Saturday, October 13, 2007

Daycare - Grants For Equipment, Etc....

I was just on your website and seen all kinds of great information on Daycare. I am sending in all my paper work to become a Daycare provider in my Michigan home. I have been licensed before but, I didn't realize they have alot of grants for daycare providers. I was told there was one for you to help pay towards the fee's to start one, but michigan cut that out. I am struggling to get one started again and I need more equiptment for outdoor and would like to get a fence put up and an extension put on but no money. Is there a grant that will help me do this? If so how much will it cost to find one and where do I find one? If you can help me out with these questions I would really appreciate it.

If you take a look at page that talks about daycare-related grants you will see some information about grants for just the kinds of things that you mention.

It won't cost you anything to find these grant programs if you locate them yourself. Just take some time and do a little research both online and at your library.

The government grant programs are funding programs that have been made possible because of taxpayer money so the information about the government grant programs has to be made accessible to the public. You can go to the government's official website and you can also find the government publications at the library.

However those grant programs that are provided by outside the government like foundations and organizations will require a bit more research on your part.

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