Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Have Read Yet Another Article About There Being NO Grants To Start A Business

I really find it hard to believe that so-called "experts" don't know about the grant programs that are around that are for people that want to start their own business.

Even those professional organizations that say that there are no grants for for-profit daycares amaze me! How was it that I was able to find a client over 10 pages worth of information about grant programs that her for-profit daycare was eligible to apply for?

The article that I read had some words from SCORE about there being no grants to help people start a business. One SCORE member has said that when people come to him asking him about grants to start a business he more or less tells them that there are none! Then what about the grant program for minorities who want to start their own business that awards a $25,000 grant?) The article goes on to say that while there are grants for this kind of thing it is usually tailored to specific kinds of businesses.

I'm really surprised and amazed at all of this! Our federal government has grant programs available for all to apply for - in other words these grant programs are open to all - meaning that everyone including individuals and for-profit businesses to apply for. I will agree however that it will depend on the type of business that one wants to start. A lot of these government grant programs have grant programs targeted to a specific kind of topic or subject matter. However there are some grant programs that are targeted to those that want to start their own business HOWEVER in a majority of the grant programs applicants must submit a business plan and you have to make your business idea viable to those that are going to fund it with grant money (that you will not have to pay back).

Of course the argument comes up about all the "hucksters" that are on TV talking about all the "free money" that is available from the government - which actually in my opinion is true. However the "free money" does come with conditions which mainly consist of you first being eligible to apply for the specific grant programs and secondly going through the necessary paperwork that is required for you to even apply for the grant program(s).

The grant awards that you receive however is money that you do not have to pay back!

Take a look at my grants page and my daycare & grants page and you will see a list of grant recipients that have received grants to start their own businesses!

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