Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Grant Program Providing Free Homes To Veterans!

Previously I blogged about a program that provides free homes to veterans. I have now found yet another program that is doing the same thing!

Some injured vets are getting help from what may seem an unlikely source!

One recipient and his wife were rewarded with an unexpected gift: a home built especially for them, mortgage-free.

This program was started to help give wounded veterans a place to call home and is a way of saying thanks.

Since 2005, this organization has built four houses. Five more are under construction, and the idea is being expanded into a national campaign.

The program started when the founder of this organization met a U.S. Marine that had been gravely injured in Iraq. The injured vet desperately needed to remodel his house to accommodate his son's wheelchair. "I had no idea how I was going to pay for it," he said. "I just knew that I had to get it done."

The founder of the organization mobilized an army of carpenters, plumbers and suppliers who took on the remodeling job for free. They widened doorways, built a ramp to the back door and made the bathroom handicapped-accessible. Anything that needed to be done was taken care of.

With donations from suppliers and contractors the group can build a $300,000 house for $25,000 to $50,000. Each house is fully furnished and customized to meet the needs of each family and is mortgage-free. The group also covers the taxes and insurance for two years!

Another recipient of this program who received a free home in November 2008 turned his fortune around. He is now studying for his doctorate in public safety; his wife earned her master's degree and is now a special education teacher.

The organization is determined to help as many families as they can. They are trying to enlist builders' associations across the country to join the crusade, with the goal of building 100 homes.

You can find out more about this program by visiting the website

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A $200K Grant Prize Award For Non-Profit Groups!

It seems that in the last decade, more of the wealthy have been creating prizes in hopes of drawing attention to a particular cause. It doesn’t hurt that their names are on the prizes.

According to a report released last year the dollar amount for prizes over $100,000 has tripled in the last decade to $375 million a year. There has also been a shift from prizes that recognized past accomplishments to “inducement"-style prizes that focus on achieving a specific, future goal.

One particular grant program fits into this category. It was established five years ago and awards a $250,000 prize to recognize leadership among nonprofit groups worldwide and share their best practices.

Past recipients have ranged from a project on rural land development to this year’s recipient non-profit group which educates children in rural India. The group will receive its award later on this week.

Did you know that there was a study that said that 10 years ago a third of all prizes went to the arts, but today only a 10th do that. The focus now is on the environment, science, engineering and aviation, where the dollar amounts of prizes have increased sevenfold, according to the study.

Entrepreneurs who made their money in fast-growing industries of the last decade, like technology and biotechnology, particularly like prizes because of their ability to spur people to do work in a particular area. For example there is a prize award competition which gives out a prize of at least $10 million for the first group to achieve a specific goal.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Are You In Need Of A Car?

Did you know that there is an organization that provides a needy people with a vehicle to assure their safe journey as they seek work or travel to and from work!

The cars that are donated are carefully inspected before being made available to a qualified individual. To qualify to receive a vehicle, the individual must demonstrate that they will be able to maintain the car and purchase the required insurance.

For information about about this program you can visit the organization's website or you can contact them by mail or phone.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Grant Program For Individual Artists!

Two artists have received individual grant awards. One artist grant was for writing and the other grant was awarded for poetry.

The local organization that sponsors this grant program supports the professional development of individual artists in a local five-county region of one state.

Review criteria include merit and artistic quality, ability of the applicant to successfully carry out the project, and the need for the project.

Individual grants of up to $2,000 are available to artists at least 18 years of age working in the visual, literary or performing arts.

Information about the individual artist grant program and application forms can be found at the organization's website or by calling them by phone.

The deadline for the next grant round is May 15, 2010!

Grant Program For Minorities That Want To Start Their Own Business!

Over $100,000 has been donated in business grants to minority businesses!

One business received $100,000 alone!

Other start-up businesses received a grant of $25,000 each! (One of these businesses is a start-up tutoring business).

So far over $1 Million Dollars has been awarded to emerging minority businesses. Businesses across the country competed for an opportunity to win a total of $200,000 in business grants!

This grant program was launched to stimulate economic growth and development in urban communities. In addition to the grant money, the program provides web-based educational resources including webinars, blogs and business advice from national judges and past winners.

So if you are a minority and are looking for free money to help start a business of your own then this is one program that you should be looking into further! You can find out more information about this program by going to the program's website!

In The News Headlines!

"The US government has awarded billions to companies doing business with Iran, often in violation of US sanctions, over the past decade...."

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Scholarship Program For High School Seniors!

In one local area graduating seniors are urged to apply for a number of scholarships now available through a state program. Full information and applications for most of these scholarships are available at the website. Applications for the following are due April 2010

One of the scholarship programs provides up to four $28,000 scholarships to graduating seniors who will major in engineering, mathematics or science.

Another scholarship program will provide several scholarships of at least $1,000 annually for tuition assistance to students pursuing an LPN, RN or BSN Nursing Degree.

Yet another scholarship program will provide a minimum of a $1,000 scholarship for tuition assistance to students of Portuguese descent.

Another scholarship program will provide at least $500 worth of tuition assistance to the area's graduating seniors whose parent or grandparent were also a graduate of the same high school!

Another scholarship fund has been established to annually provide at least $3,000 to a graduating senior who intends to study business!

Another scholarship program will award one scholarship of at least $2,000 to a senior in the hopes that he or she will return to the area after college and establish a business.

Friday, April 9, 2010

If You REALLY Need Financial Help.......

If you really need financial help then there are avenues available to you. Although one may get skeptical by seeing the term "free money" - did you know that such a thing really does exist!

I have been doing grant research for quite some time now and I have found a number of interesting (to say the least) programs out there that are providing financial assistance for those that need it! For example lets take a look at some of the more unusual financial help that is available.

Did you know that there is actually a website on the Internet where you can request money! That's right! You post your request for how much money you need and what you need the money for and your post is submitted. You don't have to worry about others seeing your request because your request is submitted privately! Individual people have received as much as $500 from this website and all they had to do was request the money!

Did you know that there are programs outside the government grant programs that offer financial help to those that need it? For instance there is a religious organization that provides over $5,000 of financial help to those that need it? The funding is provided for emergency financial need! However you will not find this program on the government grant website because it is not a government grant program. This program is being provided by a religious organization that simply wants to help people that need money for a financial emergency! They don't even have a website! In order to apply for the money you will have to reach them by phone or by regular snail mail. Unfortunately their phone number is not a toll-free number so long distance charges will apply when you contact them by phone.

Have you ever heard of "unclaimed money"? Quite simply that is money that goes unclaimed. Each state should have a listing of unclaimed money and who it belongs to. So you should check the lists to see if you or someone you know is on this list! I have seen unclaimed amounts as high as $32,000!

If you really financial assistance then there are programs out there that may be able to help you! Remember what they say - "where there is a will there is a way"!

And I am quite sure that this is just the "tip" of the iceberg! I'm sure that there are many, many more programs out there that will help to provide financial assistance! I just haven't found them all yet - LOL! There are probably so many of them out there that no one person could ever be able to find them all!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NEW $100,000 Business Plan Competition Announced!

A new business plan competition! has been announced which will feature $100,000 in cash prizes! The money is being provided by a financial services firm.

The winners will be announced in June 2010!

So far, the competition has received applications from more than two dozen hopefuls, including would-be microbrewers and laid-off scientists!

Is Your Business Having Problems Getting A Loan?

In one state there were so many complaints from owners who could not get bank loans, that someone decided to start a new small-business loan program. The program is administered by the local council and uses county funds and a $5 million line of credit.

The program is aimed at owners who want to purchase land, machinery, equipment or buildings but do not have adequate income or net worth to qualify for conventional bank loans. The maximum loan is $500,000, and in the few weeks since the program was announced more than 100 owners have already applied for the funding!

ANOTHER Grant Program For Small Businesses!

Here is another example of "free money that our government is giving away!

Did you know that one area in California is using federal stimulus funds to give immediate aid to small-business owners. The $25 million program reimburses owners for 100 percent of the wages for certain new hires. So far, restaurants, cafes, delivery services and even law firms have hired nearly 1,800 people through this program! More than 800 businesses have signed up for the program, and the area is pushing to extend it beyond its expiration date in September!

*Also please be sure to visit my blog about unclaimed money called The Unclaimed Money Blog.

Monday, April 5, 2010

More Financial Aid For Students Now Available!

One state has now approved a bill that will provide over $9 Million Dollars in additional financial aid that will help make a college education more affordable in the current academic year. These grants will be money paid directly to students to help offset the cost of a college education.

These college-related grants are considered free money because the money does not have to be paid back!