Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Piano Competition!

While I do a LOT of grant research concerning grant programs there are other ways of being able to get money besides (or I should say in additon to) grants.

One of those ways is with contests and competitions and the like!

Now comes word of a piano competition being held in one state.

The grand prize of this piano competion is a BRAND NEW PIANO! And other prizes will be given away as well!

One of the best things about this particular competion is that there is NO entry fee!

The Deadline to enter is March 17th, 2008!

There will be different competition levels for students (both high school and college level) and for those of "all ages".

To download their competition form which includes the rules and regulations of the competion, you can go to the competition's website and download their form in .pdf format.

This is just one (good) example of the different and varied kinds of competitions and contests that are out there that people can enter - especially when there is no entrance fee!

I even read recently about one man who was trying to sell his house and he couldn't get any buyers for it. So what he decided to do was hold an essay contest with the property being put up for sale as the grand prize. Unfortunately there is a $200 entry fee to enter this essay contest. But for people looking for a house that free - sort of speak - then this should be something that they should look into.

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