Monday, March 10, 2008

Grant Program For Local Artists!

By "local" I mean this is a grant program for artists in my own state of Pennsylvania.

This grant program for individual artists in the state has been around now for a few years. For the year 2008 over 70 different artists have received this grant of $5,000. The grant money can be used to "finance a creative endeavor or buy some quality writing time" and the grant money must be used in the same year that it was given.

Here is a list of current and past grant recipients:

  • Poet who is going to use her grant has not decided on exactly how she is going to use her grant money but she is thinking of using it in connection with traveling which she uses as inspiration for her writings - she has also applied for and won this grant in the past

  • Painter who also works at an art gallery.

These grants go directly to the individual artist!

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