Thursday, April 17, 2008

Here Is A Grant Program To Help A Business GET A Grant!

Since I get a good deal of information about new grant programs emailed to me on a regular basis, here is an announcement of a new grant program that has been started to help businesses GET a grant:

This grant program is being sponsored by a state-funded organization

The purpose of this new grant program is to help small businesses to improve their chances of winning federal dollars for research and development.

Up to $4,000 will be awarded to qualified businesses that need assistance apply for a grant programs being offered by the federal government. In other words, this grant program is providing grant money to businesses to help them better apply for federal grants!

The federal grant program provides grants that are designed to stimulate innovation and development in high technology industries.

The organization began accepting applications March 2008 for the $100,000 allocated for the training program, and will accept submissions until June 30th, 2008 or funds are depleted.

Acceptable grant award expenditures include:

  • consultant services

  • printing supplies

  • conference and workshop registration fees relating to applying for the federal grant program

  • database search fees and legal fees for provisional patent preparation costs

Even though states like to boast about how they have some of the most innovative businesses in the nation, too often those businesses are held back by a lack of financial resources and industry connections.

Here is a quoted excerpt from one of the members of the organization:

"The federal government has billions of dollars in grant money set aside each year that, if secured, could advance the mission of these businesses and, in turn, the economy of our state.

Last year, the federal government awarded over $2 billion in research dollars to small businesses across the nation, but only a small fraction of those funds came to one state in particular.

There seems to be an interest in this specific grant program because they are trying to increase the number of businesses in their own state that apply for these federal grants. According to records this one state only receives about 1/10th of the grant monies that some other states have been awarded in comparison to their own state. By starting this new grant program, the organizations hopes to increase those numbers and increase the amount of grant money that has been awarded to businesses in the state.

More information and applications are available at the organization's website

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