Thursday, June 4, 2009

A State Grant Program For Small (For-Profit!) Businesses!

Over $100 Million Dollars will be made available this summer to help create jobs in one state's area! According to one Senator: "The availability of these funds will provide an additional stimulus to our urban cores in the form of new jobs, investment in infrastructure and the creation of a more business-friendly environment.

The money will be used to finance business investment, infrastructure upgrades and downtown redevelopment that will advance the state’s economic vitality. The fund will support projects that help provide a framework for future growth in regions with stymied development. This funding program will be administered by a development organization and will be used to help attract businesses, improve commerce and revitalize local economies.

It seems that this money has been already provided but the Governor just recently decided to release the funding! The funding will invest in projects that advance local development and small businesses, for instance making improvement to industrial parks and providing loans for purchase of equipment, real estate or other needs.

Please note that the deadline to apply for this funding is

June 15, 2009!

Eligible applicants include municipalities, businesses, academic institutions, and non-profits. The funding awards will range from $100,000 to $5 million. The program will give a preference to requests for loans, with principal repayments able to be recycled for future projects, and according to the Governor, to ensure that each project meets the specific needs of its region. All applications will undergo a competitive review process by a regional office of directors.

Application forms are now being made available online and you can download them from their website

"The Commerce Department wants to help businesses on the path with $50 million in the president’s 2010 budget to create regional “clusters” in which communities partner with colleges, universities and the business sector “to build on natural strengths." The president’s 2010 budget also includes $50 million for business incubators and “hundreds of millions” of dollars in economic grants for businesses and communities."

Grant Program For Non-Profits!

*Please note that the deadline to apply for this grant is

June 30, 2009!

Eligible organizations must be a 501(c)3 non-profit with offices in the local area.

Nominations for this grant program may be submitted at their website 5 p.m. CDT on June 30, 2009.

This local area grant program was started to help local non-profits continue to offer important services to the local area! The programs will help local non-profits continue to offer important services to the area while also recognizing the hard-working and dedicated individuals who themselves have made a difference in the community. Over $50,000 in grant money will be awarded! Two grants will be awarded to non-profit organizations whose focus is in the areas of:

  • youth development

  • arts and culture

  • environment stewardship

The finalists will be notified in September, and the two recipient organizations will be awarded their grants at a recognition event later in 2009.

Have You Made A Positive Impact?

One adult and one high-school student will be recognized by having a grant award donated in his or her name to a qualified non-profit organization of his or her choice.

Eligible recipients must reside in the local area!

The deadline to apply is June 30, 2009.

The two selected individuals will be notified in September, and grants in these individuals` names will be awarded to qualifying organizations of their choice by the end of the year.

For additional information about this local grant program, please visit the website.

So far this organization has provided nearly $100 million to community organizations across the country with a special emphasis on those supporting K-12 education, positive youth development, arts and culture outreach, school safety and Internet safety. Through direct grants and a robust matching-gifts program for employees and retirees, this organization creatively and thoughtfully delivers a commitment to championing the communities where their customers and employees live.

You can also contact them by Email or by phone.

Grant Programs For The Unemployed?

You may be eligible for a $5,000 grant towards training for a new job or career! For example one women who left her job used the grant to take computer classes and is now working at the same facility where she got her training!

According to one online article: "There are dozens of grants and loans available for job training, career development, and assistance with starting a business. And you don't have to fall on hard times to take advantage of these programs. These programs are available to anyone seeking to change careers.

The process of getting the job-training assistance through the program begins with a counselor assessing your skills, goals, the current job market, and financial assistance options. With the classes you want to take in mind, you choose three schools from a list of state-approved institutions, narrow that to the best option, and then work with the staff to put together a package of financial assistance.

Assistance is provided for different types of career seekers:

  • If you lose your job to foreign competition, there is a program that provides money for job-training programs up to 104 weeks at what the state and federal government deem a "reasonable cost." The program used to apply primarily to manufacturing, but the recently enacted federal stimulus package extended eligibility to service jobs.

  • There is another financial program that will provide training grants of up to $10,000 per person for workers who lose jobs in layoffs of 50 or more people. This program can even help you with other costs such as bus fare or car insurance!

There is also a loan program which will provide up to $10,000 with an interest rate of 7.8 percent which can be used to help pay for a nondegree program or up to half-time enrollment in an associate's degree program.

There is also a program that will provide you with waivers which will allow you to collect unemployment benefits, even though your job search is on hold while you're attending school. The waivers are good for one year, and can extend unemployment benefits up to 18 weeks.

If you are looking to start your own business then you can receive help from one of the centers that will help you meet with a bank. Then the US Small Business Administration can further assist new business ventures by guaranteeing up to 90 percent of the loan amount. An example of guarantee fees for the borrower under the program: A seven-year $50,000 loan would be set at the prime interest rate plus 2.75 percent.

As an example, one women who took advantage of one of the programs started her own business. She got together another woman who was a baker with 20 years of experience who also wanted to start a business of her own. Their goal was to open a café, but neither had much in the way of managerial skills. While at a career center, she found that she could get federal funding for computer and business classes. Now, she is a co-owner of her own Café and Patisserie business which opened last year!

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