Friday, September 28, 2007

Here Is An Email I Recently Got Concerning Grant Information

Millionaires Come From Starting A Business

Over 67% of the working millionaires in the USA got that way by starting their own business. And the government has plenty of money and help for you to start a business…full-time, part-time, in your home, or with 1,000 employees.
Why do over 1 million entrepreneurs a year get money from the government? JOBS…If you start a business you will create a job for yourself and hopefully others some day. If our society is going to continue to grow we have to keep creating new jobs and these new jobs come from small businesses starting and expanding.

You May Not Need As Much Money As You Think You Do. There are many forms a business can take. You can invest hundreds of thousands of dollars and put up a bib fancy store, or you can invest a few hundred dollars and begin selling on a website. You can invest thousands in an office, support staff, and good looking furniture, or start in your bedroom with just a phone and a desk.

The key to success in starting a business is not your tax structure, your office, your letterhead, your advisors or dozens of other things that people will tell you are important. The only thing that is critical to the success of your business is CUSTOMERS. So be sure to focus as much energy as possible on finding and satisfying customers. Everything else will fall into place.

Listed below are a number of programs that can provide free money and help for your business. If you are interested in thousands of additional programs for entrepreneuring, real estate directly from your state government, see our online store.

Visit http://www......htm for the details and direct links for the following:

$12 Million To Start A Real Big Business
Get A $5,000 Grant With Bad Credit
Money For Women And Minorities To Start A Business
$50,000 Grant To Train Your Employees
$14,000 To Learn To Operate A Business
$10,000 To Put A New Sign On Your Business
$25,000 Non-Credit Based Loans
Realize Your Business Dreams and Apply For A Loan Through Count Me In For Women
Be Careful Of Accountants
Free Help Writing Business Plans Or Grant Applications
You’re eligible for $11,450 in Government Grants!

And here is another email I received

Who Says There’s No Free Grant Money For Business?

Some of you may have already called a government office like the SBA and asked about grants because you saw this crazy guy on TV talking about Free Money For Business. And this office probably laughed at you and told you that there are no such things as grants for business. We’ll they’re right, but they are also wrong. There are no grant programs at the SBA for business,
Of course this is a false statement too because the SBA DOES have a grant program for businesses! (although they really have a free money type program that they probably didn’t tell you about because it’s called venture capital money and not grants). But, they are also wrong too, because there are hundreds of government grant and free money programs for business but they are not at the SBA. They are at other federal agencies, they’re at state, city and county governments offices as well as non-profit organizations. No one government office knows everything. That’s why when someone tells you “no” you can’t believe them now-a-days. Remember this is the same government who didn’t even get the WMD’s information right. It’s a big world out there full of wonderful opportunities, but it may take some effort to find them, because they are not in the obvious places.

Here are some real grant programs taken from our new book “Free Money For Entrepreneurs”. If you are looking for more programs like this as well as information about low interest loans, loans you don’t have to pay back, government contracts, and 10,000 other sources for entrepreneurs check out the book! Or access the direct links to the sources right now plus get help, training and more for just $2.95 at my free government money club!*

$2,000,000 Grant To Commercialize Science Related Ideas
$10,000 For Entrepreneurial Training
$5,000 In Spending Money While You Start Your Business
$2,000,000 Grant To Work On Fossil Energy Ideas
$1,500,000 Grant To Help Small Businesses in Small Towns
$300,000 Grant to Small Businesses to Commercial an Idea
$200,000 Grant to Work On Energy Related Inventions
$295,000 Grant To Small Businesses to Work On Environmental Problems
Up To $3,000,000 Grant To Train Your Employees
Up To $22,000,000 Grant To Businesses That Employ People With Disabilities
$300,000 Grant To Small Business To Work On Education Related Ideas
$500,000 Grant To Small Business To Commercialize Health Related Ideas
$3,000,000 In Venture Capital
$5,000,000 Grant To Bioenergy Businesses
$1,000,000 Grant To Invest In Small Town Businesses
$150,000 To Develop A New Food Product
$100,000 To Sell Food Products Overseas
$200,000 Grants To Companies that Help Small Businesses
$400,000 To Provide Internet Access To Small Towns
$10,000 For Entrepreneurs With Disabilities
$700 Grant For Entrepreneurs With No Credit
$10,000 Grant To Start A Mom and Pop Business
$5,000 Grant To Sell Your Product Overseas
Up To $1,000,000 Grant To Recycle Toilet Paper
$2,500 Grant For A Craft Business
$100,000 Grant For Winery Business
$20,000 Grant To Prepare A Loan Package For An Apartment Building
$15,000 Grant For Small Town Developers To Fix Up Homes
$25,000 To Fix Up Your Office
$30,000 Grant To Start A Day Care Center
$20,000 Grant To Start A Video Business
$5,625 Grant To Start A Sewing Business At Home
$90,000 For An Energy Efficient Business
$300,000 For Documentary Film Makers
$250,000 To Make Videos For TV
$32,500 To Start A Business In Toledo
$7,500 Grant For New Landscaping For Your Business
$250,000 To Start A New Business
$3,000 To Start A Home Based Knitting Business
$5,000 Grant To Start Your First Business
$7,000 To Fix Up A Day Care Center
$500,000 Grant For Target Stores
$400,000 Grant For Home Depot
$1 Million Grant For Best Buy
$234,782 Grant To Train Technical Employees
$10 Million Grant For R.H.. Donnelley Corp.
$23,623 Grant To Sell Wine
$150,000 Grant To Produce Snack Foods
$580,000 Grant To Train Hotel Employees
Leftover Grant Money… A Real Pity
$10,000 Grant To Turn Your Barn Into An Office

Leftover Small Business Grant Money… A Real Pity

When I see things like this it makes my blood boil. Last year the city of Onieda had $350,000 in grant money to give to people who wanted to improve their businesses , but not enough people applied. I keep seeing more and more stories like this and I know there are entrepreneurs out there that really need the money if they only knew it was there. Look for the story in The Post-Standard, Saturday, December 18, 2004, "Leftover Grant Money,” by Aaron Gifford. I also read where the government had $1 billion for entrepreneurs in Virginia to apply for money and nobody showed up. Even business money for 911 in New York still had over $500 million that was not applied for a year later. And recent data show that only 50% of the students eligible for college money know enough to apply. Don't leave this money on the table, do some research, buy my book for business grants or get to a library and take one out for free! (Most library's have at least one of my books.)

Now of course I agree with most of this information. The only part that I don't agree with is the fact that the email said that the Small Business Administration didn't have any grant programs. They do!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Blog - Unclaimed Money

I have started a new blog called The Unclaimed Money Blog.

While unclaimed money is not technically a grant, it is money that you get free and clear and you don't have to pay it back.

Unclaimed money is simply that - money that has not been claimed. Examples would be unpaid life insurance benefits, lost bank accounts and other such kinds of payment due. If the person that is entitled to this money has passed away then the money would go to the heirs/next of kin.

If this money is not claimed within a certain amount of time then it goes to the government!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Would You Like To Be Awarded One Million Dollars?

It seems that all of those "wishes for a million dollars" are starting to come true! More and more opportunities are presenting themselves for people to receive a million dollars!

Here comes a program where you will be awarded $1 Million Dollars if you can prove that which is "unexplained"! For instance can you prove that ghosts exist? What about the areas of occult or the "supernatural". Do you have test theories? Can you prove your results? If you can then this would be the program for you to apply for.

So far no one has been awarded the million dollars!

Calling All College Students!

Would a $100,000 grant award help you and your team develop a new technology-related project? Do you have a business plan for a project or business to help bring more education and/or awareness to the community?

These are just 2 of the requirements for eligibility that are needed for a grant program that was started last year! Business plans submitted have been funded as part of the early process and all vie for the final grant award of $100,000.

Already one project submitted involves rap music where besides using it as a self-promotion for its own artist, the rap music itself is being used as a teaching tool!

Another project involves the developement of a gaming device that others can use at parties and social gatherings.

Another project partially funded is being developed by a team of college students who want to create a better and less "prejudiced" version of Digg!

The finalists will be given the opportunity to pitch their ideas to executives who may fund their projects!

Friday, September 14, 2007

$500,000 Grant Program For Innovative Ideas!

How's this for a grant program?

This grant program is open to EVERYONE!. That means that you can be an individual, a non-profit, for-profit, business, organization or whatever - you are still eligible to apply! It doesn't even matter where you are located. You can be located outside the US as well as in the US. It's your idea that counts!

This grant program was put in place to help bring good ideas relating to technology and the world. Do you have an idea that will bring new information to the world? Does your idea involve the use of using the internet to bring information to the world? Then you may be eligible to apply for this grant!

To apply for this grant you first have to fill out a form on their website because no applications will be accepted by mail, fax or email. If they like your idea then they will contact you and ask you to submit a more detailed proposal.

The deadline to apply for this grant is in October 2007!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Homeland Security Grants

I guess by now most of you have heard about the "fight against" terrorism. In that regard the government has granted BILLIONS of dollars to "help combat terrorism" in the United States.

Some of this grant money was given to provide surveillance equipment to local governments so that events could be reported (and more importantly be on tape). Many areas have received in excess of a million dollars in federal grant money to install camera equipement to provide better surveillance.

However there is much talk and debate about how useful this will prove to be. For one thing the question comes up of the personel needed to view the many rolls of tape that will be shot. Where is the funding for that going to come from? And while having taped surveillance cameras has proved useful to catch crimes on tape these crimes are not of a "terroristic" nature.

Why there may still be many debates about the effectiveness of using surveillance cameras in the "war against terrorism" the grant money is still forthcoming and is still being made available.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

People Who Get Grants Illegally

Here comes a news story out of Texas about a man - a former policeman with a bad record - and how he was able to get a grant to take care of the disabled and mentally ill.

He started a non-profit agency and applied for a $1 Million grant to transform an apartment building into a property where the mentally ill could be housed. Some of the documents that were required to apply for the grant were alledgedly faked documents - but it was enough for him to get the grant approved and be awarded the grant money.

Later it was found that the property had so many code violations but the man only was issued a warning letter and that was all. The police had been called to the property numerous times and inspectors came and did checks for code violations - both of which result in additional taxpayer costs.

The article goes on to state just exactly how this man was able to obtain the grant funding for his "group" home - from the way he started his non-profit organization up to him applying for and getting the government grant funding. Basically he received a set amount of dollars a day to house and feed wards of the state including those that were mentally ill and/or homeless. The man applied for government grant funds so that he could buy properties from owners and use them as boarding homes. The government grant program that awards theses funds was created to address the issue of there not being enough affordable housing for those that were disabled. Reports show that rental units can take up to 90% of a person's social security income so affordable housing was a much sought after need.

While many valid and legitimate non-profit organizations have benefited from this grant program there are still those that "are in it for the money" and aren't in it for the care of other individuals. It seems that all one has to do to be able to get this kind of grant money is to write a "winning" proposal to the grant committee.

Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm Not The Only One That Knows That Government Grant Programs Exist!

Date Released: 08/06/2007

source - Fast Pitch

The Federal Government Is preparing to give away more than $400 billion in government grants, but only about 10% of this money will be used. Reasons being,qualified grant seekers are un-aware,or do not know how or where to apply and most become bogged down in red tape and simply give up.

But now any small business owner or entrepreneur can tap into federal resources and quickly find the help and financial support there`re qualified to recieve. All they need is available to them from Government Publications, located in the heart of Washington,DC. They have all information and resources that will help any small business get the help they need.

If you considering starting a business, purchasing your first home or going back to school, "Here`s Good News"? Recently the government has increased assistance for economic development, and now provides the necessary cash for business start-up ,education, home purchase, home repair, inventions and innovation technology in the form of government grants.. In addition to new financial resources to help the unemployed re-enter the job market, "Billions of loan and grant dollars have been earmarked for people previously identified as credit risks. Money is available to purchase homes, cars, start a business, consolidate debts and many other purposes.

Now is the time to act if you need money for any worthwhile purpose. There are also several reduced-cost and even free programs now exist to benefit the economically disadvantaged and recently unemployed.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

$30,000 Grant For Art Writers

What - Grant Program For Art Writers

Deadline For Applying - September 12, 2007

Grant Award Amount - up to a maximum of $30,000

This grant program which has been around for a while now is for art writers and is designed to support writers whose work addresses contemporary visual art through project-based grants issued directly to individual authors.

Approximately 20 awards are awarded each year.

Of particular interest are articles that identify and explore pressing issues in the contemporary visual arts. Also of interest are texts that illuminate the value contemporary art holds for all viewers through its ability to complicate and enrich our understanding of our world and ourselves and to offer a space of freedom from and critical engagement with prevailing norms.

Only online applications will be accepted