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"Is There Any Start Money To Start A Business In Georgia?"

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Hi Rose My name is D~ and I would like to start a buisness, but need start money Is their any funding avavilable here in georgia? And what about the personal needs grants I keep hereing (hearing) so much about do they really exist? I am not talking about personal needs grants such as ssi, medicaded (medicaid), or welfare I am talking about the ones they claim to give you to pay bills. Everything I ever received about funding of grants was always in another state. but not in georgia. Please e-mail me at your earliest convience with this information. Thank you in advance.

As you can see from my grants, grants related and this blogthere are many grant programs out there of all kinds - and that includes the state of Georgia. (I don't know why you would think that there aren't any grant programs in Georgia because all states have at least one or two grant programs at the very least! And this does not even count the number of federal grant programs that are provided by the federal government to individual states!).

I must also point out that you should not be so quick to put down the services and benefits of ssi, etc because they provide much needed support to people that need it.

I also see that you are not on my client listing so unfortunately you will have to find the grant information yourself.

PS - I should also point out that you should not be looking for grants that are classified as "Georgia" grants. There are also many, many grant programs on a federal and national level as well.

Here is an excerpt from your state's website:

"U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development Program offers loan and grant programs to small and emerging businesses to create and retain jobs and provide technical assistance to communities.

Another problem here is that you don't mention what type of business that it is you want to start. Knowing that will help limit the number of resources and grant programs that you should be looking for.

Unfortunately I went to your state's website and found a lot of information about the various programs that they have in your state so I suggest that you go and take a look at your state's website. Here is another excerpt from the site:

The Program provides funding to assist a wide range of eligible activities, including housing improvement projects, public facilities such as water and sewer lines, buildings such as local health centers or, providing eligible daycare services and economic development projects. All projects must substantially benefit low and moderate income persons.

The total funding level is approximately $43 million with approximately $36 million available for the annual competition. The maximum amount available per applicant is $500,000 for Single-Activity during regular competition and $800,000 for Multi-Activity during regular competition.

Also included information:

"If you do need individual assistance then you should consider searching locally for assistance first to see what resources are available before launching a full internet search.

To help you find the answers you need we would recommend you complete this free anonymous questionnaire so you will be able to obtain the most accurate list of benefit programs for which you may be eligible. Click here to start!

If you are seeking to start a childcare / daycare program here is yet another excerpt:

"Child Care Funds......In general, these funds pay for: 1) program improvements, 2) programs for children with disabilities for early childhood and school-age children, 3) technical assistance and/or training, and 4) the operation of child care resource and referral agencies. These funds are not awarded to buy land or buildings. These funds are awarded through an annual “Request for Application” or a “Request for Proposal” process. Applications can be downloaded from the your state's website and postcards are mailed to notify child care learning centers and others that the application period is open! (So if you're looking to start a daycare / childcare program then you should definitely get on their mailing list!

  • Grants are available to programs providing services to preschool children with disabilities. Yearly funding levels are dependent on voluntary contributions from Georgia State Income Tax filings.

  • a voluntary program to enhance the quality of child care in
    Georgia by addressing brain research and appropriate learning activities for children ages birth to five. Child care centers may apply for a grant to be used to purchase materials to meet standards in the infant, toddler and preschool classrooms.

  • Child care providers in the metro-Atlanta area can apply for grants to create high-quality outdoor play spaces.

  • There is a scholarship and grant program that offers forgivable loans and grants for tuition and other educational expenses for students to attend college and technical schools. Contact the admissions office at the college or technical school that you are interested in attending.

  • Georgia has a network of child care resource and referral agencies that help individuals start child care programs. Each Child Care Resource and Referral Agency offers mini-grants to family day care home and group day care home providers.

All the above information from the state of Georgia!

So please do not tell me that there are no grant programs in Georgia!


Anonymous said...

I am looking to purchase an Existing Daycare which includes the business, building and land. I am actually under contract with someone to purchase their center. However, I am looking for some grant money to assist me in with my downpayment, as well as funds to eventually upgrade the facility. I am a married, African-American women who lives in Georgia. Is there anyway I can get in contact with you to get some help? I know grants are out there, I just don't know how to obtain one. Thanks for your consideration.

Rose said...

Unfortunately there is a difference between starting a business and purchasing an already existing business.

I'm not saying that its impossible or that its never been done before but I would really have to research this further to see what funding opportunities are available for you.

Now if you're talking about finding funding AFTER you become the owner then that is different because there is funding out there for daycares and I know this for a fact because I have had "daycare" clients who I have managed to find grant programs for them to apply to.

As far as my contact information is concerned you can click here to get all of my contact information - including my email address (which should also be here on this blog), my mailing address and my business phone number. There is even a "Snap" thingie here at the bottom left of this blog where you can leave me a message online.