Saturday, October 27, 2007

From My Email Bag...................................

Dear Rose,

I read on your blog that there are entrepreneurial grants available for for-profit businesses such as a recording studio/company. I am in the process of starting a recording company.

Can you give me the website or sites where I would go to gather information or apply to these grants.

Also, you stated that there are two programs which offer grants to help people fulfill their dream. Can you give me the websites or contact information for these grant programs.

I would greatly appreciate this info.

Your blog is a very helpful resource in the complicated and intimidating web of information to find a grant for start up expenses. I thank you immensly.


I get this kind of email all the time. Unfortunately I have to remind the people who send me this kind of email that since they are not a client of mine that they will have to find this kind of grant information themselves.

If you take a good look at my contact and payment information page you will see at the very top of the page that if you send me any email asking for grant information and you are not a client then your information will be returned back to you - unanswered. You will also see that there are a list of questions that have to be answered before I can even begin my research into finding any grant programs that you may be eligible to apply for.

The person that sent me this email above only stated that they wanted to start a recording studio. I have no idea if they are a minority (there are some grant programs out there that are specifically for those who are minorities that want to start their own business). I also don't have any idea as to what kind of recording studio they want have as a business. This is very important information that has to be included when you are looking for grant programs that you may be eligible to apply for. The email doesn't even say where this recording studio will be located? There are grant programs out there for those that want to start their own business that are specific to specific areas only and of course I have no idea whether or not this person is eligible to apply for them because I don't know the location of where their recording studio is going to be. Another important piece of information that has to be had is how much in grant money are they looking to get? What will they need that grant money for? Those organizations and other entities that award grants like to know what their money is going towards. There are a few grant programs out there that allow you to spend your grant money any way you want but I don't even know if this person would qualify for these kind of grant programs because I just don't have enough information about what they are seeking a grant (or a number of grants) for.

Yes, you are very right when you say that finding information about grant programs that one may be eligible for is very complicated and that is why I do it for clients only!

Once you start looking for this kind of grant program information yourself you will see that it is hard and complicated work and hopefully it will give you a new respect for those of us that do it for a living!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Are You A Woman That Has A Dream Of Starting Her Own Business?

I have mentioned before about the different number of grant programs out there to help a person start their own business. There is a new grant program that is specifically for women that have a dream of wanting to start their own business. You have to be at least 18 years old to apply for this grant but you can spend the money any way that you like.

However I do have one problem with this so-called "grant" program because they charge an application fee. I personally do not considered it to be a legitimate grant program when one has to pay an application fee. I'm sorry but I just do not consider it a legitimate grant program.

Now the application fee is small and if you feel comfortable with paying it then you should apply for this program.

I do not include these kinds of "grant" programs when I am finding them for my clients - unless they specifically state that they don't mind applying for "grant" programs of this kind.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Musician Receives Grant!

A North Carolina

musician has received

a grant of over


What is most interesting about this grant award is that he will be able to use the money in any way that he wants! I have often talked about grant programs such as this kind where the grant recipient can use their grant money in any way that they want. They can use it to pay their bills. They can use the grant money to pay off their debts and they could even use the grant money to buy a car!

A previous recipient of this grant program was an inventor that used the money to further produce their invention!

Other past recipients of this grant were a choreographer, attorney, college professor, photographer and two poets.

This grant money goes directly to the individual and not to an organization or non-profit agency.

With his grant money this year's recipient will use it to produce another CD of his music in which he will include snippets of rap music.

In order to be eligible for this award the applicant must:

  • show exceptional creativity

  • show promise for important future advances based on a track record of significant accomplishment

  • have plans for future creative work in which the award can help to finacially facilitate

This grant program is open to individuals only and can include writers, artists, teachers and entrepreneurs.

In order to be eligible to apply for this program you must be nominated and your nomination will be reviewed by the organization's selection committee. This program does not accept applications or unsolicited nominations!

To date over 700 individuals have received this award.

For more information about this program, you can find all of the contact information including phone number and address by going to the organization's website.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Grants For Teachers

Beginning next year, people studying to be teachers might qualify for grants worth as much as $4,000 a year for a total of $16,000.

The grants come with strings. Recipients will have to teach a subject in high demand, such as math, science, special education or a foreign language. They must commit to teach at least four years in an area where there is a shortage of educators.

Recipients get eight years after graduation to fulfill their obligation. If they don't, the grants convert to unsubsidized student loans, and they will owe not only the principal but accrued interest.

It is being used as incentive to make sure people keep their end of the bargain.

The Small Business Administration Is Coming Under Scrutiny Again!

At a senate hearing, the SBA has been criticized for providing slow or late grant payments to an organization that helps women entrepreneurs that have their own business! According to an audit less than half of the grant payments provided by the Small Business Administration arrived on time.

The SBA says that it is working on ways to make their system more efficient.

Friday, October 19, 2007

A Reminder

When submitting your payment and information for grant research please be advised that there is a provision for you to add any additional information that you feel may be necessary. You must also answer the following questions that appear on my Payment Information Page.

Who are you seeking a grant for? Individual, Non-Profit, For-Profit or Other? (If other, please specify):

For what purpose are you seeking a grant? To start a business? Seeking a grant in a/my field of interest?

What area (city and state) will this grant be for?

Are you specifically seeking government grants or any grant that may pertain to you? Are you looking for other forms of funding including Investors?

What grants have you already applied for and if applicable what were the reason(s) that you were denied the grant award?

Please provide an email address:

Do you know how to unzip files?

Your contact information:

Your Payment Information:

The sooner that you provide all the information, the sooner the grant research will begin. While it will take a minimum of 30 days to provide the information to you, the sooner that you provide all the information the sooner the 30 day period will end.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Need Some Help Paying Your Heating Bill?

I just got finished faxing a copy of a client's heating bill to a local organization that helps people with paying their heating bills. They can't provide much but they do provide what they have in the way of finacial assistance to those that are having trouble paying their heating bill.

I have dealt with this organization before on the behalf of other clients who have had trouble paying their heating bill and need a little financial assistance to help them out. The woman on the phone was very nice and she told me that she was expecting some financial funds to help provide others with financial help to help pay their heating bills (which will be most helpful now because the weather is starting to get colder!).

The first time that I dealt with this organization all I needed to do was send in a copy of the heating bill. That was a few years ago. Now the procedure for getting financial assistance to help pay a person's heating bill seems to be the same.

This is a small organization and a local one. I suspect that one of the reasons why they do not advertise is because if a lot of people knew about the financial assistance that they provide they would get an over-whelming number of calls from people needing help to pay their heating bills. They do not even have a website.

So while this is a local organization, you should check within your own area to see if you can find a similar organization that helps by providing financial assistance to those that need help to pay their heating bills.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Flood Victims Eligible For Government Assistance

Those affected by the Northwood tornado in North Dakota are eligible for financial assistance. If you have been affected you can contact FEMA via their website or by calling them via their toll-free number.

Financial Assistance can include:

  • Medical, dental and funeral expenses

  • funding for repairs to homes damaged by the flood

  • Personal property

  • Transportation

  • and other expenses

Other Individual Assistance can include grants to help pay for temporary housing, home repairs and other disaster-related expenses not covered by insurance or other aid programs. Low-interest disaster loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) will also be available to cover residential and business losses not fully compensated by insurance. Grants do not have to be repaid, but loans from the SBA must be repaid.

You should apply for assistance even if you have insurance, because you may find you are under-insured or have unmet needs after your insurance settlement. If you have not already contacted your insurance agent to file a claim, please do this as soon as possible. Failure to file a claim with your insurance company may affect your eligibility for assistance. Insurance is your main source for money to put your life back in order after a disaster. But there are many things that insurance does not cover, so disaster programs may be able to help.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Are You A Woman Who Has A Dream Of Starting Her Own Business?

I have talked many, many times about how there are grant programs out there to help people fulfill their dreams of starting their own business and here is yet another grant program that is for the same thing!

If you are a woman that has a dream of starting her own business then you should know that there is (yet another) grant program that you may be eligible to apply to!

Remember this is an actual grant program where you are awarded grant money that you do not have to pay back!

And like the majority of grant programs out there this one was started (quite some years ago) with the purpose of helping women fulfill their own dreams of starting their own business.

In order to apply for this grant program you have to submit an essay explaining why you think that your business would be successful. You also have to submit a business plan of your business as well.

Another thing about this grant program is that if you are awarded the grant money you also get help from other professionals to help you with starting your business.

The grant award is $50,000

The deadline to apply for this grant program is December 2007

Daycare - Grants For Equipment, Etc....

I was just on your website and seen all kinds of great information on Daycare. I am sending in all my paper work to become a Daycare provider in my Michigan home. I have been licensed before but, I didn't realize they have alot of grants for daycare providers. I was told there was one for you to help pay towards the fee's to start one, but michigan cut that out. I am struggling to get one started again and I need more equiptment for outdoor and would like to get a fence put up and an extension put on but no money. Is there a grant that will help me do this? If so how much will it cost to find one and where do I find one? If you can help me out with these questions I would really appreciate it.

If you take a look at page that talks about daycare-related grants you will see some information about grants for just the kinds of things that you mention.

It won't cost you anything to find these grant programs if you locate them yourself. Just take some time and do a little research both online and at your library.

The government grant programs are funding programs that have been made possible because of taxpayer money so the information about the government grant programs has to be made accessible to the public. You can go to the government's official website and you can also find the government publications at the library.

However those grant programs that are provided by outside the government like foundations and organizations will require a bit more research on your part.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Nursing Scholarship Program!

There is a critical shortage of nurses so that is why there is this scholarship program. If you have been accepted to or are currently enrolled in an accredited school of nursing (either full-time or part time) then you may be eligible for this scholarship program.

You must be a US citizen and unlike some of the grant programs that are out there you must not have any federal judgements against you. Special consideration will be made for those eligible applicants who have a financial need! You must also agree to work at a health care facility that has a critical shortage of nurses.

This scholarship program will pay your:

  • tuition and other related required fees

  • books and other related supplies including lavatory and clinical expenses


  • you get a monthly stipend of over $1,000.00 per month!

Over 100 of these scholarships have already been awarded!

You can either contact them by email or by phone.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Is Your Flood Area Eligible For A Federal Grant From FEMA?

Not Every Area Hit By Floods Will Get Grants?

I was very much surprised by the process that determines whether or not an area will get grant (as opposed to loan) help. For instance, in northern Virginia area residents sustained a lot of flood damage. FEMA denied them disaster assistance. Instead the SBA will spearhead a loan program for qualified residents at a lower interest rate. Number one I don't understand why its the SBA and not another agency that is handling this since it was always my thought that the SBA had to do with businesses and not personal residences. Number 2 I would love to know the reason why disaster assistance was denied for this particular area/region.

Of course when the residents heard of FEMA's decision they were outraged and they sent letters to that effect. It can take a lot of weeks before a decision is made as to whether or not an affected area will get disaster relief from FEMA. In the meantime the the residents still have to make a decision as to what they are going to do as far as repairing the damage to their residences. Some of them had no flood insurance which - of course - makes the whole situation worse for them.

So instead of grants, eligible residents can apply for loans at a rate as low as less than 3 percent interest. $200,000.00 is available for structural damage and $40,000.00 is available to replace personal property.

Again, I would love to know the reason why FEMA denied this assistance?