Friday, September 14, 2007

$500,000 Grant Program For Innovative Ideas!

How's this for a grant program?

This grant program is open to EVERYONE!. That means that you can be an individual, a non-profit, for-profit, business, organization or whatever - you are still eligible to apply! It doesn't even matter where you are located. You can be located outside the US as well as in the US. It's your idea that counts!

This grant program was put in place to help bring good ideas relating to technology and the world. Do you have an idea that will bring new information to the world? Does your idea involve the use of using the internet to bring information to the world? Then you may be eligible to apply for this grant!

To apply for this grant you first have to fill out a form on their website because no applications will be accepted by mail, fax or email. If they like your idea then they will contact you and ask you to submit a more detailed proposal.

The deadline to apply for this grant is in October 2007!


I'm a student of General Linguistics, Psychology and Computer Science, considering myself to be a cognitive scientist. said...


the website you linked here looks so bad, it's close to spam. why would you consider writing about this? and why didn't you mention that it is for minorities only?


Rose said...

I think that you had better go back and read the information about this grant program more carefully because it is not limited to minorities only! You don't have to be a minority to apply for this program - what you do have to be is someone that has an innovative idea that merits further looking into.

Unfortunately people only see what they want to and not what is actually there in the information - another reason why this blog was started - to help people become more aware of what grant programs are actually out there.