Monday, February 25, 2008

Another Government Grant Program That Is Open To All! - Providing Safer Computer Safety

Here is one of the most latest grant programs being offered by the government.

This grant program is open to all which means that any one (or business) can apply.

People depend on computers and communication, ranging from the networks for electronic mail, to systems that monitor the nation's critical infrastructure, to embedded RFID devices for tracking in transportation systems. These systems are expected to work and work as intended without placing people at needless risks. Unfortunately, vulnerabilities still exist that allow attackers to corrupt or commandeer systems, including those that provide support for critical societal infrastructure. Moreover, many systems are vulnerable to actions that can inhibit operation, corrupt valuable data or expose private information. In fact, the news is replete with stories of vulnerabilities that were exploited for ill. Future advances in computing promise substantial benefits for society and individuals; yet, unless trust in computing and communications can be assured, these benefits are at risk.This grant program promotes a vision of a society where trust enables technologies to support individual and societal needs without violating confidences and exacerbating public risks. It is a vision of cyber space that is supportive of our basic principles of fairness and safe information access. The goal of this grant program is to develop new insights and fundamental scientific principles that lead to software and hardware technologies on which people can justifiably rely. To achieve the vision and simultaneously improve the nation's cybersecurity posture, this grant program will support a portfolio of projects that:

  • Contribute to the cybersecurity knowledge base, strengthen the foundations of cyber trust, and advance cybersecurity technologies

  • Define cyber trust broadly to include security, privacy, dependability, reliability, and usability

  • Address trustworthiness at all levels of system design, implementation, and use

  • Begin to integrate the technology produced by the research community, for example through novel security architectures

  • Consider social, economic, organizational and legal factors influencing cybersecurity

  • Validate theory through analysis, formal verification, experimentation and rigorous measurement

  • Explore innovative new concepts anticipating advances in technology and society

  • encourage international collaborations

  • educate and train a diverse workforce in cybersecurity and software technologies.

Proposals funded will cover a broad range of disciplines contributing to this grant program's vision.

Four types of projects will be supported, as defined below.

Exploratory Research projects typically explore new and untested ideas, have budgets of up to $200,000 total, and have durations of up to 2 years

Single Investigator and Small Group projects typically involve 1-2 PIs and their students, have budgets of up to $500,000 total, and have durations of up to 3 years

Medium projects demonstrate an active collaboration that brings together 2 or more PIs with complementary expertise to explore a common research problem, have budgets of up to $1,500,000 total, and have durations of up to 3 years

Large projects must focus on achieving a common goal or set of goals, articulate an effective collaboration and management plan, have budgets of up to $3,000,000 total, and have durations of up to 3 years.

A link to the full announcement of this grant program can be found on the government's website.

If you have difficulty accessing the full announcement electronically, please contact the government's grant support via email.

Original Closing Date for Applications: Dec 09, 2009

Full Proposal Deadline(s): March 24, 2008 December 09, 2009 Second Wednesday in December, Annually Thereafter

Current Closing Date for Applications: Mar 24, 2008

Full Proposal Deadline(s): March 24, 2008 December 09, 2009 Second Wednesday in December, Annually Thereafter

Funding Instrument Type: Grant

Expected Number of Awards: 87

Estimated Total Program Funding: $34,000,000

Cost Sharing or Matching Requirement: No

Eligible Applicants

Unrestricted (i.e., open to any type of entity above), subject to any clarification in text field entitled "Additional Information on Eligibility"

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Have Read Yet Another Article About There Being NO Grants To Start A Business

I really find it hard to believe that so-called "experts" don't know about the grant programs that are around that are for people that want to start their own business.

Even those professional organizations that say that there are no grants for for-profit daycares amaze me! How was it that I was able to find a client over 10 pages worth of information about grant programs that her for-profit daycare was eligible to apply for?

The article that I read had some words from SCORE about there being no grants to help people start a business. One SCORE member has said that when people come to him asking him about grants to start a business he more or less tells them that there are none! Then what about the grant program for minorities who want to start their own business that awards a $25,000 grant?) The article goes on to say that while there are grants for this kind of thing it is usually tailored to specific kinds of businesses.

I'm really surprised and amazed at all of this! Our federal government has grant programs available for all to apply for - in other words these grant programs are open to all - meaning that everyone including individuals and for-profit businesses to apply for. I will agree however that it will depend on the type of business that one wants to start. A lot of these government grant programs have grant programs targeted to a specific kind of topic or subject matter. However there are some grant programs that are targeted to those that want to start their own business HOWEVER in a majority of the grant programs applicants must submit a business plan and you have to make your business idea viable to those that are going to fund it with grant money (that you will not have to pay back).

Of course the argument comes up about all the "hucksters" that are on TV talking about all the "free money" that is available from the government - which actually in my opinion is true. However the "free money" does come with conditions which mainly consist of you first being eligible to apply for the specific grant programs and secondly going through the necessary paperwork that is required for you to even apply for the grant program(s).

The grant awards that you receive however is money that you do not have to pay back!

Take a look at my grants page and my daycare & grants page and you will see a list of grant recipients that have received grants to start their own businesses!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Grant Programs Available For Nursing?

There are so many grant programs available for nursing that it is not even funny!

What you have to realize is that there is such a need for nurses that the government (and other organizations as well) are willing to provide financial programs to help those who want a nursing career!

Here are a few examples of the funding programs that are out there that are available to those who are seeking a career in nursing:

  • One national nursing association has scholarship information on their website and financial aid for nursing students. They offer a $2,500 nursing scholarship to a deserving student every 60 days. In order to assist worthy applicants who are not selected, they have also expanded their online database which lists hundreds of grants and scholarship opportunities.

  • There is another organization whose purpose is to encourage the research career development of all nurses. To effectively achieve this goal, the program supports research of beginning and experienced nurse researchers. In all award categories, the principal investigator must be a licensed registered nurse who has obtained at least one degree, either a baccalaureate degree or higher, in nursing. Beginning and experienced nurse researchers are encouraged to apply. Grants range from $3,000 to $25,000.

    Beginning researcher: A nurse who has no more than three research-based publications in referenced journals and has received, as principal investigator, no more than $15,000 in extramural funding in one particular research area. Note: other funds obtained in support of the project submitted for funding consideration will not be considered in the $15,000 limitation.

    Experienced researcher: A nurse who has more than three research-based journal\publications and has received more than, $15,000 as principal investigator, in research funding since their degree.

  • Another foundation offers financial support to students enrolled in nursing schools and to perioperative nurses pursuing bachelors, masters, or doctoral degrees. "With the critical nursing shortage and the cost of higher education, this foundation knows it is of the utmost importance to fund scholarships for students pursuing careers in nursing and for nurses advancing their professional careers."

    *Educational Grants: Complex patient needs, new advances in technology, and economic pressures are driving the need for more education. Nurses need innovative continuing education programs to maintain competency and to ensure safe and high-quality patient care. This foundation is committed to provide continuing education grant funds to meet these needs.

  • Another grant program offers two annual scholarships of up to $17,500 each for minority students pursuing degrees in nursing and rehabilitation therapy programs.

  • There are also a lot of "smaller" programs meaning that they are offered on a state level but there are many of these state programs available and the chances are good that your state has such a program!

So if you want to have a career in nursing and are looking for financial help in the form of grants (money that you do not have to pay back) and not loans then you should that there are many grant programs out there for those that want to pursue a career in nursing.

If people (so-called "experts") say that there are no such grant programs for nursing then kindly show them this blog post!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Latest Government Grant Program For National Non-Profit Organizations- $5 Million Dollars!

* Please note that Monday is President's Day and most government offices will be closed!

For more than a decade organizations have worked to mobilize new generations of engaged citizens. In 2008, more than 3.8 million individuals of all ages and backgrounds will work through Corporation-supported programs to help thousands of national and community nonprofit organizations, faith-based groups, schools, and local agencies to meet local needs in education, the environment, public safety, homeland security, and other critical areas. The Corporation anticipates awarding one cooperative agreement for approximately $5,000,000 to a national organization to develop and execute a plan to support and build the capacity of local Volunteer Connector Organizations. These organizations connect individuals with volunteer opportunities and support organizations and professional volunteer coordinators in effectively using those volunteers to create meaningful change in local communities. Activities that will be funded through this competition include, among other activities, those previously supported through a partnership grant. As part of the Corporation’s fiscal year 2008 budget Congress allocated funds under Subtitle H of Title 1 of the NCSA to support such activities undertaken by an organization through a competitively awarded grant. The Corporation is looking forward to establishing a strong partnership with an organization committed to advancing the volunteer sector through dynamic leadership and high-quality programming. Additional grant competitions to support youth programming and better linking of schools to community resources will be announced later in FY 2008.

The successful applicant will, in conjunction with the Corporation, provide financial resources, training, and other assistance to local affiliates/organizations that match individuals with appropriate service opportunities. The applicant will train professional volunteer managers and other nonprofits to deepen the engagement and increase the effectiveness of their volunteers. The Corporation anticipates that the successful applicant will propose a plan, subject to the Corporation’s approval, that allows up to approximately 50 percent of funds provided under this agreement to be distributed on an annual basis to such local organizations through a subgrant process. The Corporation expects to work in close collaboration with the successful applicant to:

  • Provide grants to local Volunteer Connector Organizations for operating support, capacity building, and special projects

  • Deliver training and technical assistance to Volunteer Connector and other local organizations (including other Corporation grantees) in such areas as volunteer management, volunteer retention, and local partnership development with an emphasis on distance learning and other cost-effective methods for delivering training and technical assistance

  • Collaborate with other organizations in the sector to streamline and consolidate on-line resources related to volunteer management and national service

  • Develop outreach strategies and conduct a national campaign to get more Americans to volunteer. Strategies should complement the Corporation’s Strategic Plan in areas such as encouraging Baby Boomers to serve, engaging more at-risk youth and students in service, and mentoring more at-risk youth

  • Convene and co-design a national conference on volunteerism and service and other national meetings to provide training, inspiration, and networking opportunities for individuals and organizations engaged in community service and volunteerism

  • Provide sector-wide leadership for development and marketing of web-based technologies that encourage creative, efficient electronic means to match volunteers with opportunities and organize service projects

  • Build private sector support for volunteering, including the development and promotion of corporate employee volunteer programs and convening and supporting an advisory council of for-profit corporations committed to advancing volunteerism and effecting change in the communities across the nation.

Applicants should propose a three-year plan that is compatible with the Corporation’s strategic interests in the area of generating and managing volunteers.

Current Deadline Date(s) - Please submit an e-mail stating your intent to apply via email by February 20, 2008 by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

The deadline for applications is 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on March 10, 2008.

Applications submitted by hard copy or fax will not be accepted.

Applications can be submitted by email.

You can find out more information about this grant program by visiting the government's official website.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Are You A Photography Artist Looking For A Grant?

A photography artist has been awarded a grant that will make it possible for his book project to become more than just a dream! His project involves showcasing local area artists.

You can find out more about the artist, his project and about how to sign up for the artist's mailing list by going to his website. (*What is interesting to note here is that this artist has an online business website that has to do with his photography

After having met so many interesting and creative people in his own area it was hard for this artist to believe that there was such little publicity and promotion about the artistic folks right there in his own backyard. Seeing an opportunity, he decided he wanted to take on a self-driven project to photograph 20 of the area's creative and talented artists in their studios or workspaces. He wanted to meet with and collaborate with these artists to create interesting images that would tell a little bit about them as artsy people living and working. Ideally he wanted to create a book and have a show of the final images to exhibit some of the brilliance that his local area had hidden away.

As his project unfolded and he met with these gifted artists and became very excited and pleased with the way the images were coming together. Then a harsh realization settled in when he realized that this undertaking was going to cost him some real money to produce.

So the artist discussed the project with several friends and mentors, they mentioned to him that there was grant money to be awarded to area artists from a local organization. This was just what he needed to make this project come to life. He went to the meetings about the grants and made appointments to meet representatives from the organization and discuss his project and get feedback about how to apply for the grant. After many hours of research, writing, and discussion, the application was complete and submitted. The wait was on.

Update - The artist is pleased to announce that the letter arrived in the mail just a few days ago, and he has been awarded the grant! This funding will make it possible for this project to become more than an idea.

Funded and administered by a local organization this grant program awards up to five $3,500 fellowships to creative and performing artists who have resided in the city for a minimum of two years. Fellowships support creative development in five areas:

  • visual arts

  • literature

  • theater

  • dance

  • music

Interested applicants should contact the organization by phone or by visiting their offices.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Government Grant Program To Help With Gang Research And Programs

More specific information about this government grant programs is available as a downloadable .pdf file!

The U.S. Department of Justice provides objective, independent, evidence-based knowledge and tools to enhance the administration of justice and public safety. NIJ solicits applications to inform its search for the knowledge and tools to guide policy and practice. NIJ is soliciting applications for research and evaluation projects that advance the understanding and practice of gang prevention, intervention, and enforcement. At the group level, gangs vary from small local “crews” that are active for only a short period, to multigenerational gangs with local subgroups across multiple States or nations. Gangs also vary widely in terms of organizational sophistication. Across these group-level variations, gang membership continues to be one of the strongest independent predictors of serious offending at the individual level. Yet policymakers, practitioners, and researchers continue to grapple with fundamental questions about how best to prevent the onset of gang membership, assist gang-involved individuals who wish to leave the gang lifestyle, and generate lasting reductions in gang activity through enforcement or a combination of antigang strategies. Given the ongoing challenges that gangs present to States and localities across the Nation, it is especially important to provide practical knowledge to support improved antigang efforts.

All applications are due by February 20, 2008 - 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time

Consistent with President George W. Bush's Executive Order #13279 and 28 C.F.R. Part 38, it is the policy of the Department of Justice that faith-based and other community organizations that statutorily qualify as eligible applicants under certain grant programs are invited and encouraged to apply for assistance awards to fund eligible grant activities. Faith based and other community organizations will be considered for awards on the same basis as other eligible applicants and, if they receive assistance awards will be treated on an equal basis with all other grantees in the administration of such awards. No eligible applicant or grantee will be discriminated for or against on the basis of its religious character or affiliation religious name, or the religious composition of its board of directors or persons working in the organization.

Faith-based organizations receiving assistance awards retain their independence and do not lose or have to modify their religious identity (for example, removing religious symbols) to receive assistance awards. Grant funds, however, may not be used to fund any inherently religious activity, such as prayer or worship. Inherently religious activity is permissible, although it cannot occur during an activity funded with grant funds; rather, such religious activity must be separate in time or place from the funded program. Further, participation in such activity by individuals receiving services must be voluntary.

If your organization is a faith-based organization that makes hiring decisions on the basis of religious belief, it may be entitled to receive Federal funds and yet maintain that hiring practice, even if the law creating the funding program contains a general ban on religious discrimination in employments. You can find out more information about this by visiting the government's website.

Cost of proposed Work - It is anticipated that up to $1,000,000 may become available for awards made through this grant program solicitation. All awards are subject to the availability of appropriated funds and to any modifications or addition requirements that may be imposed by law. This grant program expects to make up to one to four awards depending on the funding available. If you propose a project that exceeds the amount of money that may be available for awards under this grant program it is recommended that you divide the project into phases, stages, or tasks so that a consideration can be made to making an award for a specific portion of the work. The grant program cannot guarantee that subsequent phases, stages, or tasks will be funded. Such additional funding depends on the grant program's resources and your satisfactory completion of each phase, stage, or task.

Bet You Didn't Know........

Have you seen the commercials of Dr. Jarvik. He is the medical doctor who invented an artificial heart that is currently being tested on patients (which means that he is also an inventor). Currently he is coming under a lot of scrutiny because of the drug that he pitches on those commercials.

But did you know that Dr. Jarvik has received both federal grant money and private investment capital from a Connecticut investor for his invention? (He is currently working on a newer version of his invention.) But even with all that provided funding, Dr. Jarvik has maintained control of his small company, and several of its employees are members of his family.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A $15 MILLION Dollar Government Grant Program Open To The Public!

This means that ANY one (or any organization) can apply for this grant!

However be forewarned that the deadline to apply for this grant is

February 18, 2008!

This government grant program invites investigators who possess the theoretical, methodological, measurement, and managerial skills, as well as institutional resources, to undertake a large-scale survey data collection project to submit proposals to conduct a general survey and an international survey. This survey is a personal interview survey that collects data on a wide range of topics: behavioral items such as group membership and voting; personal psychological evaluations, including measures of happiness, misanthropy, and life satisfaction; attitudinal questions on such public issues as abortion, crime and punishment, race relations, gender roles, and spending priorities; demographic characteristics of respondents and their parents. The basic survey design is a repeated cross-sectional survey of a nationally representative sample of non-institutionalized adults who speak either English or Spanish. The survey consists of a 90-minute in-person interview, with forty-five minutes devoted to the core items, 15 minutes to questions selected as part of the international survey program, and 30 minutes allocated to topical modules. The “core” consists of questions that regularly appear on the general survey, allowing long-term comparisons. The topical modules are used to introduce new topics not previously investigated by the general survey and to cover existing topics in greater detail. The topical modules are currently supported by external funding secured by the principal investigator (PI).

Basically what this means is that if you are an individual or organization (you can be either a for-profit or non-profit) then you are eligible to apply for this grant program which basically consists of gathering some survey information. If you are an individual or organization that has some experience with taking surveys then why not benefit by being able to get a grant for doing the kind(s) of surveys that you would be doing on a regular basis anyway?

This government grant program may make one award for the next four-year funding cycle which is FY 2009-2012, to support the 2010 and 2012 general survey program and the U.S. component of the international survey program. It is anticipated that the government agency in charge of this grant award will award in the range of $10 million and at most $15 million, over four years (approximately $2.5 million, but not more than $3.75 million per year) to support data collection and dissemination activities of the survey process.

The expected starting date is November 2008!

The following activities are eligible for award funding

  • Two waves, 2010 and 2012, of data collection for the general survey, including the United State international surveys.

  • Participation in the international survey.

  • Continued development and refinement of the supported module on public knowledge and attitudes concerning science and technology.

  • Survey instrument and module development and experimentation for both the general and international surveys based on scientific expertise in relevant social sciences.

  • Survey design, innovations, and continual enhancement (based on assessment and analysis) of both the cross-sectional survey and panel designs.

  • Post data collection editing, processing, and generation of constructed variables, datafiles and codebooks.

  • Data dissemination through a cutting-edge web-based data archive.

  • Provision of user assistance.

  • Support for a Board of Overseers.


Anticipated Type of Award: Continuing Grant

Estimated Number of Awards: 1

Anticipated Funding Amount: $10,000,000 to $15,000,000 for up to 4 years, pending availabilty of funds.


Organization Limit: None Specified - (this means there is no limit on the kind of organization that is eligible to apply for this grant)

Only one proposal is allowed from an organization.

Letters of Intent(required):

To expedite the review process for this grant program, proposals must be submitted via the government's official website process by 5:00 PM, proposer's local time, on the due date (February 18, 2008). This letter of intent should contain the following information:

  • the title of the project,

  • a brief project description,

  • the names and affiliations of the principal investigators and other senior personnel and professionals, and

  • the names of any other participating institutions.

Only one letter of intent per group should be submitted. Failure to meet the letter of intent deadline will disqualify a proposal from consideration. Letters of intent are not evaluated for scientific merit; rather, they are used to assemble review panels with appropriate expertise. Please direct any questions about the letter of intent to the Program Officer listed as Contacts for Additional Information.

Notification of the award is made to the submitting organization by a Grants Officer in the Division of Grants and Agreements. Organizations whose proposals are declined will be advised as promptly as possible by the cognizant Program administering the program. Verbatim copies of reviews, not including the identity of the reviewer, will be provided automatically to the Principal Investigator.

To get the latest information about program deadlines, to download copies of publications relating to specific grant programs, and to access abstracts of awards, visit the government website.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Black Methodists Organization Receives An $80,000 Grant For Church Renewal!

This grant program is not just limited to African Americans!

To qualify for this grant program your non-profit organization or church / ministry must have a racial/ethnic minority leadership and goals of fostering justice, self-determination, inclusion and reconciliation among racial/ethnic groups and communities.

So far over 30 grant awards have been approved through the year 2009 totaling to $1 Million Dollars! Only 89 applications have been submitted so far!

All of the previous grant recipients are operated by racial/ethnic United Methodist churches or caucuses or by community organizations. Grants awarded include:

  • a $30,000 2 Year grant to a 6-year-old ministry of a pan-Asian and historically Japanese-American congregation.

  • $40,000 to a theater company, at a newly created Hispanic / Latino congregation of a United Methodist Church a new Hispanic/Latino congregation in N.J. The theatre group engages local youth and young adults in Christian music, dance and theater as avenues to positive self-expression, self-discipline and community evangelism.

  • $40,000 to an outreach effort of a "Young Adults Ministry Group at another United Methodist Church located in Arkansa. The outreach program will help fifty at-risk girls, ages 12 to 18, who will be matched with mentors recruited from various professions to address four critical areas of the girls' lives: educational enrichment, cultural awareness and the arts, community services and character-building.

  • $40,000 to a United Methodist Church which is in a predominantly black community in New Orleans that is still struggling to recover from 2005's Hurricane Katrina. (Click here for more information about Katrina-related grant programs). The church works with local partners to help young people create a more positive future through tutoring, mentoring, service-learning projects, community organizing and leadership development skills. (African-American-$40,000)

There are also a number of projects being refunded as well! Including:

  • $30,000 which has been awarded to a project in Chicago that help organizes journaleros, or day laborers, who seek work daily on street corners in the Chicago area. These workers often must face theft of their pay by unscrupulous employers, unsafe working conditions, wrongful arrests by police, disruptive raids by immigration agents and other troubles. The project is trying to improve hiring and labor conditions, prevent anti-immigrant actions by police, and develop a workers' center where day laborers can gather to seek jobs and receive other assistance.

A number of smaller grants have also been awarded to:

  • to explore ideas and models for overcoming racism and encouraging multicultural ministries.

The organization that sponsors these grants also awarded funds to help racial/ethnic conferences and organizations send members to General Conference in 2008 as observers to learn about the legislative assembly and to advocate on issues of concern to their constituents.

To find out more about this organization's grant program and whether or not YOUR organization is eligible to apply for this grant program you can visit their website to find out more about their grant program!

Monday, February 4, 2008

"Is There Any Start Money To Start A Business In Georgia?"

In a message dated 1/14/2008, writes:

Subject: Grant related

Hi Rose My name is D~ and I would like to start a buisness, but need start money Is their any funding avavilable here in georgia? And what about the personal needs grants I keep hereing (hearing) so much about do they really exist? I am not talking about personal needs grants such as ssi, medicaded (medicaid), or welfare I am talking about the ones they claim to give you to pay bills. Everything I ever received about funding of grants was always in another state. but not in georgia. Please e-mail me at your earliest convience with this information. Thank you in advance.

As you can see from my grants, grants related and this blogthere are many grant programs out there of all kinds - and that includes the state of Georgia. (I don't know why you would think that there aren't any grant programs in Georgia because all states have at least one or two grant programs at the very least! And this does not even count the number of federal grant programs that are provided by the federal government to individual states!).

I must also point out that you should not be so quick to put down the services and benefits of ssi, etc because they provide much needed support to people that need it.

I also see that you are not on my client listing so unfortunately you will have to find the grant information yourself.

PS - I should also point out that you should not be looking for grants that are classified as "Georgia" grants. There are also many, many grant programs on a federal and national level as well.

Here is an excerpt from your state's website:

"U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development Program offers loan and grant programs to small and emerging businesses to create and retain jobs and provide technical assistance to communities.

Another problem here is that you don't mention what type of business that it is you want to start. Knowing that will help limit the number of resources and grant programs that you should be looking for.

Unfortunately I went to your state's website and found a lot of information about the various programs that they have in your state so I suggest that you go and take a look at your state's website. Here is another excerpt from the site:

The Program provides funding to assist a wide range of eligible activities, including housing improvement projects, public facilities such as water and sewer lines, buildings such as local health centers or, providing eligible daycare services and economic development projects. All projects must substantially benefit low and moderate income persons.

The total funding level is approximately $43 million with approximately $36 million available for the annual competition. The maximum amount available per applicant is $500,000 for Single-Activity during regular competition and $800,000 for Multi-Activity during regular competition.

Also included information:

"If you do need individual assistance then you should consider searching locally for assistance first to see what resources are available before launching a full internet search.

To help you find the answers you need we would recommend you complete this free anonymous questionnaire so you will be able to obtain the most accurate list of benefit programs for which you may be eligible. Click here to start!

If you are seeking to start a childcare / daycare program here is yet another excerpt:

"Child Care Funds......In general, these funds pay for: 1) program improvements, 2) programs for children with disabilities for early childhood and school-age children, 3) technical assistance and/or training, and 4) the operation of child care resource and referral agencies. These funds are not awarded to buy land or buildings. These funds are awarded through an annual “Request for Application” or a “Request for Proposal” process. Applications can be downloaded from the your state's website and postcards are mailed to notify child care learning centers and others that the application period is open! (So if you're looking to start a daycare / childcare program then you should definitely get on their mailing list!

  • Grants are available to programs providing services to preschool children with disabilities. Yearly funding levels are dependent on voluntary contributions from Georgia State Income Tax filings.

  • a voluntary program to enhance the quality of child care in
    Georgia by addressing brain research and appropriate learning activities for children ages birth to five. Child care centers may apply for a grant to be used to purchase materials to meet standards in the infant, toddler and preschool classrooms.

  • Child care providers in the metro-Atlanta area can apply for grants to create high-quality outdoor play spaces.

  • There is a scholarship and grant program that offers forgivable loans and grants for tuition and other educational expenses for students to attend college and technical schools. Contact the admissions office at the college or technical school that you are interested in attending.

  • Georgia has a network of child care resource and referral agencies that help individuals start child care programs. Each Child Care Resource and Referral Agency offers mini-grants to family day care home and group day care home providers.

All the above information from the state of Georgia!

So please do not tell me that there are no grant programs in Georgia!

"I Need Start-Up Funds For Starting A Licensed Child Care Business"

Here is a copy of a recent email I received:

"Thanks Rose. I saw this link, the only problem I had was that I am unable to access the websites. The section that instructions you to click on a particular website does not work. How can I find this information myself (websites)?

I am a woman starting a licensed child care business and need start-up funds.


Access to the website(s) are prohibitive.

But the bulk of grant information that I have found has been online.

The "ten pages of grant programs information that I sent to the client concerning grants that her licensed daycare center" are eligible to apply for were mostly provided by her own state of residence so a good start for you would be to start checking your state's own website to see what grant programs that they may have.

Friday, February 1, 2008

A Grant To Help Make Your Idea A Reality!

This grant program is looking for individuals, or individuals working with small, local organizations or groups, who reside in one of the 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico, to submit an idea for one of these same locations (no international projects, please).

To be eligible to apply you can be:

  • You must be 14 years of age or older at the time you submit your application online. It's okay to be affiliated with an organization, as long as you apply as an individual -- not on behalf of your organization.

  • A community member not connected to any organization, who is looking to connect people in the community to discuss common issues, form solutions, and take action together

  • A leader or employee of a small, grassroots organization or group, or a local elected official or government employee, who wants to create opportunities and places for people to come together to discuss ideas, form solutions, and take action

Three sets of financial grant awards will be given out and the maximum grant award totals will be as high as $35,000!

Brief applications will be accepted online and a group of people from diverse backgrounds and communities will review all the applications and select the top 100 proposals. Then these 100 applicants that were accepted will then be invited to pitch their ideas as a full proposal.

All applications must be sent through the foundation's online application process. No applications will be accepted through the mail, fax, or as an e-mail attachment. Applications sent by mail will not be considered and will be returned to sender.

Grant funds are to be used to implement the idea outlined in the application and full proposal. This is not a prize for good works already done, but fuel to help move a great idea forward. Grant funds will be paid out over the course of one year in a schedule to be determined by the foundation. Grant recipients who receive the higher level grant awards must also submit reports to the foundation during the project year -- content and timeline will be decided before award distribution.

While this is the pilot year for this program, the foundation is excited about applying this citizen-centered approach to philanthropy in the future. You can sign up here to stay informed about upcoming grant opportunities.