Sunday, September 9, 2007

Homeland Security Grants

I guess by now most of you have heard about the "fight against" terrorism. In that regard the government has granted BILLIONS of dollars to "help combat terrorism" in the United States.

Some of this grant money was given to provide surveillance equipment to local governments so that events could be reported (and more importantly be on tape). Many areas have received in excess of a million dollars in federal grant money to install camera equipement to provide better surveillance.

However there is much talk and debate about how useful this will prove to be. For one thing the question comes up of the personel needed to view the many rolls of tape that will be shot. Where is the funding for that going to come from? And while having taped surveillance cameras has proved useful to catch crimes on tape these crimes are not of a "terroristic" nature.

Why there may still be many debates about the effectiveness of using surveillance cameras in the "war against terrorism" the grant money is still forthcoming and is still being made available.

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