Monday, June 22, 2009

Need A Grant To Help Fix Up Your Home?

Government Grant Program Seeking Applications For Grants For Housing Repairs!

There is a government grant program that is NOW accepting applications for grants to help low- and very-low-income rural residents repair their homes. Says the program director, "Housing is a cornerstone of any thriving, stable community. As the Obama administration works to ensure that people remain in their homes, it is more important than ever to make certain their homes are safe, energy efficient, livable dwellings."

These grants are being provided to intermediaries such as town or county governments, public agencies, federally recognized Indian Tribes, and nonprofit and faith- based organizations. The grants are distributed to homeowners or owners of multi-family rental properties or cooperative dwellings who rent to low- and very-low-income people. The grants can be used to weatherize and repair existing structures, install or improve plumbing or provide access to people with disabilities.

For example, one agency used the grant in 2008 to make accessibility, weatherization and other improvements to a man's home. Included in the repairs was added insulation, weather stripping, seals around doors and windows, an energy-saving shower head and more efficient light bulbs.

Grant award amounts may be provided up to $10 million in competitive grants. Applications are due by the close of business July 10, 2009. Applications may be accessed electronically via the government's website..

The mission of this government grant program is to increase economic opportunity and improve the quality of life for rural residents. Rural sevelopment fosters growth in homeownership, finances business development and supports the creation of critical community and technology infrastructure. Further information on rural programs is available at local government offices or by visiting the website.

Teenage Girls Being Paid Not To Get Pregnant!

To help keep young girls in school rather than them getting pregnant, one university is offering a program that will pay them not to get pregnant. As part of the baby-free program, girls attend weekly meetings where they learn about abstinence and contraceptives. At the end of each week, $7 is put into a fund that's off-limits until they go to college. To participate, girls must have never been pregnant, currently attend school, have a desire to go to college, and have a sister that gave birth before age 18. The program is currently at its max capacity of 24 girls.

This program, however, is not without controversy! One organization's spokesperson has said, "It's hard to pay people to do something we think they should be doing regardless. It would be like if you didn't want young people to experiment with marijuana, you'd pay them not to do it."

*I should note here that there HAS been a government grant program in the past that has involved marijuana before!


Others feels that with the costs of teen pregnancies reaching $9 billion annually, "paying teens $365 to stay baby-free seems like a modest investment -- especially if the program works.." Another organization's spokesperson has said, " Some grads of the program have saved upwards of $3,000 for college. We want to give them something to work toward. If someone believes in you, there's no end to what a lot of people can accomplish."

Government Job Opening!

Not only does our government have grant programs they also have job openings! I thought about putting this information on my Working From Home Blog but since it isn't a work from home opportunity, I decided to blog about it here.

There is currently a government job opening for Registered Nurses. There is more than one job vacancy that is open! The salary is $42,290 up to $76,206 and I'm assuming that that is a per year salary. The location is in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area. The job description:

  • Rotating Shift Vacancies Staff Nurses - Mental Health, Geriatrics & Extended Care, & Primary Care (rotating shifts)

For more information about this job, just click here

State Grant Program

For Women

In Business!!

A $3000 grant is being made available for women in the following fields:

  • Small business start-up and expansion

  • Community development

  • Continuing education and teacher support

  • Child and elder care

  • Health and human services

  • Arts and culture

In order to receive business-related grants, female applicants must be business owners and the primary manager of the company’s day-to-day activities, or associated with a non-profit organization that directly benefits women.

This grant program is open to female residents of the state and the application is available online or they can be reached by phone by calling their toll-free number.

Priority consideration for funding will be given to applications that:

  • promote the empowerment of women

  • emphasize collaboration between women entrepreneurs or non-profit entities supporting women

  • directly benefit women or low-income and underserved populations

  • support endeavors that immediately benefit communities in which the program's sponsor(s) have a presence

  • for proposals that provide a sound plan for measuring performance and results.

Please be advised that applications are due July 31, 2009!.

Community peer review panels will select the grant recipients, to be announced in September.

Last year’s grant winners included a collaborative project between a media production company and a domestic violence center; a Navajo art and culture program; therapeutic riding facility; quilt-making project for needy kids; refugee daycare facility; health literacy initiative; and an astronomy education project.

This grant program was started to help bolster the efforts of everyday women who help strengthen the communities in so many ways through their various talents. It was created as an extension of an ongoing commitment to empower women in achieving financial independence.

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