Saturday, October 13, 2007

Are You A Woman Who Has A Dream Of Starting Her Own Business?

I have talked many, many times about how there are grant programs out there to help people fulfill their dreams of starting their own business and here is yet another grant program that is for the same thing!

If you are a woman that has a dream of starting her own business then you should know that there is (yet another) grant program that you may be eligible to apply to!

Remember this is an actual grant program where you are awarded grant money that you do not have to pay back!

And like the majority of grant programs out there this one was started (quite some years ago) with the purpose of helping women fulfill their own dreams of starting their own business.

In order to apply for this grant program you have to submit an essay explaining why you think that your business would be successful. You also have to submit a business plan of your business as well.

Another thing about this grant program is that if you are awarded the grant money you also get help from other professionals to help you with starting your business.

The grant award is $50,000

The deadline to apply for this grant program is December 2007


Anonymous said...


So how do I go about applying for the grant?


Rose said...

You first have to find out more information about this grant to see if you are eligible to apply.

You have to do the work to find the grant program if you want to apply for it.

If you want it badly enough you will do the work to find the information!

Anonymous said...

You are stupid if someone came across your page then they are trying to do the work to find the information, you offer NO information. I can make a blog about grants and such and also not give any information that is helpful.

Rose said...

It's too bad that you only commented as 'anonymous".

"doing the work means just that! Doing the work to find the information until you find the information.

If you can't find the information that you are looking for on my blog or other sites then that simply means that you have to continue to look until you find the information.

If I am able to find this kind of information then so are you. It is just as simple as that. It sounds to me as if you want someone else to do the work for you.