Thursday, June 18, 2009

A $41 Million Scholarship Program!

These scholarships are meant to encourage secondary school students to excel in their lessons and go on to a postsecondary institution. However, to a program that evaluates the efficiency of government programs, students are given no real incentives, as there are no requirements that must be met or set goals to be achieved. Absent of any defined standards, there is no way of knowing whether students who received this aid ever really “qualified” for the “coveted” scholarships. Furthermore, the law of this program does not allow the states to use any funding to determine whether or not the program is succeeding.

According to Harvard’s Office of Government, Community, and Public Affairs, Harvard received $535 million in federal grants in fiscal year 2008 that accounted for 82 percent of Harvard’s research revenue. Under the federal stimulus package, federal grants to Harvard are expected to increase considerably!

Energy efficiency upgrade grants

Grants for energy efficiency upgrades will address repair and renovation projects at state agencies, universities and community colleges that have been identified but not funded. Proposals for additional projects will be sought from public schools and local governments. The funding would cover items that generate significant energy savings, including: retro-commission HVAC controls; steam trap replacement, lighting fixture upgrades; boiler and water heater improvements; lab fume hood retrofits; chiller plant retro-commissioning; summer boiler installation; condensate recovery; heat pump and plumbing upgrades; incandescent exit light and bulb replacement; water saving toilets and shower heads; IT room HVAC renovations; building automation system upgrades; programmable thermostats; thermostatic radiator valves; sink aerators; occupancy sensors; photo/optical sensors; and exterior lighting upgrades to LED. $8 million has been set aside for this grant program.

Teacher receives a $140,000 grant for three years to help students learn more about math by building robots for competition!

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