Thursday, August 30, 2007

Governor Announces New Funding For Pre-K Children!

In my own state of Pennsylvania, Governor Rendell has annonced a new funding program to help pre-k children. The funding amount is over $70 Million Dollars and will go towards helping 3 to 4 year old kids to benefit more from their kindergarden programs.

School districts, nursery schools and daycare centers have all received funding from this program. Private schools that meet the eligibility requirements can also apply for this funding.

Since this funding program is still relatively new, exact amounts of the grant funding have not been announced yet.

Over 20 recipients in over 10 counties have already received this funding!

For more information about this funding program you can visit the governor's website.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

For More Information About More Kinds Of Grant Programs.....

For more information about more / different kinds of grants programs you can also visit my What Is Your Dream Job Forum on Delphi.

What do grants have to do with "Dream Jobs"? - A lot!

There are many people who have their own dream job but don't know how they are going to achieve it or how and where they are going to get the money to help finance their dream job. That is where grants and grant programs come in.

Loans cause a problem because people don't want to take on more debt.

Grant programs are different because you don't have to pay grant money back.

So many people have their own dream job in mind but they don't think that there will be anyway that they will be able to achieve it. Some people give up hope altogether of being able to achieve their dream job.

But as a grant researcher I have seen many examples of those who were able to achieve their dream jobs with the help of a grant (or two).

Sunday, August 26, 2007

FEMA Doles Out $8.2 Million For New Hampshire Flood Grants

FEMA Doles Out $8.2 Million For New Hampshire Flood Grants.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency reports giving the most grants, more than $780,000 worth, to Salem residents since last week's application deadline.

Manchester received the second largest amount, more than $560,000 dollars.

The U.S. Small Business Administration reported awarding nearly 11.5 million in low interest loans to 415 New Hampshire individuals and businesses.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Never Pay For Grant Information"

"Never pay money for grant information" - ok what does that say to the many professional grantwriters and researchers out there?

"Free money - garbage" - Did you know that there is actually a term "free money" used to describe all the "unclaimed" money that is out there! This unclaimed money (and property) comes from people who have forgotten about bank accounts, safety deposit boxes, etc and if these persons are no longer alive then there are their heirs who are out there that don't even know about this money?

You are really going to have to educate yourself more about grants, grant programs and the grant process in general

As far as "free money" being garbage then just tell that to those that already have gotten grant money - legitimate grant money that they DO NOT have to pay back!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Is Someone Else Claiming YOUR "UnClaimed" Money?

Here is some more information that I have found about "Unclaimed Money"

Unclaimed Money Is Looking Mighty Good To Other People

Basically speaking it is looking mighty tempting for others to see how much unclaimed money there is out there and they are claiming it as their own!

Now "unclaimed" money might not be thought of as grants but they are money that you do not have to pay back!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

WebDesign Scholarship Deadline August 18, 2007!


A $5000 Webdesign


For Students!

The deadline for this scholarship program has been extended because the scholarship program's sponsors are looking for more students to apply!

Here is a quote from their website

We have only been notified of a couple submissions for our web design scholarship.

Hoping to give more students a chance to discover this scholarship opportunity to win $5,000 we have extended the entry deadline until Saturday, August 18th.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Grant Programs For Single Mothers

For the single mothers out there there are organizations that have grant programs and provide emergency financial assistance to those single mothers that can demonstrate need. You have to realize that these organizations want to help single mothers and that their organizations were started to help single mothers. I know these programs provide a very good service to those single mothers in need.

If you live in Kentucky there is an organization that currently has 85 grant programs available and those women/single mothers who have been victims of domestic violence are given special preference. Talk to a social worker or public agency because they should have the information about these programs.

In my state (PA) there is a program to help those that have a job but low income to help purchase a car. If this kind of program is available in my state then you should check and see if it is available in your state as well.

There are many organizations (and government programs) that help people with their heating bills. I know this for a fact because I have helped clients get into these kinds of programs. These programs help with paying some of your heating bills and will even provide you with a new heating system if yours is beyond repair. Again check with the social agencies because they should have this information.

Caregivers - if you are taking care of a relative then you should also contact the social agencies because there are programs that will pay you to act as caregivers - BUT be sure to read the forms because some of these programs will hold on to the person's assets in order to pay you. If this isn't a problem then you should look into these programs as well.

Now this is going to make you angry but in Kentucky there are 85 grant programs to help people either buy a house or help with financial need and so far this program has been helping those that were born OUT of the United States.

Your very best bet is to find your local social agency because that is what they are there for to help people.

Now there are grant programs to help people that want to start their own business. The bulk of these grant programs require that you submit a business plan - of which you can find examples of online.

Friday, August 10, 2007

There Is Nothing "Quick" About The Government!

Here is a quote from Matthew Lesko:

There isn't much in the government that is quick, or for that matter, much anywhere that is quick, So you best bet would to continue through the non-profit and gov't sources for money. Remember that the state can give to your non-profit for free and surplus property that they intend to auction. Call the secretary of state's office for more info

Start-Up Grants For Daycares In New York

Start-up grants are available to in-process family and group child care programs. The grants help offset the cost of opening and operating a quality child care program, and assists child care professionals in receiving health and safety equipment, materials, supplies, and/or training necessary to meet New York State Office of Children and Family Services child care regulations.

Child Care Council staff will assist child care professionals in best utilizing the funds they are awarded through the grant programs. For information on these Child Care grant programs contact via phone or email.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

You may be eligible to apply for a grant if you are.......

Some grants are free for qualified individuals. If you are qualified for a free grant, you will never have to pay it back. It can usually be available for Native American Indians, family members of veterans, for veterans, low income families, first time home buyers, researchers, the disables, homeless people, teachers and more.

If you are a member of one of these groups then you are eligible for a housing grant from the government.

If you are a member of the military, the government will usually provide you with free housing grant as part of your benefit. It is very convenient for you and your family because you will be having housing funds provided by the government. And, the good thing about this is that it's free. This means that you'll never have to repay the government for the housing grant they provided you.

You can also qualify if you are a family member of a veteran, usually in the first degree. This means that if you are a child of a retired military or a veteran, you can also qualify for the government's free housing grant.

Another person who can qualify for a home grants are persons who are disabled. The government will provide housing grant for disabled people. If you are disabled physically, all you have to do is ask the government for housing grants. They will usually give it to you.

Native American Indians also qualifies for housing grants. They are even given by the government reservations for tribes. Being a member of a particular Native American Indian tribe will give you housing grants from the government.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"I Have No Time To Apply For A Government Grant"

I realize that there are some emergency situations where the time that it takes to get a grant will not be enough time to solve the problem.

But again this goes back to the reason WHY you want the grant.

For instance a lot of people have posted that they are going through problems such as their electricity is going to be shut off and they need a grant right away. First of all the utility companies can't just shut off your power without written warnings to you. Some of them will give you extensions to give you more time to pay your bill. One of the things that you should do is get in contact with your utility company to see what kind of payment arrangements can be worked out to help pay your bill. Some utility companies will also provide you with information about different grant programs that may be able to help you.

You should also get in contact with your nearest social service agency. They help people all the time by providing them with information about grant programs that may be able to help them so this would be the place to go.

Friday, August 3, 2007

A Baptist Church Receives a $100,000 Grant For Their After School Program!

In South Carolina a baptist church has received over $100,000 in grant money to help expand one of their after-school programs. Since this grant program has been opened to faith based organizations that means that churches can now apply for this kind of grant money if and only if they are eligible to apply.

I should also mention that a daycare center also got a grant from this very same grant program!

The purpose of this grant program is to help enhance the kind of education that students get during regular school hours. If an after-school program can help a student improve in their regular studies it helps the student to improve overall. After school programs such as tutoring, mentoring and other skill-enhancing programs are eligible to apply for this grant program. Also if the programs help the parents of these students - such as teaching english, etc then those programs too can be eligible for applying for this grant program.

Originally this grant program started out with only public schools in mind but the reality is that it is not only the public schools that provide valuable skills to help students participate and be able to function in the real world. That is why this particular grant program has now been made available for faith-based and other non-profit organizations to apply for.

However schools are still eligible to apply for this grant program if they have an afterschool program that they feel is worthwhile.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

"Where Do I Apply For A Daycare Grant?"

Hello im a young women living in california. I'm in the process of geting licensed. i ant to apply for a grant of 100,000-200,000$ to open a child daycare in a house. where do i go to apply for these grants? where do i find them

However I find that you are asking for quite a lot of money to start a daycare in your home. I hope that you have a very good reason for asking for that kind of money.

Number 2 - the only way to find these grant programs is look for them. However since you are not a client you will have to find this information yourself. If you take a look at my grant pages you will see that I mention 2 grant programs for those that want to start their own business. One is for $20,000 and the other is for $100,000! If these programs sound of interest to you then you should definitely look them up to see if you qualify to apply for them.

Do the work yourself instead of asking someone else to do the work for you. There are grant programs are out there and I should know because I do this for a living! The fact that you haven't found them yet doesn't mean that they aren't out there - it just means that you haven't found them yet.

yes i searched your website but it seems like i get the run around when i got to grant sites. im trying to avoid fees to get grant information. would you be able to help me? do u help out those to get grants and charge a fee later i want to know and i want to apply for a grant but i just need helP! please thankX

Here is an excerpt from my Payment Information Page:

How to Hire a Freelance Grantwriter

Count on having to pay a freelancer before you get any grants. Very few professionals will accept a percentage or commission or deferred payment. If you don't have the cash needed, collect enough from your board, staff and volunteers to pay for an hour or two with a freelancer. He or she can clarify some initial steps you could take on your own and suggest some potential grantors for you to research and cultivate. Don't ask a freelance grantwriter to volunteer their services. Seasoned grantseekers get asked constantly to work for free. If they do volunteer, it's usually for organizations or individuals they already have a relationship with. The fact that you're a non-profit carries no weight – that's all they work with!"

You also have to remember that it is not only the government that has grant programs.

You have to be a client before I will attempt to find you any grant programs that you are eligible for. If you are not a client then you will have to do the work and find the information yourself or you will have to find someone else to do it for you. As you can see from my daycare and grant info pages there are many grant programs out there for those that want to start their own business - but they have to know how to do it right!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Grants To Help Produce A Gospel CD? - Part 2

Let's take a look at your request specifically.

You want grant money to produce your CD - right? Since you will be doing a lot of the production work yourself have you considered the possibility of yourself being a production company? There is a $20,000 grant program for minorities that want to start their own business so if you start a production company that is the same thing as starting your own business. I mention this particular grant program because one of the past grant winners started her own film company with the grant money.

If your recordings provide a special educational message for others there are other grant programs that you can apply for.

Individual states have grant programs for artists, there are grant programs to help finance producing an artist's CD.............

A nationally known gospel artist has receive FIVE Grants for his gospel works....Here is an excerpt:

"Chanticleer is the recipient of major grants from various foundations, organizations and The National Endowment for the Arts. "

Finding this information is what I do for clients. You get ALL of the grant information that I find delivered as an attached file via email. Once you get the information about the grant programs that you are eligible for you can then decide whether or not you want to apply for them yourself or whether or not you want to hire a grantwriter - whether its me or someone else - to write the grant for you. Either way its you the client that has all the information about the grant programs that you're eligible to apply for.

Weeding Through The Information To Find Those Grant Programs

Can you give me a idea of how too weed through information to find grants.

It sounds to me like you want the easy way out and you are not going to get it. The only way that you are going to get the details on the kind of grant programs that you are looking for is to look for them.

Now you can ask other people that know about these kinds of grant programs to give you the information about the grant programs but other than that unless you make the effort and do the work that is required to find this kind of information then you are simply not going to get it.