Saturday, October 27, 2007

From My Email Bag...................................

Dear Rose,

I read on your blog that there are entrepreneurial grants available for for-profit businesses such as a recording studio/company. I am in the process of starting a recording company.

Can you give me the website or sites where I would go to gather information or apply to these grants.

Also, you stated that there are two programs which offer grants to help people fulfill their dream. Can you give me the websites or contact information for these grant programs.

I would greatly appreciate this info.

Your blog is a very helpful resource in the complicated and intimidating web of information to find a grant for start up expenses. I thank you immensly.


I get this kind of email all the time. Unfortunately I have to remind the people who send me this kind of email that since they are not a client of mine that they will have to find this kind of grant information themselves.

If you take a good look at my contact and payment information page you will see at the very top of the page that if you send me any email asking for grant information and you are not a client then your information will be returned back to you - unanswered. You will also see that there are a list of questions that have to be answered before I can even begin my research into finding any grant programs that you may be eligible to apply for.

The person that sent me this email above only stated that they wanted to start a recording studio. I have no idea if they are a minority (there are some grant programs out there that are specifically for those who are minorities that want to start their own business). I also don't have any idea as to what kind of recording studio they want have as a business. This is very important information that has to be included when you are looking for grant programs that you may be eligible to apply for. The email doesn't even say where this recording studio will be located? There are grant programs out there for those that want to start their own business that are specific to specific areas only and of course I have no idea whether or not this person is eligible to apply for them because I don't know the location of where their recording studio is going to be. Another important piece of information that has to be had is how much in grant money are they looking to get? What will they need that grant money for? Those organizations and other entities that award grants like to know what their money is going towards. There are a few grant programs out there that allow you to spend your grant money any way you want but I don't even know if this person would qualify for these kind of grant programs because I just don't have enough information about what they are seeking a grant (or a number of grants) for.

Yes, you are very right when you say that finding information about grant programs that one may be eligible for is very complicated and that is why I do it for clients only!

Once you start looking for this kind of grant program information yourself you will see that it is hard and complicated work and hopefully it will give you a new respect for those of us that do it for a living!

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