Thursday, October 28, 2010

Here Is Yet ANOTHER State Grant Program For Individual Artists!

Here is yet ANOTHER grant program available for the individual artist!

For all of the 26 grant reipients, the grants will also facilitate the creation of their finished artwork.

So far this year, this organization has awarded more than $100,000 to artists around the state. Announced earlier this year, this year's grants consist of one distinguished artist award of $25,000, 20 project awards of up to $5,000, and eight fellowship awards of $12,000.

Past grant recipients include a musician, an interior artist and a painter. One recipient said that he will use his grant money to travel to places he's been and those he's wished to go, painting as he goes. Another grant recipient is going to use their grant money to build a studio on his property.

A lot of the grant recipients are also teachers as well!

This is just another very good example of "free money" - money which is given to the individual that does not have to be paid back!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Grant Program For INDIVIDUAL Artists!

Here is YET another grant program for individual artists!

A not-for-profit organization has announced an awards program for individual artists!  This organization helps the careers of individual visual artists.Their  mission is to provide individual artists with grants, travel stipends, and subsidized artist live/workspace!

Graduate students, and emerging artists to mature artists are eligible for consideration!

Open to ALL US and international artists!

A minimum of two $3,500.00 grants will be awarded in 2010 and the grants can be used at the discretion of the artist - meaning that the artist can spend their grant money in any way that they want!

Submissions must include ten jpegs (up to 1800 dpi) of current work and a resume. Artists working in any medium may apply!  Applicants are required to apply online through the organization's website.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Looking For Investors?

Here is an excerpt:

"What you have to do is go find investors. I do know that there are still investors - and even angel investors around - but they don't advertise a lot - could you imagine the number of emails they would get if they did! I know of at least one blog that has mentioned that there was one guy looking for great ideas and he was willing to invest in them.

There are lists of online investors, angel investors and even venture capitalists - but you are going to have to go online and do some research to find them but they are out there!