Monday, March 24, 2008

Do You Want To Go Back To School But Need Help With Daycare?

There is one college that has a program which is geared toward students with children. The program offers on-campus daycare and reimbursement for child-care expenses to students who qualify.

It also help students struggling to get back in the flow of math or other curriculum after being out of practice for years. Keeping students engaged in non-class activities helps pave the way for success.

Some of the activities included to help more older students adjust to the college campus life include events such as blood drives, exam preparation and career counseling. The college also offers programs for students of all ages who have hearing or sight loss, are in wheelchairs or have other special needs.

Many older students are involved in the Adult Life and Learning Program, which is geared toward them. Skills include computer classes and refresher courses, and range from flower arranging to phlebotomy.

Also as an added benefit, it seems that teachers and professors prefer having some older students in their classes.

Financial aid is always a concern, and usually the amount of financial aid that one gets is based on the student’s income, assets and circumstances. Each case is different. A good first step for anyone looking to attend college is to fill out a an application for federal student aid. You can fill out a financial aid form online by going to the website.

Financial aid is available for those who seek it.

"Work programs, grants, student loans and other programs designed for specific fields are widespread"

One student has said that scholarships help and their job pays for half. “I was amazed at how much financial aid there is out there.”

The biggest thing is quit making excuses because there are none.

“If you want to do it, you can do it!

Here is another college.......

At another college, dozens of students receive scholarships. There are scholarships based on academics, ethnicity, need, course of study, for women re-entering the workforce,, for community heroes and a variety of other reasons.

There are scholarships for dual enrollment students, scholarships for nursing, those in teacher education, and even incarcerated students through the college's prison program.

"There are drawers full of scholarships but students need to apply and to apply early," said the college's scholarship coordinator.

"If you are planning on going to college you need to plan ahead. A lot of students seem to wait until the last minute to apply. Don't wait until crunch time.

Students who apply early not only have more scholarships to chose from but also have more time to meet with academic advisers and counselors.

Although this is the best time to apply for scholarships to attend college in the fall, scholarships are awarded throughout the year.

Last week, nearly a dozen nursing students were awarded $1,000 scholarships!

The scholarship money means that one student won't have to pick up an extra graveyard shift to pay for daycare while she goes to school full time, works part time and takes care of her two children. "I was so excited because I have never gotten a scholarship before," said the student. The 23-year-old mother of a 3-year old and an 8-month-old has been taking her nursing prerequisites at the college for the last couple of years. In January, she started her first semester of nursing classes and didn't know how she would pay for daycare. "This is a great big help. There would have been no time to study and take care of the kids," she said.

Another student who is taking online courses offered by the college has also received a scholarship! "I was very excited to get the scholarship. I couldn't believe it," he said. He plans to use the scholarship for tuition and expenses.

For more information about this college and their financial assistance and scholarship programs you can contact them by phone or via their website.

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