Thursday, April 10, 2008

Want To Get PAID For Smoking Marijuana?

Hard to believe but there are a group of scientists who are offering to pay people as much as $600 to essentially smoke marijuana!

Here is an excerpt from an article that explains about it more:

"A group of scientists are looking for marijuanamarijuana to help gain insight into the drug's effects. And they plan to pay subjects as much as 600 dollars to smoke their pot.

The study will examine how marijuana affects brain function and cognition, with particular attention to the duration of use and the age of first use. The measure is brain imaging studies and achievement tests, such as for math and verbal skills.

The scientists are looking for pot users and control subjects who consume alcohol and tobacco -- but not marijuana -- to participate in the study.

Subjects receive 20 dollars for an initial screening session. Those that participate fully pocket 600 dollars.

This kind of study is being done to decide / determine whether such use of marijuana is cause for criminal penalties.

Apparently this seems to be a big issue of concern with politicians and no doubt the results of this study will provide politians with information that they will need when they discuss such issues.


updated 9/5/12

Since I posted this blog post about how people get paid to smoke marijuan, I have found that these kinds of programs are still in existence! In fact there are other similar programs such as this one - for example - you can actually get paid to drink alcohol! You can also get paid over $1,000 for safe-sex research!

So yes, there are still programs out there that pay people to smoke marijuana - as hard as it is to believe!


Anonymous said...

Where do you sign up? lol. Seriously.

killerboo said...

im very intrested in this study how do i sign up

Rose said...

Well since there has been a length of time between the time that I first blogged about this and the time that you commented you'll have to see if the program is still going on and if you still have time to apply.

While I keep all the information that I have about these types of programs in my database and research files for my clients, it shouldn't be too hard for you to find out more about this program.

dark soul said...

I like more info Pleace

Rose said...

More information? Organizations are looking for volunteers to smoke marijuana and they need them badly enough to PAY them! They want to study the effects that marijuana has on people and they need the information badly enough that they are willing to PAY for it.

sign me up NO JOKE!!! said...

Is it possible to get more information about this? And where can I sign up?

Rose said...

Like I have posted above these programs are very popular! You will have to do some searching online but you should be able to find out more information about this if you just do some research online.

I found out about these programs myself when I was researching grant programs for a client.