Monday, April 7, 2008

"It's Really Hard To Give Away This Money....."

There is currently a grant program available for unlicensed childcare providers who want to be able to buy items for their childcare business.

A community action partnership in one area is offering grants to fulfill the need.

Here is a quote:

"It's really hard to give away this money. People think there's a catch."

Caregivers can purchase $400 worth of cribs, safety items and age appropriate toys or books. Even bikes can be purchased using this grant program. In one specific case bikes were purchased with the grant money because they provided much needed exercise for the children. If you can provide a very good reason for what it is you want to purchase and how you intend to use it for the children's benefit then you get a good chance of receiving the grant funding.

This is a state grant program and is free to legally unlicensed providers in that state. By state law, unlicensed providers are entitled to watch over one additional family's children. If the families are related, the caregiver can watch over a countless number of children.

Applicable to part-time or full-time workers, providers must attend a seven hour CPR or First Aid training session to receive the grant.

They also must request on the application for the items they want to purchase and get approval. Afterward, recipients will receive a check in the mail and a training certificate.

For any additional questions, you can contact the grant program by phone.

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