Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Are You A Photography Artist Looking For A Grant?

A photography artist has been awarded a grant that will make it possible for his book project to become more than just a dream! His project involves showcasing local area artists.

You can find out more about the artist, his project and about how to sign up for the artist's mailing list by going to his website. (*What is interesting to note here is that this artist has an online business website that has to do with his photography

After having met so many interesting and creative people in his own area it was hard for this artist to believe that there was such little publicity and promotion about the artistic folks right there in his own backyard. Seeing an opportunity, he decided he wanted to take on a self-driven project to photograph 20 of the area's creative and talented artists in their studios or workspaces. He wanted to meet with and collaborate with these artists to create interesting images that would tell a little bit about them as artsy people living and working. Ideally he wanted to create a book and have a show of the final images to exhibit some of the brilliance that his local area had hidden away.

As his project unfolded and he met with these gifted artists and became very excited and pleased with the way the images were coming together. Then a harsh realization settled in when he realized that this undertaking was going to cost him some real money to produce.

So the artist discussed the project with several friends and mentors, they mentioned to him that there was grant money to be awarded to area artists from a local organization. This was just what he needed to make this project come to life. He went to the meetings about the grants and made appointments to meet representatives from the organization and discuss his project and get feedback about how to apply for the grant. After many hours of research, writing, and discussion, the application was complete and submitted. The wait was on.

Update - The artist is pleased to announce that the letter arrived in the mail just a few days ago, and he has been awarded the grant! This funding will make it possible for this project to become more than an idea.

Funded and administered by a local organization this grant program awards up to five $3,500 fellowships to creative and performing artists who have resided in the city for a minimum of two years. Fellowships support creative development in five areas:

  • visual arts

  • literature

  • theater

  • dance

  • music

Interested applicants should contact the organization by phone or by visiting their offices.

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