Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Am I Eligible To Receive A Grant To Open A Daycare In My Home?

Am I eligible to receive a grant to open a day care center in my home? / Am I eligible to receive a grant to open a day care center in my home?

You might be eligible to receive funds from a grant program that is operated through your state's program. Almost all States provide funds for child care through this grant program. States and/or local agencies (i.e., county, city, regional offices) may provide services directly or purchase them from qualified providers. Child care is also funded through other grant programs at the state and local level.

You can check out more information about this grant program including the names of your state official and the state program contact information by going to the grant program's website.

Where do I go to get funds to start or improve my child care program?

Does my state help child care providers? centers? family child care homes? day cares?

How do I contact my state to get help with starting my child care program?

Where can my families find child care funds?

The state agency responsible for subsidizing child care programs can tell you if funds are available to help you start a new child care program or expand your existing program, and they will let you know how to apply. Information about these state agencies can be found online.

The agency can also tell you how the families you will be serving would apply to receive subsidies to help them pay for child care.

* - You can also find out more information about daycare-related grants on my Daycare Grant Basics 101 page.

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