Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Playwright Receives Grant To Compose A Musical From Their Own Book!

The playwright collected more than 250 stories from their own books and will now compose the musical thanks to a grant from their state's legislature. The grant program is dedicated to state-themed projects this year and in that respect the musical "is going to be about and by the people of the region".

Over 50 applications were considered for the grant and 15 proposals were awarded $5,000 each.

Portions of the playwright's grant application have been edited out of this blog post!

The playwright will write the lyrics and dialogue herself. Auditions for actors, singers, dancers and musicians will be announced in early summer. After the initial performances, the playwright will make the musical available for community revivals and school theater programs. The first production will be recorded onto DVDs and made available through the area’ libraries, schools, senior centers and historical museums.

The books that the musical is based on were put together through
the sponsorship of library groups. Another library group is a co-sponsor of the musical production, which was required as part of the grant. The grant also required projects find in-kind or monetary matching funds. The musical received it's in-kind donations from an organization in the use of its facility for preparation and rehearsal space. Matches also came from library groups, a theater and a private donor.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Do You Want To Go Back To School But Need Help With Daycare?

There is one college that has a program which is geared toward students with children. The program offers on-campus daycare and reimbursement for child-care expenses to students who qualify.

It also help students struggling to get back in the flow of math or other curriculum after being out of practice for years. Keeping students engaged in non-class activities helps pave the way for success.

Some of the activities included to help more older students adjust to the college campus life include events such as blood drives, exam preparation and career counseling. The college also offers programs for students of all ages who have hearing or sight loss, are in wheelchairs or have other special needs.

Many older students are involved in the Adult Life and Learning Program, which is geared toward them. Skills include computer classes and refresher courses, and range from flower arranging to phlebotomy.

Also as an added benefit, it seems that teachers and professors prefer having some older students in their classes.

Financial aid is always a concern, and usually the amount of financial aid that one gets is based on the student’s income, assets and circumstances. Each case is different. A good first step for anyone looking to attend college is to fill out a an application for federal student aid. You can fill out a financial aid form online by going to the website.

Financial aid is available for those who seek it.

"Work programs, grants, student loans and other programs designed for specific fields are widespread"

One student has said that scholarships help and their job pays for half. “I was amazed at how much financial aid there is out there.”

The biggest thing is quit making excuses because there are none.

“If you want to do it, you can do it!

Here is another college.......

At another college, dozens of students receive scholarships. There are scholarships based on academics, ethnicity, need, course of study, for women re-entering the workforce,, for community heroes and a variety of other reasons.

There are scholarships for dual enrollment students, scholarships for nursing, those in teacher education, and even incarcerated students through the college's prison program.

"There are drawers full of scholarships but students need to apply and to apply early," said the college's scholarship coordinator.

"If you are planning on going to college you need to plan ahead. A lot of students seem to wait until the last minute to apply. Don't wait until crunch time.

Students who apply early not only have more scholarships to chose from but also have more time to meet with academic advisers and counselors.

Although this is the best time to apply for scholarships to attend college in the fall, scholarships are awarded throughout the year.

Last week, nearly a dozen nursing students were awarded $1,000 scholarships!

The scholarship money means that one student won't have to pick up an extra graveyard shift to pay for daycare while she goes to school full time, works part time and takes care of her two children. "I was so excited because I have never gotten a scholarship before," said the student. The 23-year-old mother of a 3-year old and an 8-month-old has been taking her nursing prerequisites at the college for the last couple of years. In January, she started her first semester of nursing classes and didn't know how she would pay for daycare. "This is a great big help. There would have been no time to study and take care of the kids," she said.

Another student who is taking online courses offered by the college has also received a scholarship! "I was very excited to get the scholarship. I couldn't believe it," he said. He plans to use the scholarship for tuition and expenses.

For more information about this college and their financial assistance and scholarship programs you can contact them by phone or via their website.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Am I Eligible To Receive A Grant To Open A Daycare In My Home?

Am I eligible to receive a grant to open a day care center in my home? / Am I eligible to receive a grant to open a day care center in my home?

You might be eligible to receive funds from a grant program that is operated through your state's program. Almost all States provide funds for child care through this grant program. States and/or local agencies (i.e., county, city, regional offices) may provide services directly or purchase them from qualified providers. Child care is also funded through other grant programs at the state and local level.

You can check out more information about this grant program including the names of your state official and the state program contact information by going to the grant program's website.

Where do I go to get funds to start or improve my child care program?

Does my state help child care providers? centers? family child care homes? day cares?

How do I contact my state to get help with starting my child care program?

Where can my families find child care funds?

The state agency responsible for subsidizing child care programs can tell you if funds are available to help you start a new child care program or expand your existing program, and they will let you know how to apply. Information about these state agencies can be found online.

The agency can also tell you how the families you will be serving would apply to receive subsidies to help them pay for child care.

* - You can also find out more information about daycare-related grants on my Daycare Grant Basics 101 page.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

State Daycare Grant Program - DEADLINE!

State child care providers may be eligible for grants to increase the supply of safe, healthy, quality child care where shortages exist. The grants are available through one of the state's Child Care programs.

This grant program seeks to increase the availability of school-age care, infant and toddler care, care for children with disabilities, care during non-traditional hours, and care for mildly ill children.

Grants will be awarded to those child care providers who meet the criteria for expanding, enhancing, or creating programs to fill identified gaps. About 25 percent of grant funds are available for incentive grants to help increase the quality of existing programs. The remaining 75 percent is designated for competitive grants to assist providers with start-up expenses and first-year operating costs related to expansion.

Providers may use funds for training, staff-related expenses, and for the purchase of equipment and supplies.

Applicants may call by phone or by visiting the state grant program's website.

There are two types of grants: capital and operational. Sources of funding include foundations, businesses, and government (local, state, and federal). Each funder has its own process, set of requirements, level of funding, and area of interest.

Programs may consider applying for grants to obtain added resources. Grants are usually monetary, but sometimes might be an in-kind gift such as computers.

Typically, funders will consider requests to:

  • Start up new programs

  • Fund special projects or initiatives (one-time costs)

Rarely do funders consider requests for operating expenses or ongoing costs unless the request shows how other funding will be obtained.

Programs or individuals interested in starting up a child care program, increasing the number of children being served, or simply enhancing the quality of an existing program might consider this state grant program. This grant provides funds to increase the supply and quality of child care in hard-to-find areas such as care for infants/toddlers, children with disabilities, school-age children, mildly ill children, and care during non-traditional hours.

Since 1997, one organization has managed this grant program through a contract with the state's Health and Social Services, Division of Social Services. The program provides funds to increase the supply and quality of child care for:

  • Infants/toddlers

  • Children with disabilities

  • School-age children

  • Mildly ill children

  • Care during non-traditional hours

Grant proposals are accepted three times a year through a proposal request process. The 2007-08 deadline is

April 7, 2008

You may apply to create new programs, expand existing programs, or enhance the quality of existing programs. Grants do not fund bricks and mortar, fencing, pools, food, rugs or carpets, office supplies and equipment, walkers/exersaucers, TV/VCRs, DVDs/videos, video gaming systems, or video/computer games.

In order to be eligible to apply, you must:

  • Serve low-income families and accept Purchase of Care

  • Be open Monday through Friday until 5:30 p.m. (at a minimum)

More information on this grant program is available via our "Frequently Asked Questions" page or by contacting us by email or website

Monday, March 17, 2008

Government Grant Program Open To All!

Here is one of the most latest government grant programs that is open to all!

Announcement of Program Funding


requests applications for a conservation-related grant program. This grant program has been put in place to stimulate the development and adoption of innovative conservation approaches and technologies.

For Fiscal year 2008, up to $100,000 is available for this government grant competition. Funds will be awarded through a statewide competitive grants process. There are two components of this grant program available in fiscal year 2008:

  • Natural Resource Concerns Component and the Technology Component.

    Applications are requested from eligible government or non-government organizations or individuals within the state that is holding this competition for consideration of grant awards for projects between one and three years in duration.

    This information identifies the objectives for this grant program which includes the eligibility criteria for projects and associated instructions needed to apply.


    Proposals must be received in the State Office by 4 p.m., Eastern Standard Time (EST) on April 25, 2008.

    The address for hand-delivered applications or applications submitted using mail or overnight courier service is also provided as part of this grant information.

    To submit your application electronically, you can visit the government's website and follow the instructions.

    See the URL link for the full announcement of this grant program.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Grants For Daycare - Is This Just A Myth?

For some time now I have been seeing this article and it's really been bugging me!

The Straight Facts First - (The Plight of Grantseeking for For-profit Business Owners)

Before you begin your 8 Steps to Obtaining Grants, there is some very important information you need to understand first. While there is a lot of talk about "how to find grants" in the child care field, most caregivers, especially independent home child care operators or persons starting a private or for-profit child care facility, don't realize that it is almost impossible for them to find grant money from any level of government. That is of course, with the exception of perhaps that which might be obtained from new business startup programs and the odd program operated by their provincial or state governments, generally under the Department of Children and Family Services.

'Almost impossible' - does that mean that there aren't ANY such grant programs? Of course I know that this is not true. Also you have to remember that it is not only just the government that has grant programs. And even though the above article says that there is the "odd state program for start-up grants I have found that these kinds of state grant programs for start-up businesses are becoming more and more and increasing at a more than "odd" rate.

The truth is "When it comes to private enterprises --- no matter how worthy or socially relevant --- unless they seek and obtain non-profit status, there is not(hing) I (or they) can do."

For-profit child care business operators, large and small, may, that's a small may because they aren't all that many programs available with a few exceptions (may) be able to: apply for local state/provincial programs. Other than that, the best way to locate financing for their child care business is to:

  • Look into bank loans
  • Obtain venture capital

  • Seek gifts and loans from family and friends

  • Look for advice from incubator organizations

  • Obtain counsel from local small business and women's associations.

Unfortunately the above article is very troubling. It's obvious that they just don't know what they are talking about!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Piano Competition!

While I do a LOT of grant research concerning grant programs there are other ways of being able to get money besides (or I should say in additon to) grants.

One of those ways is with contests and competitions and the like!

Now comes word of a piano competition being held in one state.

The grand prize of this piano competion is a BRAND NEW PIANO! And other prizes will be given away as well!

One of the best things about this particular competion is that there is NO entry fee!

The Deadline to enter is March 17th, 2008!

There will be different competition levels for students (both high school and college level) and for those of "all ages".

To download their competition form which includes the rules and regulations of the competion, you can go to the competition's website and download their form in .pdf format.

This is just one (good) example of the different and varied kinds of competitions and contests that are out there that people can enter - especially when there is no entrance fee!

I even read recently about one man who was trying to sell his house and he couldn't get any buyers for it. So what he decided to do was hold an essay contest with the property being put up for sale as the grand prize. Unfortunately there is a $200 entry fee to enter this essay contest. But for people looking for a house that free - sort of speak - then this should be something that they should look into.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Grant Program For Local Artists!

By "local" I mean this is a grant program for artists in my own state of Pennsylvania.

This grant program for individual artists in the state has been around now for a few years. For the year 2008 over 70 different artists have received this grant of $5,000. The grant money can be used to "finance a creative endeavor or buy some quality writing time" and the grant money must be used in the same year that it was given.

Here is a list of current and past grant recipients:

  • Poet who is going to use her grant has not decided on exactly how she is going to use her grant money but she is thinking of using it in connection with traveling which she uses as inspiration for her writings - she has also applied for and won this grant in the past

  • Painter who also works at an art gallery.

These grants go directly to the individual artist!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Here Is A Listing Of Current Daycare Grant Recipients

State childcare grants awarded locally

Child Care Grant funds have been announced for five programs.

The state grants will be used to launch and expand school-age child care programs and day care centers.

In one county, Catholic Charities community will receive $14,754.

Nyack’s Little Schoolhouse/Daycare, Inc. will receive $1,294.

Wolf’s Daycare Center will receive $50,000.

A Kid’s Place will receive $7,500

Family and Community Services, Inc. will get $133,000

So if there are people out there that still think that there are no grant programs for daycare - please show them this list of recent daycare grant recipients!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Grants For School Teachers' Housing?

I am wondering where to look to find grants for school teachers housing in rural school districts and information for student loans. If you could let me know it would be very helpful. My email is

Thanks for your help.

One of the very first places that you should start to look for housing grants is the state's website of where the school districts are located. There are many rural-related grants but you will first have to find out if the area is considered "rural" by government grant standards. If you can not find the information on the state website then you should check the government website for any of the rural-type grants that you mentioned. It could be a case of the government website having the information before the state does and if that is the case then you should consider yourself lucky because you will be one of the first to know about their programs and you will be able to apply for them (if you are eligible) before others know about the program.

As far as grant programs for student loans I suggest that you take a look at my "Grants-Related" website at:

where I have put information about different grant programs for teachers regarding their student loans and information about grant programs relating to student loans in general. There are more than a few of these types of financial programs out there and all you have to do is see if you are qualified to apply for them.