Tuesday, June 30, 2009

$700 Grant Program For Non-Profits!

Applications are now being accepted for projects that help people in need!

Applicants must prove their 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, have a budget of less than $2 million and have clear goals and objectives with measurable outcomes. Endowment or capital projects and campaigns, special fundraising events, general operating expenses, organizations that promote a religious or political ideology, and intermediary funding agencies will not be considered.

For information or to request an application you write to the organization that is providing this grant.

*Co-incidently this organization does not have a website!

Believe it or not there are still angel investors out there willing to invest their money into new businesses!

For example there is one network of angel investors interested in investing capital in promising companies with the expectation of receiving a substantial return on their investment. While ROI is absolutely the primary goal for these investors, the group also recognizes the value of supporting the entrepreneurial community for the economic benefit of the entire mid region and main areas of one state. You can either visit their website or contact the director of the group by phone.

For more investor-related information, just click here.

How About A $500 Grant?

This grant program was started by a business person who received a business grant of their own and who has now decided to help others by providing a grant program of their own!

If you have a business of your own and are experiencing financial difficulties then this may just be the grant program for you!

All you have to do is mail in your story. If you are chosen as the grant recipient all that is asked of you is that you after your business gets back on its feet again you promise to provide the same kind of grant program to another business that is struggling.

For more information, guidelines, application instructions and program-specific contact information please visit the website. This is also where you will get the information on the right address to mail your application to. *Please be advised that all applications will only be accepted via snail mail address only!

Does Your Business Need A Loan?

Although I mainly provide information about grants and grant programs, there are still many of those who are looking for loans that their businesses can apply for. Here is one such loan program:

This funding program supports small businesses in their initial stage of development with a minimum loan amount of $1,000, for example, an existing company can grow, or a start-up business can receive a needed boost to help it through a tough period. Although this funding program is limited to one state there are still many of those who have started their own business in this state alone! Entrepreneurs are starting hundreds of businesses, but they struggle when they can't obtain the necessary capital to provide their productions and services for a variety of reasons, many small businesses often can't rely on traditional sources of funding, such as banks and credit unions for business loans.

The mission of this funding program is to provide growth capital for small businesses. The goal of the program is to support emerging, start-up, and existing businesses, create jobs, and help sustain operations during difficult times, explore growth opportunities and expand hiring of workers.

This loan program also provides counseling mentor support.

Businesses must meet certain criteria. To be eligible a business at a minimum:

  • Must be based in specific areas of the state

  • Must be private for-profit

  • Must be unable to obtain capital from traditional sources, such as banks and credit unions

Loans will not be given to repay old debt or refinance existing loans from other lenders!

Hispanic Organization Offers Up To $5000

For Outstanding Latina Businesses!

In order to help support Latino Businesses this organization provides financial awards and also assistance to outstanding Latina businesses throughout the United States.

If you are the owner of a Latina business or know someone who is the owner of a Latina business then you may want to check this organization's website for more information.

Application forms are also provided via the website link above.

Could Your Business

Or Business Idea

Use Some Seed Money?

One state has announced the formation of a business plan competition for entrepreneurs! This program aims to raise $25 million for 30 yearly recipients by connecting each with mentors and venture investors willing to invest $500,000 to $1.5 million! The program hopes to replicate past competitions that were related.

The goal of the program is to launch new and innovative businesses in the state.

As part of the rules, winners must establish their startup headquarters in the state and create a minimum of five jobs in the state. Additionally, one outside investor must agree to match state investment funds.

The competition will be financed through public and private funds and features six category tracks:

  • health care and life sciences

  • IT, software and gaming

  • clean technology and energy

  • Social development and nonprofit

  • open category, seed stage

  • and open category, expansion stage

Winners will receive about $50,000 in cash to support business launch, with further seed money available, contingent on outside matching investment funds.

The program would also like to find mentors for young startups to bring them to the point where they are ready for venture investment on a bigger scale.

To find out more about this program and / or whether or not you are qualified to enter, please visit their website for more information.

There are currently over 25 government grant programs that involve inventions and / or machinery of some kind and they are ALL open for anyone to apply - including inventors!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Need Help Paying Back Your Student Loan?

You might want to consider volunteering for the following program that is being funded by a grant!

10 Volunteers are being sought for a program which assists with outreach and community revitalization and improvement programs in one local county. These volunteer positions are hoped to be filled as early as July 2009 and will include five full-time, three half-time and two quarter-time positions. The full-time volunteers will perform 1,700 hours of service over their year with the program "which is roughly like a full-time job with a couple of weeks of vacation", says a spokesman for this government grant provided program. The volunteers will provide a wide variety of services such as child care, run summer programs and act as youth mentors.

Those full-time members who complete their service earn a special education award to help pay for college, graduate school or to pay back qualified student loans. Those who serve part-time receive a partial award. Members also earn a stipend during their term of service, and full-time members are eligible for benefits such as health care.

For more information or to apply to the program, you can contact the project coordinator by phone or via email

In other words this is a grant program that will PAY you to become a volunteer!

Another Grant Program For Individual Artists!

If you are an artist that is interested in working on new artistic and cultural programs throughout one local area then this may be the grant program for you! In it's 31st year, this grant program offers 2 different grant programs! Both are open for individual artists to apply, however one of the grant programs requires that the individual artist be sponsored by a fiscal agent that meets the criteria of the grant program.

Grant money awarded in this category may range from $400-$5000.

The other grant program consists of 2 grants of equal value awarded to individual artists that are residents of the area who wish to create new arts and cultural projects with a community context.

Applications materials are now being made available and for further information you may go to their website or contact the grant coordinator via email

The governor of one state has pointed to a 44 percent funding increase for college scholarships which reward financially needy students for taking rigorous high school coursework!

An organization is sponsoring a measure to give grants of up to $15 million over five years, to organizations providing transport to rural veterans needing health care.

This grant program would also authorize pilot programs to treat rural veterans at their local hospitals or clinics, and would make permanent a mileage reimbursement of 41.5 cents a mile.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Need A Grant To Help Fix Up Your Home?

Government Grant Program Seeking Applications For Grants For Housing Repairs!

There is a government grant program that is NOW accepting applications for grants to help low- and very-low-income rural residents repair their homes. Says the program director, "Housing is a cornerstone of any thriving, stable community. As the Obama administration works to ensure that people remain in their homes, it is more important than ever to make certain their homes are safe, energy efficient, livable dwellings."

These grants are being provided to intermediaries such as town or county governments, public agencies, federally recognized Indian Tribes, and nonprofit and faith- based organizations. The grants are distributed to homeowners or owners of multi-family rental properties or cooperative dwellings who rent to low- and very-low-income people. The grants can be used to weatherize and repair existing structures, install or improve plumbing or provide access to people with disabilities.

For example, one agency used the grant in 2008 to make accessibility, weatherization and other improvements to a man's home. Included in the repairs was added insulation, weather stripping, seals around doors and windows, an energy-saving shower head and more efficient light bulbs.

Grant award amounts may be provided up to $10 million in competitive grants. Applications are due by the close of business July 10, 2009. Applications may be accessed electronically via the government's website..

The mission of this government grant program is to increase economic opportunity and improve the quality of life for rural residents. Rural sevelopment fosters growth in homeownership, finances business development and supports the creation of critical community and technology infrastructure. Further information on rural programs is available at local government offices or by visiting the website.

Teenage Girls Being Paid Not To Get Pregnant!

To help keep young girls in school rather than them getting pregnant, one university is offering a program that will pay them not to get pregnant. As part of the baby-free program, girls attend weekly meetings where they learn about abstinence and contraceptives. At the end of each week, $7 is put into a fund that's off-limits until they go to college. To participate, girls must have never been pregnant, currently attend school, have a desire to go to college, and have a sister that gave birth before age 18. The program is currently at its max capacity of 24 girls.

This program, however, is not without controversy! One organization's spokesperson has said, "It's hard to pay people to do something we think they should be doing regardless. It would be like if you didn't want young people to experiment with marijuana, you'd pay them not to do it."

*I should note here that there HAS been a government grant program in the past that has involved marijuana before!


Others feels that with the costs of teen pregnancies reaching $9 billion annually, "paying teens $365 to stay baby-free seems like a modest investment -- especially if the program works.." Another organization's spokesperson has said, " Some grads of the program have saved upwards of $3,000 for college. We want to give them something to work toward. If someone believes in you, there's no end to what a lot of people can accomplish."

Government Job Opening!

Not only does our government have grant programs they also have job openings! I thought about putting this information on my Working From Home Blog but since it isn't a work from home opportunity, I decided to blog about it here.

There is currently a government job opening for Registered Nurses. There is more than one job vacancy that is open! The salary is $42,290 up to $76,206 and I'm assuming that that is a per year salary. The location is in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area. The job description:

  • Rotating Shift Vacancies Staff Nurses - Mental Health, Geriatrics & Extended Care, & Primary Care (rotating shifts)

For more information about this job, just click here

State Grant Program

For Women

In Business!!

A $3000 grant is being made available for women in the following fields:

  • Small business start-up and expansion

  • Community development

  • Continuing education and teacher support

  • Child and elder care

  • Health and human services

  • Arts and culture

In order to receive business-related grants, female applicants must be business owners and the primary manager of the company’s day-to-day activities, or associated with a non-profit organization that directly benefits women.

This grant program is open to female residents of the state and the application is available online or they can be reached by phone by calling their toll-free number.

Priority consideration for funding will be given to applications that:

  • promote the empowerment of women

  • emphasize collaboration between women entrepreneurs or non-profit entities supporting women

  • directly benefit women or low-income and underserved populations

  • support endeavors that immediately benefit communities in which the program's sponsor(s) have a presence

  • for proposals that provide a sound plan for measuring performance and results.

Please be advised that applications are due July 31, 2009!.

Community peer review panels will select the grant recipients, to be announced in September.

Last year’s grant winners included a collaborative project between a media production company and a domestic violence center; a Navajo art and culture program; therapeutic riding facility; quilt-making project for needy kids; refugee daycare facility; health literacy initiative; and an astronomy education project.

This grant program was started to help bolster the efforts of everyday women who help strengthen the communities in so many ways through their various talents. It was created as an extension of an ongoing commitment to empower women in achieving financial independence.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A $41 Million Scholarship Program!

These scholarships are meant to encourage secondary school students to excel in their lessons and go on to a postsecondary institution. However, to a program that evaluates the efficiency of government programs, students are given no real incentives, as there are no requirements that must be met or set goals to be achieved. Absent of any defined standards, there is no way of knowing whether students who received this aid ever really “qualified” for the “coveted” scholarships. Furthermore, the law of this program does not allow the states to use any funding to determine whether or not the program is succeeding.

According to Harvard’s Office of Government, Community, and Public Affairs, Harvard received $535 million in federal grants in fiscal year 2008 that accounted for 82 percent of Harvard’s research revenue. Under the federal stimulus package, federal grants to Harvard are expected to increase considerably!

Energy efficiency upgrade grants

Grants for energy efficiency upgrades will address repair and renovation projects at state agencies, universities and community colleges that have been identified but not funded. Proposals for additional projects will be sought from public schools and local governments. The funding would cover items that generate significant energy savings, including: retro-commission HVAC controls; steam trap replacement, lighting fixture upgrades; boiler and water heater improvements; lab fume hood retrofits; chiller plant retro-commissioning; summer boiler installation; condensate recovery; heat pump and plumbing upgrades; incandescent exit light and bulb replacement; water saving toilets and shower heads; IT room HVAC renovations; building automation system upgrades; programmable thermostats; thermostatic radiator valves; sink aerators; occupancy sensors; photo/optical sensors; and exterior lighting upgrades to LED. $8 million has been set aside for this grant program.

Teacher receives a $140,000 grant for three years to help students learn more about math by building robots for competition!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Grant Program For Special Crops!

*Please note that the deadline to apply for this grant program is:

June 19, 2009

A new grant program has been announced to help fund projects that enhance the competitiveness of specialty crops. A competitive grant process to award these federal funds has been set up and over $1 Million has been earmarked! The intent is to fund projects that can produce the highest degree of measurable benefits to the state's specialty crop producers in relation to each dollar spent.

Projects that benefit the following specialty crops are eligible; Fruits, vegetables, tree nuts, dried fruits, horticulture, Christmas trees, turfgrass/sod, and nursery and greenhouse crops are eligible specialty crops. Funding Priorities for the grant program include, but is not limited to: Research and Extension, Marketing, Food Safety, and Sustainability.

Applications are being sought from organizations that seek to enhance the competitiveness of specialty crops in the state including; non-profit organizations and corporations, commodity associations, state and local government entities, colleges, and universities. Applicants must reside or their business or educational affiliation must be in the state.

Grant funds will not be awarded for projects that directly benefit or provide a profit to a single organization, institution, or individual.

Grant applications must be submitted by 5 pm on June 19, 2009. Please use this link to access the grant application, guidelines, and additional information.

Grant applications with a value of up to $100,000 will be accepted! Grants will be awarded for up to three years. Once all applications are submitted, each one will be carefully reviewed and evaluated based on the criteria listed in these guidelines. All approved projects will then be developed into one grant submission to the USDA. Upon approval from USDA, the organization will notify applicants (sub-grantees) of their status. No final awards to any sub-grantee will be made until a final grant award is made by the USDA. Final approval is expected by September 30, 2009, but is subject to change.

For questions or additional information contact via snail mail address or email

How Would You Like

To Have $25,000

To Start A Business

Of Your Own?

Finalists for a small business grant have been named! So far 50 finalists have been chosen for this year's competition! Each finalist will receive a $5,000 business grant, plus additional products and services!

Judges selected the finalists from more than 1,900 submissions. The finalists hail from 43 cities in 23 states, coast to coast, and range from architects and accountants to restaurateurs and retailers.

In addition, videos submitted will also be evaluated.

Selection of the grand prize and runner-up winners will be based on quality, creativity and ratings from the public. The public opinion will account for 40 percent of the overall score and is based on whether the videos are inspiring, useful or funny.

The general manager of this group has said, "These finalists truly reflect the can-do spirit of small business and America's entrepreneurs. It was tough for the judges to narrow the list from the nearly 2,000 entries we received. We appreciate all of the businesses that entered the competition, for sharing their stories of inspiration and aspiration, and bringing the small business community together over the past few months."

For more information about this program and for more information on the finalists you can visit their website to find out more.

Grant Program For Farmers

(Yes, ANOTHER one!)

Please note that this specific grant program is a 50/50 matching grant program for farmers and ranchers.

This grant program was started because it helps fund planning and working capital to get new ideas off the ground and put more profit in the pockets of family farmers and ranchers.

This is a competitive grants program administered at the USDA to help producers move into value-added agricultural enterprises. Authorized in the 2002 farm bill, this program aims to provide assistance to farmers and ranchers in planning and capital investment for value adding enterprises.

The most recent information on funding availability and applications is available through your state USDA Office. For state contacts and more information please go to the website.

The specific government office was instrumental in helping to create an expanded value added grant program in the 2002 farm bill to include not only processing but by adding value by how agricultural products are grown or raised, e.g. organic, grass-fed. They helped shape the grant program from a $10 million/year grant program to its current authorized level of $40 million (appropriations have been less in recent years). Since that time, the office has seen an outpouring of interest and demand for this program from farmers and ranchers around the country who are developing businesses that grow their income and bring much needed jobs to their communities.|

These innovative initiatives have strengthened the viability of small and mid-sized farms and ranches and have allowed farms and ranches to grow businesses around production practices that benefit the environment and our natural resources.

The Grant Program

Applicants for the grant must meet fairly strict requirements outlined in the Notice of Solicitation of Applications to be eligible for funding. If you are an independent producer, a farmer or rancher cooperative, agricultural producer group, or a majority-controlled producer-based business venture, you are eligible to apply for this grant.

The specific government office provides definitions for each of these categories, along with other requirements of the program. We strongly recommend that you locate a resource person in your county, state or region that can give you some professional advice on your grant application, as well as your business ideas.

How Do I Start?

Now is a good time to check with your state office or your state’s Department of Agriculture about recent news or upcoming workshops about the program. They can provide information, applications and guidance on when and how to apply for a grant. Set up a meeting with your local government, educate them about your project, and ask them for information about the program.

All completed applications are submitted to the national office in Washington, DC for review by staff and independent reviewers. Points are assigned based on the evaluation criteria outlined. Other sources for information regarding related enterprises or how to apply can be found at the website. This website offers a broad range of information on value and added and direct marketing initiatives. Through links to centers around the country at the state level, the website makes available information on a broad range of issues.

Types of Grants

When applying for a grant, applicants must choose between two different types of activities for funding. Funding is available for:

  • Developing feasibility studies or business plans, which include marketing plans, or;

  • Working capital to operate a value-added business or alliance.

Applicants are eligible to apply for only one of these two types of grants each grant cycle. They do not penalize groups who go first for a planning then for a working capital grant.

Matching Funds

The program requires a one-to-one match. A cash match is defined as actual funds dedicated to the project. An in-kind match includes time, equipment, space, staff salaries, etc. Examples of a cash match might be third party contributions from groups, farm organizations or individuals donating cash towards a project; the salary of a person or persons working on a project (cash transaction); travel expenses to attend meetings or participate in training sessions; state appropriations or non-federal funds that have not been spent; bank financing; revolving loan funds; or county financing.

Examples of in-kind contributions include space; equipment; supplies, copies, telephone and other expenses which are dedicated to the project; volunteer time/unpaid services provided to a recipient by an individual or employee working on a project ( non-cash transaction); value of hours of non-federally funded personnel assisting with project, e.g. State Dept. of Agriculture, local economic development agencies, volunteer board members, etc; donation of office space or meeting rooms; or donation of inventory including equipment or buildings.

What Makes My Grant Proposal Likely to Be Funded?

The specifics include a list of evaluation criteria that are used to score applications for strength and merit. Reviewers award points to each application based on how well the applicant has addressed the requirements spelled out in the evaluation criteria. Understanding the evaluation criteria of the program is important and will help you to assess the strengths of your project and application.

Addition Information

The sponsors of this grant program are looking to identify a pool of independent reviewers who could be available to review value-added grants. People with backgrounds in organizing and managing value-added business ventures, writing grant proposals for value-added enterprises, and others who have a history with sustainable agriculture projects should contact the office via email.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Farm-Related Grants Available!

Agriculture is important for the economy of United States and that is why the government offers money for small farm businesses.

Did you know that it is possible for you to try for government grants for small farms if you own a small farm or field and have products which can be sold, but don't have the money to do it?

The Government wants to encourage agriculture and small fields.

In order to be eligible to apply you will need to create a good business plan but you may also be able to get some help with your business plan from some of the related government agencies. Even though the eligibility process may involve some paperwork the effort is worth it to get government money for your agricultural needs! You need to have a good business plan before applying for the grant for farms, agricultural loans or start up money with details like:

  • Your marketing plan

  • Product details

  • Prices

  • Distribution

A good business plan also helps you make sure of what you will be doing for the coming five years in your small business. When you have a business plan ready, you will find it much easy to apply. You will have to do the required paperwork for the government funds.

The Economy becomes strong and grows with the help of small agricultural businesses. This is also a source of employment for many people. The Government also wants people to have successful small agricultural businesses and gives government funding to help you.

In order to apply for government money for these purposes you will have to give a few things which include:

  • The details

  • Personal information

  • Prove of who you are through an ID

If your business plan considered successful and can be marketed you will be able to find cash to buy a small farm through the funds given by the government which includes:

  • Low interest loans

  • Awards

  • Forgiven loans

  • Leased land agriculture funding

  • Government grants

Did you know that grant programs don't mandate co-signers, security deposits, collateral or credit checks. In most cases all that is required by you is to inform them on the progress of goals specified in the application and send in periodic progress reports. This is done to ensure that the funds granted to you are being used as intended.

Teachers Submit Proposals For Grants!

So far over $100,000 has been given out as grant money to area schools for worthwhile and specified teaching projects!

Different proposals have been flooding the offices of the Foundation that is at the head of this particular grant program. Proposals involving the use of everything from Kindles to puppets and high tech software to low tech magnets flooded the office of the Foundation so far this year.

Past grant recipients include:

  • one program will bring video based lessons and interactive activities to all elementary classrooms while another program will use puppets to teach autism awareness across the district.

  • pre-school students will become actors in their own movies that model appropriate behavior, an effective but fun way to learn important skills that don’t come easily to younger students.

While the foundation did not identify purchasing technology as a system wide initiative this year, it did fund individual grants for interactive whiteboards, electronic tablets and additional software.

To view the complete list of the foundation's grants, look on line at their website or you can contact them by phone.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Do You Need Financial Help For Your Business?

Believe it or not there are still angel investors around! What are angel investors? They are people (and businesses) willing to invest in your business!

Here is an example of one such angel investor program!

If you would like more money for your business then there is a program that you may be eligible to apply for!

What you will need to do is submit your business plan and if the sponsor(s) of this program like it then they will fund your business! It really doesn't get much more simpler than that!

In order to be eligible: Your business plan has to be for a business that will make money! Your business will also have to break even within 2 months and make a profit within 3 months! You will also have to tell the sponsor how they will receive their equity or ROI.

Priority will be given to businesses that are already established!

For more information about this funding program you can also visit the website for more information.

Grant To Start A Business

An Example

One woman didn’t want to leave her job but in November, the firm that she worked for announced restructuring plans — and axed her position! For about six years, she had been kicking around an idea with her now-husband: a Web site that tracked parking spots for rent in urban areas. They got the idea while chatting about parking gripes over dinner one night with friends, and the next morning went online and secured the domain name for their site.

It’s a scary jump to take the risk to leave a full-time job,” she says.

Although she didn’t have any knowledge about the parking business she joined forums and associations, meeting everyone she could. Financing has also been tough. She and her husband approached banks and other traditional sources but found few willing to lend — and those that would insisted on tough terms. So, the two have relied on friends and family, as well as government grants.

Another problem was more personal: finding enough self-discipline. “There’s no one telling you what to do anymore. There’s no one telling you to get out of bed at a good hour.…You’ve got to spend your heart and soul into it. You’re now your own boss.

Revenue from the site hasn’t met their early expectations. But she now thinks that those hopes were unrealistic, and the site has shown strong growth in other ways, expanding its network to 30 cities.

She also adds that she has no intention of giving up entrepreneurship. “I’m not going back to being a full-time employee,” she says. “I’m working full time now, for me. It may sound selfish, but I’d rather do something for me and build my company than helping someone else build theirs.

Here Is An Example Of An

Entrepreneur Who Got An Investor!

One man who had long worked in the home-building and remodeling industry — a lucrative field when the housing market boomed a few years ago. But after it began collapsing in mid-2007, he could no longer make a livable income, and took a job selling cars at a dealership. While working full time, he got the idea of building a Web site where consumers could solicit bids from contractors and where general contractors could solicit bids from subcontractors. A Web site, he figured, would simplify a traditionally nettlesome process and allow subcontractors to find jobs that they wouldn’t otherwise know about. In late 2007, he started working with the local small-business help center at a local university to build his business plan and buy up domain names. A counselor at the center also connected him with a local angel investor group.

In February 2008, he pitched the group on his plan for his website and asked for $200,000 to cover start-up costs. Four hours later, one angel called him and said that six of the group’s members would collectively give him the money so then and there he quit his job the next day.

Once they said, ‘This is such a good idea that we want to put our money in it,’ that was the day I thought, wow, I’m really onto something,” the 28-year-old entrepreneur says.

He spent the next several months working on the site, investing $50,000 of his personal savings, along with $150,000 in bank financing. But growing the business was much harder than he expected, mostly given contractors’ reluctance to use the Internet. Over the first six months, only about 50 signed up for subscriptions to the site. But things are looking brighter in recent weeks as more contractors who are hard pressed to find work realize the Internet can help them. The site currently has about 190 paying subscribers, and he just secured another $200,000 of angel financing!

What’s more, the company, which has six employees, recently sold a franchise in Minnesota and another in Wisconsin for $20,000 each, and is currently talking with other potential franchisees.

He is optimistic that the company will be churning a profit by summer, but recognizes there are still many challenges ahead. “This is a high-risk operation in a struggling industry,

*Names and specific website addresses have been withheld until the proper permission has been received!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A State Grant Program For Small (For-Profit!) Businesses!

Over $100 Million Dollars will be made available this summer to help create jobs in one state's area! According to one Senator: "The availability of these funds will provide an additional stimulus to our urban cores in the form of new jobs, investment in infrastructure and the creation of a more business-friendly environment.

The money will be used to finance business investment, infrastructure upgrades and downtown redevelopment that will advance the state’s economic vitality. The fund will support projects that help provide a framework for future growth in regions with stymied development. This funding program will be administered by a development organization and will be used to help attract businesses, improve commerce and revitalize local economies.

It seems that this money has been already provided but the Governor just recently decided to release the funding! The funding will invest in projects that advance local development and small businesses, for instance making improvement to industrial parks and providing loans for purchase of equipment, real estate or other needs.

Please note that the deadline to apply for this funding is

June 15, 2009!

Eligible applicants include municipalities, businesses, academic institutions, and non-profits. The funding awards will range from $100,000 to $5 million. The program will give a preference to requests for loans, with principal repayments able to be recycled for future projects, and according to the Governor, to ensure that each project meets the specific needs of its region. All applications will undergo a competitive review process by a regional office of directors.

Application forms are now being made available online and you can download them from their website

"The Commerce Department wants to help businesses on the path with $50 million in the president’s 2010 budget to create regional “clusters” in which communities partner with colleges, universities and the business sector “to build on natural strengths." The president’s 2010 budget also includes $50 million for business incubators and “hundreds of millions” of dollars in economic grants for businesses and communities."

Grant Program For Non-Profits!

*Please note that the deadline to apply for this grant is

June 30, 2009!

Eligible organizations must be a 501(c)3 non-profit with offices in the local area.

Nominations for this grant program may be submitted at their website 5 p.m. CDT on June 30, 2009.

This local area grant program was started to help local non-profits continue to offer important services to the local area! The programs will help local non-profits continue to offer important services to the area while also recognizing the hard-working and dedicated individuals who themselves have made a difference in the community. Over $50,000 in grant money will be awarded! Two grants will be awarded to non-profit organizations whose focus is in the areas of:

  • youth development

  • arts and culture

  • environment stewardship

The finalists will be notified in September, and the two recipient organizations will be awarded their grants at a recognition event later in 2009.

Have You Made A Positive Impact?

One adult and one high-school student will be recognized by having a grant award donated in his or her name to a qualified non-profit organization of his or her choice.

Eligible recipients must reside in the local area!

The deadline to apply is June 30, 2009.

The two selected individuals will be notified in September, and grants in these individuals` names will be awarded to qualifying organizations of their choice by the end of the year.

For additional information about this local grant program, please visit the website.

So far this organization has provided nearly $100 million to community organizations across the country with a special emphasis on those supporting K-12 education, positive youth development, arts and culture outreach, school safety and Internet safety. Through direct grants and a robust matching-gifts program for employees and retirees, this organization creatively and thoughtfully delivers a commitment to championing the communities where their customers and employees live.

You can also contact them by Email or by phone.

Grant Programs For The Unemployed?

You may be eligible for a $5,000 grant towards training for a new job or career! For example one women who left her job used the grant to take computer classes and is now working at the same facility where she got her training!

According to one online article: "There are dozens of grants and loans available for job training, career development, and assistance with starting a business. And you don't have to fall on hard times to take advantage of these programs. These programs are available to anyone seeking to change careers.

The process of getting the job-training assistance through the program begins with a counselor assessing your skills, goals, the current job market, and financial assistance options. With the classes you want to take in mind, you choose three schools from a list of state-approved institutions, narrow that to the best option, and then work with the staff to put together a package of financial assistance.

Assistance is provided for different types of career seekers:

  • If you lose your job to foreign competition, there is a program that provides money for job-training programs up to 104 weeks at what the state and federal government deem a "reasonable cost." The program used to apply primarily to manufacturing, but the recently enacted federal stimulus package extended eligibility to service jobs.

  • There is another financial program that will provide training grants of up to $10,000 per person for workers who lose jobs in layoffs of 50 or more people. This program can even help you with other costs such as bus fare or car insurance!

There is also a loan program which will provide up to $10,000 with an interest rate of 7.8 percent which can be used to help pay for a nondegree program or up to half-time enrollment in an associate's degree program.

There is also a program that will provide you with waivers which will allow you to collect unemployment benefits, even though your job search is on hold while you're attending school. The waivers are good for one year, and can extend unemployment benefits up to 18 weeks.

If you are looking to start your own business then you can receive help from one of the centers that will help you meet with a bank. Then the US Small Business Administration can further assist new business ventures by guaranteeing up to 90 percent of the loan amount. An example of guarantee fees for the borrower under the program: A seven-year $50,000 loan would be set at the prime interest rate plus 2.75 percent.

As an example, one women who took advantage of one of the programs started her own business. She got together another woman who was a baker with 20 years of experience who also wanted to start a business of her own. Their goal was to open a café, but neither had much in the way of managerial skills. While at a career center, she found that she could get federal funding for computer and business classes. Now, she is a co-owner of her own Café and Patisserie business which opened last year!