and outpatient settings.

For example, at one hospital the shortage of highly qualified nurses who teach is already so bad that it’s had two nurse educator positions open for two years, even at the largest hospital in a state with one of the nation’s worst unemployment rates. According to one spokesperson from the hospital, "It has an impact on care. It really does. It has an impact on how quickly we are able to advance and institute new programs. We absolutely struggle to find nurses with master’s degrees who are educated in teaching.

The looming nursing crisis could mean that the region has thousands fewer nurses than it needs by 2020, according to projections by health officials. Federal estimates have projected the nation will have 29 percent fewer nurses than it needs by 2020.

The influx of baby boomers with complex health needs and an aging nursing population are exacerbating the problem. The average age of nurses is 49, while the average age of nursing faculty is 55. In one tri-state area, the more than 60 nursing schools can’t keep up with the demand.

So because of this three states are banding together with the help of a $250,000 grant which, joined with grants from others, aims to increase the number of teachers, add training opportunities and provide incentives for nurses to want to pursue advanced degrees. One of the goals of the project is to encourage nurses who are interested in teaching to get their master’s or doctorates with scholarships. The grants can be used for anything related to their education, including child care or transportation, as long as the recipient agrees to a year of teaching for each year of funding.

So far over 15 grants of $10,000 each so far have been awarded.

If you are considering getting your nursing degree online, online nursing degree programs make it possible for working adults to earn an advanced degree whenever and wherever it`s convenient for them, rather than having to rearrange work and family responsibilities around fixed class schedules. This ability to continue earning while learning through online nursing degree programs is making school accessible to millions of working professionals who would find it impossible to return to school otherwise. With 24/7 access to virtual classrooms, multimedia lessons, and the ability to network with fellow students and professors via message boards, chat rooms, and e-mail, online students enjoy distinct advantages over campus based students! And there are scholarships available for those that want to study and /or earn their degree(s) online.

Grant Program


For Single Dads

As part of our government's new stimulus package there is more opportunities and more funding for education grants. There are several categories of grants available, but a big portion of it is reserved for dads. The newly revised grant system was created in order to cover many of life's expenses and school at the same time so there is less financial burden for these individuals. There are lots of single dads out there who hold down more than one job to try to support their family. This grant will cover some of this, the tuition, the books, amongst other things.

Once you receive this grant, you can receive up to $10,000 a year or $5100 a semester for up to 18 semesters. That will be more than enough to put you through until you graduate. (In the future the government is looking to increase the funds again to cover even more expenses.)

If you want to go to school, but childcare is a problem, then you can find programs online. There are hundreds of degrees that you can complete over the internet. There are so many options for you that there aren't very many reasons not to take the government's stimulas programs up on their offer.

For more information, you can check out the government's website.

There may be government grant money just waiting for you!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Grant Program To Help Family Caregivers

This grant program is intended to give primary caregivers the break they so often need. The grant money must be used to pay for temporary substitute care.

One woman, who is taking care of her elderly mother, applied for and received the grant, which meant her mother could continue to go to the adult day care center while she had time to find another job (which she has). It had been three years since her 86-year-old mother moved in with her and her husband in their home . The mother has Alzheimer’s disease and has trouble moving around, so the woman helps her mother with her shower each day, makes sure she’s fed and takes her on small excursions to the mall in a portable wheelchair. The routine includes occasionally reminding her mother of what day it is and where she’s living. She does all this while also raising her 8-year-old daughter and juggling a full-time job. But money was an issue. For a time, she was out of work, having lost her job last year. Although her husband was still employed, without her salary she found it increasingly difficult to pay $180 a week for the adult day care center that her mother attended regularly. Then through an organization in her town the woman heard about a grant sponsored by one of the larger foundations.

The woman is one of the growing numbers of Americans facing the financial squeeze that can come from caring for elderly parents. About 30 percent of adult children in the United States contribute financially to their parents’ care and pay on average of $2,400 a year on everything from uncovered medical expenses to making sure the refrigerator is stocked each week. The money often goes to parents who diligently saved all their lives, but in the face of longer life spans and chronic illness, the savings just isn’t enough. With all of the overwhelming emotional and medical aspects of caring for elderly parents, it’s natural to ignore the consequences of spending large amounts of money on them. But so often adult children end up ignoring their own savings and retirement accounts or, worse, go into debt, because they’re taking care of their parents says a lawyer who specializes in issues of elderly care.

One way out of this bind? Take full advantage of the hundreds of government and nonprofit programs and services geared to the elderly throughout the country. “There’s lots of help out there, but also lots of reasons why families don’t use it,” said the lawyer. Some people may think their parents have too much money to qualify even though many of the programs are available to elderly people with incomes of more than $100,000. Or the parents may be too proud to accept help. What’s more, these services can be difficult and time-consuming to find. And it can be a challenge to deal with the paperwork and red tape, especially when you’re already overwhelmed by the daily demands of taking care of an older parent.

More information can be found by clicking here.

State Grant

Program For

Community Groups!

One city is offering grants from $500 to $3,000 to grassroots community groups in economically under-resourced neighborhoods to foster community improvements.

The grants are available for local volunteer community groups and public school-based student groups working to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods and schools across the city.

The deadline for 2009 fall grants is has now passed. However for the spring 2010 grants, the deadline is March 14, 2010.

To contact the committee, you can contact them by phone or visit their website.


Grant Program


Individual Artists!

Another arts foundation is pleased to announce their next grant cycle. Applications are now available!

The foundation will hold a grants information workshop for interested applicants at the foundation's offices. Reservations are required. Please reserve your space by either calling or email. First time applicants are strongly urged to attend this informational workshop.

This grant program provides cash awards to local artists and cultural organizations that are engaged in projects that help create a strong, stable, and diverse arts and culture industry and contribute positively to the quality of life and economic vitality of the region. Preference is given to specific program initiatives, particularly those enhancing the arts education of learners of all ages, and to collaborative efforts within the arts community.

So far, the foundation has distributed $71,450 in grants to 48 individual artists and cultural organizations in the past 12 months.

Guidelines and application materials are available at the foundation's website or by calling.

The mission of this foundation is to:

  • Support, promote, and celebrate the arts and culture of the local community

  • Create a strong, stable and diverse arts and culture industry

  • Contribute to the quality of life and economic vitality of the region

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Full-Tuition Scholarships Being Offered For Online Courses!

Over $1 Million Dollars

In Scholarships Being Offered

To Earn An Online Degree!

There is a campaign that has been created to help support those who are under-employed and / or under-educated to help provide financial scholarships that will pay the full cost of tuition for those that want to be able to study online and earn their degree.

You can visit their website to find out more about this online scholarship program.

Please be advised that only a limited number of scholarships will be awarded to those that qualify and apply.

State Is Providing

Both Grants And Loans

To Businesses Both

Small And Large!

In order to help provide job and strengthen their local economy one state has started a grant (and loan) program for both large and small businesses!

Here are some of the grant recipients:

  • one bank received a $900,000 grant!

  • a transportation company got a $90,000 grant

  • a galvanizing business has also won a $100,000 grant!

Also the program has also provided loans to:

  • a brewing company received a $500,000 loan

  • a manufacturing company has received a $1.2 Million Loan!

  • a carpet recycling business has received a $600,000 loan as well!

The funding of these (and other) businesses in that state symbolizes a core strategy for economic development which is to help small businesses survive a recession that has claimed tens of thousands of jobs in the state.

So far one of these funding programs has enrolled 25 small businesses, with the state committing $405,000 of the $5 million originally set aside for the initiative. According to one spokesperson, "participation so far has been disappointing, but he said his office has not promoted the program as well as it could have. He said the funding program is preparing a new campaign to get the word out."

Individual Artists Receive Grant Awards

Grants are being provided to individual artists to help them keep working on their art because culture is vital to a town's civic health - according to a spokesperson of the funding program.

Artists can also apply for program or education grants for ideas that directly benefit the city. The application includes a list of potential collaborators and helpers at local museums, libraries and the like.

In addition to traditional disciplines such as music, dance/theater and literature, the council funds multidisciplinary and cultural heritage projects. Though the dollar amounts are relatively small - $250 to $2,000, with individual artists limited to $1,200 - the council envisions them as a stepping stone for larger awards and outside donations.

You can find out more about this grant program by visiting the sponsoring website.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Free Airline Travel Grant For Businesses!

A major airline will be awarding 100 small-to-medium size U.S. businesses free travel to anywhere in the world where their airline flies plus valuable products and services to help support their businesses and maximize their travel experiences.

This grant program is part of an endeavor that aims to drive forward small and medium sized enterprises by focusing on tangible, human connections as a crucial driver of business growth. The program will offer these companies a variety of support including the opportunity to travel overseas and conduct face-to-face business meetings that will result in new and/or deeper partnerships, new projects, and revenue for U.S. cities.

Starting today, businesses with a demonstrable need should visit the website for their chance apply!

The award will include 10 round trip transatlantic business class tickets to be used at their business' discretion in 2010. Also included will be five priviledged cards offering access to business lounges worldwide! Also each grant winner will be provided with $1,000 toward business accommodations. Another company will provide each grant winner with an All-In-One Printer, specifically designed for small businesses, including printer, copier, scan, fax and photo lab capabilities. Another company will offer each winning company five free global shipments of up to 500 kilos, including fuel and security fees, shipped from any applicable gateway!

So far the sponsors of this program have given away close to 1,000 airline seats to help U.S. entrepreneurs grow their businesses! According to a spokesperson for the program, "Our hope is that these business grants help businesses increase their revenues and reach important milestones in their strategic growth plans."

U.S. businesses are invited to "make their case" for those business travel endeavors that they need but haven't yet been able to meet. If their case is eligible and meets the criteria then the business may win free travel for one year to anywhere in the world that the airline flies.

Businesses interested in entering the competition should complete the entry form online telling the airline about their business objectives in 2010 and how a grant would benefit their business.

Entries will be reviewed by a group of the airline's executives and its communications and business partners. Winners will be notified by late November. Entries must represent companies with 500 employees or less and have a Federal Tax ID Number.

For more information you can visit the airline's website.

Grant Programs For Single Mothers!

"Helllo, I am a mother of three and I am working and trying to finish school. I do not qualify for any aid or grants or anything but my job is no longer working out for us."

I find it hard to believe that you don't qualify for any aid or grant programs. Here are some excerpts from my pages:

"Grants for single mother assistance take many forms. Many grants are small, especially grants for single mother education assistance. However, these small grants can be combined with other forms of assistance and aid. By combining several grant and assistance packages, the single mother can often finance tuition, books, transportation and, even, daycare.

The most common type of federal education grant can pay from $400 to $4,050 per year, depending on the cost of the school, the need of the student and the student s enrollment status. The financial aid office at all participating schools will have all information necessary to apply for these grants.

There are numerous foundations offering grants for single mother assistance. These foundations generally only require that the applicant be a single mother or the child of a single mother in order to be eligible for the grant. Some foundations offer grants to assist in paying off student loans. The applicant is often expect to perform community service or do volunteer work in order to qualify for the grant. Professional women who are willing to volunteer their professional services to the community are especially eligible for grants to repay student loan debt. Teachers who are also single mothers may qualify for these grants without doing additional volunteer service, as teaching is considered to be a contribution to the community in and of itself.

Grants for single mother housing assistance are available through HUD. In addition to HUD grants, many states offer housing grants to single mothers. These grants may take the form of special loan packages and they may also pay all or a portion of the closing costs for home purchases. There are also grants available to help single mothers with the down payment on a home. These grants are generally State sponsored. The local Housing Authority will have information on the State s availability of grants for single mother housing assistance.

Here is another program for single mothers:

This granting program has true stories from amazing moms. Stories that they live every day & inspired by other Moms not to give up. Please read their stories & cast your vote. Congratulations to winners who have won $125 in CASH

The purpose of this program is to serve as support assistance to single mothers nationwide. The more donations they, the larger the gifting fund becomes, making more gifting available to single mothers. The grants will be limited for applicants to one award for assistance every 18 months.

The program is looking for amazing mothers with a real life stories. Are you an amazing mom? Do you know an amazing mom who has overcome one of life's obstacles and has gone on to inspire others? The program is looking for amazing moms with needy inspiring or an amazing story to tell. Amazing moms maybe raising children while going to school and / or working at the same time. Hardships and challenges are important obstacles to overcome. Tell them your story.

How to apply? Send them an essay telling them your amazing story via email. The essay may contain up to two pages of text formatted in a MS WORD document, text style Arial, and size 10.

All submitted stories will be reviewed by the program's Committee. The top 3 to 8 stories will be selected, and then posted to the website for other single moms to review and cast their vote. The top 1 to 3 stories with most votes from voters will go through a final review and approval process by the committee. Upon final approval, the winners will be notified by email.

Winners must be able to provide proof of eligibility which may include, but is not limited to personal identification verification, proof of citizenship, income verification, school registration verification, and other criteria which may apply to their hardship letter as provided. Once these criteria have been satisfied, the winner will be sent the award in the form of a check by the 15th of the following month. (For example: if your story was selected is for the month of August 2005, your check will be issued by September 15, 2005 & send out a few days later).

Application & Review

The program committee will review your application. This program provides financial gifts to single mothers. The amount can range from $50 to $200-gifting depends on how much money the program raises each month.

This program was set up to help single mothers in need when they are faced with life's unexpected challenges such as educational expenses, child care, medical expenses and work related.

A check will be sent directly to you or if you request a voucher or gift certificate it will be sent directly to you by mail.

The program is available to single mothers with hardships and challenges in life.

Who is eligible?

  • You must be a single mother with children under the age of 18 living in the household.

  • U.S. legal resident

  • Over the age of 18

  • Must be currently working at least 10 hours per week or recently unemployed (3 months or longer) or have completed at least 1 semester/quarter of the required program at a post secondary school.

Income Requirements

  • Single Mother-1 Child -Monthly Income=$1,000.00 or Less

  • 2 Children =Monthly Income=$1,500.00 or Less

  • 3 Children -Monthly Income= $2,400.00 or Less

  • 4 Children or more=Monthly Income=$3,000.00 or Less

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Drug Prevention Program May Get Over $1 Million Dollars In Grant Money!

One organization has won a highly competitive federal grant that will enable them to start a number of programs in an effort to reverse there area's high rate of teen alcohol and drug use. Their grant application included a 196-page application for the grant. Recently the area's school district released results which showed seniors and sophomores using drugs and alcohol at a rate far above the state average and that they perceive the community as being tolerant towards such use. A past survey two years ago revealed similar numbers.

The volunteer program was rekindled two years ago after having lain dormant for several years — and, since then, a number of volunteers have poured countless hours into the organization, identifying the most important issues to address and beginning the hard work of building a coalition and securing funding.

The initial grant funding is $115,000 but this same grant could total more than $1 million if the non-profit organization can continue to receive subsequent funding from the same grant over the next nine years!

The grant which consists of an inital grant award of $115,000 will also subsequently include grant amounts of up to $125,000 for each of the next nine years!. This will enable the non-profit to hire a coordinator. In the first year of funding, the non-profit also plans to strengthen its community mobilization skills, strengthen the coalition and begin addressing youth substance abuse by undertaking an awareness campaign about the harmful effects of drugs, alcohol and tobacco on youth. The organization also plans to involve youth in the effort, supporting and enhancing youth mentorship efforts as well as a range of youth-initiated activities.

The grant itself is highly competitive. According to one spokesperson "Only a fraction of those organizations that submit proposals get past the initial screening, and after that, fewer than a third get funded". In one state, nine other communities received funding this year for the first time. Nationwide, 160 new groups got funded.

Once funded, coalitions or agencies get annual funding for 10 years if they can show they’re making progress.

Homebuyers To Receive Grant Money!

Here is another example of how the government's stimulus money is helping individuals!

In an effort to help stimulate a slow housing market, one state will be offering grant awards in the amount of $4,000 to a number of home buyers! This grant program comes on the heels of a previous grant program that used $10 million in stimulus funds to offer $6,000 grants to home buyers in an effort to eliminate a glut of roughly 3,000 newly built homes that had never been occupied. The state awarded those 1,600 grants in less than 12 weeks earlier this year!

So far the grants have led to home sales of $376.7 million, creating thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in wages. Also the new grants will lead to 9,000 jobs either being saved or created and $25 million in income and sales tax revenue.

Home buyers would have to secure a fixed-rate mortgage to qualify, and the money would only be available to individuals with income of $75,000 or less or married couples with income of $150,000 or less. There is no limit on the price of homes, and the grants are available to anyone buying a new home, not just first-time home buyers!. (The state grant also can be combined with a federal tax rebate of $8,000 for first-time home buyers.)

Both programs expire December 1, 2009!

Grant Program For Individual Artists!

Applications are now being accepted with a deadline date of:

Friday, October 9, 2009!

This grants program provides cash awards to local artists and cultural organizations that are engaged in projects that help create a strong, stable, and diverse arts and culture industry for the local area and contribute positively to the quality of life and economic vitality of the region. Preference is given to specific program initiatives, particularly those enhancing the arts education of learners of all ages, and to collaborative efforts within the arts community.

So far more than $50,000 in grant money has been given to 45 individual artists and cultural organizations within the past 12 months!

Guidelines and application materials are available on their website or by calling them by phone.

$1000 Grant Program To

Help Fight Child Obesity!

If your school or youth-focused community group needs financial funding to help start programs to help fight child obesity then your organization may be eligible to apply for a $1,000 grant for programs that address the health risks of childhood obesity and / or have solutions for combating obesity in schools and communities.

Please note that the application deadline is:

Oct. 22, 2009!

For more information or to obtain an application online please be sure to visit the website