Tuesday, July 31, 2007

These Grant Programs Will NOT Come To You - You Have To Go To Them!

Many times I have advised people who were looking for grant programs to check with their local social services agencies. These social services agencies are part of the government and they would know best about the government grant programs that are available.

Contacting these agencies should be relatively easy. You can contact them by phone, by regular mailing address and you can even communicate with some of them via fax - I know this because I have done this before.

You can't just sit and wait for these grant programs to come to you. If you don't have access to your own computer then use on at the public library. If you don't want to do that get out your local phone book and start making calls.

Although I have seen in some instances where some actual grant recipients were contacted by the grant program itself this doesn't happen the majority of the time.

You have to get started and do the work yourself - especially if you do not want to pay a fee for grant program information. A lot of websites advise that you do a very thorough research when looking for grant programs and this is something that I whole-ly agree with. You have to do the work be it researching online or even just calling around.

If you want to find these grant programs you will have to do the work!

There is no secret here - just work!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

"Which Companies Can I Trust?"

If you have your doubts about a particular company do a check with the Better Business Burea - that way you will see if there are any complaints against that company.

But here is something else that you should consider. Where do you think these companies got their information? They did the work to find the information - that is why they charge a fee because they have already done the work to find the information.

If you're worried about having to pay a fee or don't have the money to pay the fee then you can find the information yourself - just like all those companies do. Over 95% of all the grant information that I have found has been online but I do the work to find it - which is exactly what you will have to do if you want to find the information.

Have you talked to anyone at your local social services agency? Since they are a part of the government who would best know about the government programs than them?

Now other grant programs that are offered by non-governmental agencies require more work but the bulk of information about their grant programs are online as well.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Where Can I Get Free Grant Applications Sent To Me?

First of all it will depend on the type of grant you are seeking. The government is moving towards having all their applications be submitted via online so the best place for you to go would be the government's official website where they list their government grant programs.

Now its not only the government that has grant programs. When you're talking about organizations and foundations and such you will have to find out about their grant programs separately - meaning you will have to contact the organization specifically. A lot of them have websites and a lot of those websites include contact information such as an email address, a phone number and a regular street address where you can write them.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Grant Program For For-Profit Daycares In Washington

The most important thing to note about this daycare grant is that the

deadline to apply is August 3, 2007!

The rise in the number of single parent and dual career families has made child care a critical issue for employers. This grant (and loan) program was created in 1991 to provide financial assistance through loans and grants to employers and child care businesses. The mission of this grant program is to increase the availability of quality, affordable, convenient child care for working families.

Applicants must be a licensed child care center in the state of Washington or have a copy of their application for a child care license. An applicant may also be a child care provider or employer working together to provide child care services for employees. Applicants may be for-profit or not-for-profit businesses; sectarian organizations are not eligible. Child care businesses may apply for funds to either start or expand child care services.

The grant funds can be used to purchase health and safety improvements or program equipment for child care facilities. This grant program requires the borrower to match the grant on a dollar-for-dollar basis with cash, goods or services and will also require full repayment of the grant if the child care facility ceases to provide child care within specified timeframes.

Applications are generally reviewed by the Advisory Committee four times per year (March, June, September and December).

Grant applications can be downloaded online.

The maximum grant award is $20,000.

Friday, July 20, 2007

You Really Have To Be Careful When Looking At Grant Programs! READ THE FINE PRINT!!

I just got finished researching a grant program that calls itself a grant program but on the very next line you see that its not actually a grant program but a loan program. Why would they even call it a grant program when it's obvious that it is a loan program?

That is why you have to be careful and be sure to read all of the information pertaining to a grant program that you are interested in applying for.

I find it very intriguing that the government would give grant money to non-profit organizations who in turn loan that money out. I realize that non-profit organizations do a valuable service and it is probably more better if the grant money went to the non-profit organization as opposed to giving it to individuals who don't have to account for it.

Official Government Information

One of the things that you should know about the government grant programs is that these grant programs are funded with taxpayer money - yes the money you pay in taxes! It is also the rule that the government has to make the information about their grant programs "freely accessible to the public". Now that means that the government has both a website and printed copies of their grant program information available at public libraries. I am a constant visitor to the government's website about their grant programs because it is part of my work.

However other people have lamented on how difficult the information is on the government's official website. Have you ever dealt with the government before? If you have then you know that dealing with them is not a smooth or easy process. So why would you expect it to be different as far as the information about their grant programs would go. I mean we are talking about the government here.

There is just no secret about finding these government grant programs. You have to do the work, weed through all the information just to be able to find a grant program that you may be eligible to apply for.

You may ask the question of "why do people bother?" and the answer to that question is that the grant money is free! If you had the choice between taking out a loan or getting a grant - which option would you choose?

Asking For A Lot Of Money

Maybe its just me but people seem to be asking for a lot of money - as far as grant programs are concerned.

First of all people don't seem to realize that just because one wants or applies for a grant that doesn't mean that they will automatically get the grant. You have to apply for these grant programs. Your application has to be reviewed by the grant board. Plus all the other applications that were submitted for the same grant have to be reviewed as well. The application that best meets the objectives of the grant program theoretically gets the grant money.

However people are asking for so much money. I actually saw a post where one person was asking about a $7 Million Dollar Grant! Now I know that there have been million dollar grant awards before but they go to big businesses and big corporations and big non-profit organizations. This is one area where I would have to admit defeat if a client came to me and said that they were looking for a $7 Million Dollar Grant to start their own business.

Grant Programs were put in place to help bring a greater awareness to a problem. They weren't put in place to provide you with everything you need. You have to bring something to the table too. Grant programs were started to help, not to substitute.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Grant Program "Open To All!"

I found a very interesting little grant program. Unfortunately the deadline to apply is July 19th, 2007.

But it is still a very good example fo a government grant program that is open to all! As much as people would like to tell you that there are no government grants for the individual or small business, its the government's very own website that proves them wrong.

This grant program has to do with conservation. Preserving our nation's history and resources is a very big objective of the government. This particular grant program is for the conservation of a particular trail in Colorado. The maximum grant award is $24,000. The grant money can be used to provide a quality trail system, encourage user groups to enjoy recreation areas without destroying natural habitats, and provide education of public trail construction, maintenance, and safety responsibilities.

What this means is that if you have an interest in this particular trail and would like to see it flourish then you can take it upon yourself (or create a group) to help create and maintain interest in this particular area. You can encourage groups to visit the trail, provide education teachings/tours about the trail and conservation in general. You can even do this by creating literature about the trail and conservation in general and you could even set up a website and do the same thing!

Although I would think that those that are more familiar with the area and the trail would get special preference it has recently come to my attention that sometimes just providing a "killer" proposal may get you the funding!

Another very important thing that I want to add about this grant program is that it is open to all! That means an individual can apply, a small business can apply and even a non-profit organization can apply!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Qualifying for a Business Grant Can Be Easier Than You Think

This article comes to you courtesy of the Entrepreneur Blogs

As the government offers grants for almost any reason, it is perhaps the business grant that is the most popular and useful. Many people try to begin their own business every year and many more only hold the knowledge of how to do so, but out of a lack of money they don’t. It is for these people that the business grant was created. In general, the business grant is given to those applicants that have a solid layout for a business plan and a thoroughly researched return expectancy in the year. The more detailed the reports are, the better of a chance that you have to get the grant.

These business grants are given to new business owners, future business owners and existing business owners. Now you can open your own business now with over 80 sources of Federal business grants. There are many different types of business grants such as: Free Government Money for Women to start their own business, Free Government Money for Minorities to start their own businesses, Obtain Free Government Money for equipment, rent, offices, expenses and overhead. You can use this money to give yourself a salary as you begin your new journey. You must remember that this is Free Government Money and NEVER has to be paid back. It is the best way for business owners and wannabes to get the money that they need.

If you are looking for funding for an existing or new for profit business, you might encounter difficulties in finding and getting grant funding. Government grants are generally (though not always) given to non-profit organizations for programs and services that benefit the community or the public at large. Don’t be discouraged though because there are many grants that are given to for profit businesses as well. If you want to know if your business or business idea is eligible for a grant, visit the government’s business grant website.

Some of the businesses that are eligible for a grant are: non-profits, self help business groups, anything to do with the arts like publishers or galleries, magazines etc. and businesses that are hoping to be the sole provider in a specific locale. You can also get business start up money if you are able to give an outstanding proposal. Sometimes the government grants will be given to people with a great proposal even if they are not necessarily regulated under the arts or beneficial to the community at large. You just need to WOW them in the application process.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Help for daycares affected by Hurricane Katrina

A $5.9 million social services block grant has been awarded to help in-home child-care providers get back in business.

The Department of Human Services grant was issued to the MSU Extension Service School of Human Sciences for its Nurturing Homes Initiative.

The project manager said the money will be used to help 149 child-care providers working out of their homes re-establish services in areas affected by Hurricane Katrina.

"They receive technical assistance, lessons and learning materials," said the project manager. "The spin is they also get a playground, an outdoor learning environment, and a fence if they don't have one."

While the daycares don't seem to actually get money they do get to have equipment that will make their daycare more pleasant to their children.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Are There Grant Programs To Help Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt?

Are there grants to pay off your credit card debt? In a word yes. But there are some conditions. First of if you have a huge amount of credit card debt - say over $20,000 - you have to realize that that is a lot of credit card debt.

While the government feels that one should be held responsible for their own credit card debt some loopholes have been found!

There are some grant programs out there that award grant money of up to $50,000.00 and the grant recipient can use that money any way that they want to! Thus an example of a loophole! The grant money can be used for anything which includes paying off debt - which includes credit card debt.

If you are eligible to apply for these kinds of grants I think that it would be much better than having to go the route of debt consolidation or going to companies that offer to fix your credit for a fee.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

What Happens If You Get Caught Filing Fraudulent Grant Applications?

Here is an excerpt from the article:

In the worst case of scientific fakery to come to light in two decades, a top obesity researcher who long worked at the University of Vermont admitted yesterday that he fabricated data in 17 applications for federal grants to make his work seem more promising, helping him win nearly $3 million in government funding.

Former University of Vermont researcher Eric Poehlman faces possible prison time, $196,000 in fines and restitution, and a lifetime ban on federal funding in what investigators say is the worst US scientific fraud in 20 years. Under a plea agreement, Poehlman will correct or retract 10 published research papers

Friday, July 13, 2007

"No Grants For A Start-Up, For-Profit, Service Business"

I just had a very interesting conversation with another person online. She wants a grant to help start her salon. When I replied to her posting that there were grant programs for those that wanted to start their own business she replied back that she had done her research at the government grant site and found that there were no grants for the type of business that she wanted to start.

Of course I have to fully disagree with her. First it would help if you have a basic understanding of grants and the grants application process in general. Most importantly you are not guarenteed a grant. You have to apply for it. Then your application will be reviewed by a grant board. If your application best meets the objective of the organization sponsoring the grant then you are most likely to get the grant. Another thing that has to be understood it is not just the government that has grant programs. All different types of organizations, foundations and even businesses have grant programs.

She may think that she has done her research but she just hasn't done enough of it and that is probably what turns a lot of people off - the fact that you have to do a lot of research.

The only reason why I know that there are grant programs out there for people that want to start their own business is because I took the time and effort to find those programs. I'd advise you to take another look at my grants page and take a look at the examples of businesses that have gotten a grant to start their own business. I would also advise that you take a good look at the bottom of the website where it says "if you still think there is no hope" where it lists people who have gotten grants to start their own business.

If you think that there are no government grants out there to start your own business then you are sadly mistaken!

Are You The Caregiver For An Elderly Parent?

Are you the caregiver for an elderly parent? If you are then you may be eligible to be designated as their official caregiver. As their caregiver you will get paid as being their caregiver.

Why is there a program like this? Because it is felt that older people would like to stay in their homes as long as possible. It also lightens the burden of the nursing homes thus it lightens the burden of the staff that are working in nursing homes.

If you are the caregiver for an elderly parent it is more than likely that you have had to give up your job. Being paid to be the caregiver would help you to have some extra income plus best of all you'll be able to take care of your elderly parent and get paid for it.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

There are even grant programs for your pets!

We all love our pets! And if we don't then there is probably something wrong with us!

Many times I have talked about there being grants to help people who need emergency funding and you can now add pets to that list!

While animal shelters and individual pet owners sometimes have trouble paying for the cost of animal care, there are organizations out there dedicated to helping care for one's pet. It's not just our own medical emergencies that can come up there is also the emergencies that come up when our pets get sick. (And I include myself because I am a pet owner)

Some of these organizations even provide financial help to those who help to rescue and/or take care of stray animals! Many of these same organizations work in conjunction with area veterinarians and local animal clinics. So if your pet gets sick or needs emergency medical care you should find out from these animal clinics and animal hospitals whether or not they are aware of any of the programs that help provide financial assistance to those pet owners who need it.

People Want Grants, Not Loans

I can understand the reasoning on why people prefer grants and not loans. Loans you have to pay back and grants you don't.

Grants are given to non-profit organizations who in turn give loans (although they are low-interest loans) to individuals who of course have to pay the loan back.

Depending on the individual's need its probably best if they found some kind of grant program that awards the grant money to the individual. Athough there are many grant programs out there that award individual grants, you can be sure that you have to go through the application procedure to apply for the grant(s).

I have seen individual grant programs for comic book artists, single mothers and for people that want to start their own daycare business. But this grant money is not automatically guarenteed just because you apply for the funding. You have to remember that your application - along with all the other applicants' applications - will be reveiwed and the application that best meets the objectives of the grant program will be the one that stands the best chance of getting the grant money.

Some applications are complicated - like in the case of those grant programs for individual artists where they artist may have to submit some of their work in order to be considered for the grant.

Some applications are simple. There have been one-page requests sent to state boards requesting money. Just a short, handwritten paragraph of what the person needed - for example someone needed money to travel to take part in the final round of some contest. They submitted their request and they got MORE money than they asked for!

So you see no two grant programs are going to be the same. You have to look at each individual grant program and find out what they specifically require of you in order for you to apply for their grant program. And there are quite a few grant programs out there for the individual and not the non-profit organization.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Church Turning A Profit?

Did you know that there is a growing trend as far as churches are concerned?

Churches are starting for-profit businesses! And its becoming easier to do!

Of course one of the advantages of operating as a non-profit was that churches didn't have to pay income tax.

But with rising operating costs and lower donations/offerings some churches have decided to go the for-profit route and add a sidelined for-profit business as part of their church.

Would a church still be able to accept non-profit grant program funding? It would depend on how the business is structured.

Are there churches that operate as a non-profit but have a for-profit side business that are still eligible to apply for grants for non-profit/faith-based programs? The answer is yes.

Grants For Farmers!

Did you know that there is a $10,000 grant program for farmers? This grant program was put in place to help showcase the farmers who care about their land. The deadline to apply is Dec. 2007 and more information can be had by going to their website

Here is another example of a grant program that goes to the individual and not a non-profit organization.

It is also another great example of a grant program that was put in place to bring a greater awareness to something - that something being the american farmer and their struggles.

This is also a very good example of a grant program NOT sponsored by the government. This grant program is courtesy of a private organization.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Daycare Grants - How's THIS for ironic?

Do you know that there is a grant program in one state where eligible students can receive grant funding to help put their children in daycare? Did you also know that the director of the organization said that it was difficult trying to find the young parents who need the daycare grants? And if that don't beat all how about this - Did you know that the daycares that the young parents choose for the grant funding don't even have to be licensed daycares!!!! However starting in 2008 all the daycares eligible for this funding will have to be licensed daycares

Just like the majority of grant programs out there eligible students (you can be a part-time student) must apply for these grants. Applications will be accepted until September of this year ('07).

I find the dilemma of the director of this program quite interesting. Putting up a few flyers would definitely guarentee that enough people who would be interested in this program would contact them to find out if they were eligible to apply for this grant program.

Also too I have heard comments from others saying that while the government does have grant programs they either don't advertise them or don't have the money to advertise them - something else which I find strange but then again because its the government I don't find it strange at all.

Because of the work that I do I am begining to find that information about grant programs can be had almost anywhere. I remember a conversation with a neighbor and the subject of grants came up. He was talking about how one of the non-profit organization in my area has a woman who is very good at getting grant funding for that organization. Another woman in my area got a grant to write a book about the area. I have listened to radio shows (mostly local) that talk about grant programs and I have found articles in the newspapers about grant programs - both local and federal. It's not just the Internet and the library that are sources of grant information - I found that out very pleasantly!

Grants, not Loans

While the name of my grants page is called Grant Basics 101, I also have information about other kinds of "funding" programs on my Grants Related Page

This includes information about loan programs, investors, contests, unclaimed money, scholarships and fellowships.

However my emphasis is on grant programs. Give people the choice between getting a grant and getting a loan - personally I think that most people would want to choose the grant.

There also seems to be a growing debate of the responsibility of the government. When disasters happen - like Katrina - should the government give grants or loans? People who have been faced with calamities don't want the extra burden of having to pay back a loan. A certain amount of our tax dollars go to help those who are low-incomed or who live in areas that have been declared a federal state of emergency.

FEMA Gets Blasted Again!

There was a lot of financial assistance for those who were affected by Hurricane Katrina. Assistance in the form of grants and loans were given to residents, businesses and students. However FEMA has been blasted by politicians for demanding payments from students that got financial aid.

Eligible students received $5,000 in "emergency" money that they could use for emergency purposes. Some students even received 2 checks! However FEMA wants their "emergency" money back and is going after the students to get their money back. Even those students who were able to provide documented proof of how they spent the money have been given the "runaround". Claims of incompetence have been given to FEMA and its processes and procedures. All the while the interest is still gathering on the money that FEMA says that it wants back!

However angry protests by students (and their parents) to their senators has resulted into criticism of FEMA and its methods. As a result under new rules, students who received compensation for damages suffered from hurricanes Katrina and Rita can keep the money if they can prove through written documentation that they lived in campus housing for at least six of the 12 months prior to the 2005 storms.

Monday, July 9, 2007

New Business Grant For Starts-Ups Has Been Announced!

A new bill has been signed into to law opening up a new grant program for business start-ups! If you are a woman, minority or someone who is disabled you may be eligible to apply for this state grant.

Why was this grant put in place? In the words of the organization awarding the grant - "to help people achieve the American Dream". This grant program was also started to help build up the state and its economical status. New businesses mean new and more jobs and new and more jobs help to build the economy.

The grant award is $50,000 per grant recipient. Would that be enough money for you to help start your own business?

The next time you come upon a grantwriter or "expert" who says that there are no grants to help start a business then I suggest that you tell them about this program!

As an interesting side note - This is a state grant. Guess how its being financed? With the (your) state's tax dollars! Yes this is money that is coming from the taxes paid to the state so I guess using this tax money to help enhance the state is a very good thing. It is clearly a very good example of how tax dollars can be put to good use to help to benefit the state as a whole.

PS - Here is another very good example of a grant that could be used to start a daycare. If you are a resident of the state and your daycare is going to be in that state and you are a minority, woman or disabled then you have already met some of the eligibility requirements.

Another very important thing to remember is that this is a NEW grant program that has just been signed into law this year! So that means that this is a new grant program!


Because of the kind of work that I do I am privy to a lot of information.

While living life can be a constant struggle to some there are some things that can help a person when they are being bogged down with bills.

For instance there are a lot of people who will be receiving utility shut-off notices in the mail. But did you know that there is a way that you can avoid having your utilities shut off - at least temporarily for a few months? Of course you are still liable for any back balances that you owe BUT you can avoid getting your utilities shut off for a while. At least this gives you some time to either get the money together to help pay off the balance due or to get a grant to help you pay off some of that back balance.

Like I said before this is only a temporary fix because you are still liable for the amount that you owe. But at least it will give you some time to get some money together.

Why don't more people know about it? Well the people that do know aren't telling. While this method isn't illegal it could also be considered unethical - of course to the people faced with a shut-off they don't consider it like that - they are just looking for some help.

What is ironic is that this information has to be made accessible to you by your utility company. I have seen the information on my own utility bill so I know that they have to provide the information.

Another thing that is ironic is that the agency that handles this is courtesy of our own government - the same government that has grant programs.

So if you are facing getting a shut-off notice and are looking for some temporary relief to give you time to get the money together to pay your bill you will have to decide whether or not this is something that you want to do.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Not All Grant Programs Are From The Government

It is not only the government that has grant programs.

A lot of grant programs have been started by organizations, foundations and other entities to bring a greater awareness to some thing or some subject.

Let's take for example one of the more unusual grant programs that are out there. Did you know that there is a grant program to help increase the awareness of harness racing? Yes that's right - harness racing - you know horses and stuff!

You see this is what I talk about when I say that you just can't imagine the spectrum of different grant programs that are out there.

Now the one I mention above is offered by an organization to bring a greater awareness to harness racing. But it also wants to bring greater attention to the county fairs that are held all over the United States! But not just fairs are eligible for the grant program. Past recipients of this grant program have been horsing associations, various agricultural societies and even a historic race track has also received this grant. Unfortunately this particular grant program requires that the applicants have matching funds but if your organization can raise $5,000 then your organization is eligible to apply for this grant which will award an additional $5,000. This grant money has been used to pay for advertising and even for the creation of a website to help further promote the organization's fair.

This particular grant program started just last year but because it became so popular the organization decided to add additional grant amounts to their program.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Are You Looking For A Grant To Start Your Own Daycare?

I get a lot of emails from people that want to start their own daycare.

If you want to start your own daycare and are looking for grant programs to help finance it then there are some things that you should know (and do).

If you are going to operate as a licensed daycare center then you should go to your own state's website to find out what requirements you have to meet in order for your daycare to become licensed. Once your daycare is officially licensed you can then apply to become part of the official government declared daycare centers.

Next you're going to have to decide whether you are going to operate your daycare as a non-profit, a for-profit or a combination of both. I suggest that you operate your daycare as both - that way you will have the best of both worlds!

Next you should have a business plan. Most entrepreneurial grant programs will at least require that you submit a business plan. You don't have to have a complicated business plan but one that outlines the basics of your daycare will go a long way in helping you to secure a grant. You should also keep in mind that the better the content of your business plan the more likely you will get the grant award. There are many grant programs out there for people that want to start their own business. But remember you don't automatically get the grant - you have to apply for it. There are some grant programs that are open to women and minorities to apply for and that is an additional source of grant programs that you can use in your search for grants.

There are also grant programs out there for starting a business if you live in a particular area. I already know of one such grant program that was created just last year.

Lastly there is a category of grant programs that doesn't have a particular category. They are those grant programs that provide grant awards to individuals to help fulfill their dreams. Some of these grant awards are as high as $100,000 and you can use this grant money for anything that you want - including starting a daycare business or even paying off your bills!

"Will I Work For Free?"

I get this question asked a lot. Here is a very good answer (credited to another grantwriter) who sums it up best!

Will You Work for Free?

Like most freelance grantwriters, I am frequently asked if I will write a grant proposal on a contingency, commission or percentage basis. In plain language, these people are asking me to spend many hours, days, or weeks working on a proposal for which I will get paid only if the grant is awarded. How would you like to go to work each day, put in your full eight (or whatever) hours, and have your boss tell you that you might get a paycheck in two or three months, but only if five conditions are met -- and you only have control over one of those conditions? I suspect that most people would find another job FAST! Who wants to work for free?

That is the case with grants. The grantwriter has control of one thing -- writing a good grant proposal. And this is assuming that the grantwriter receives all the information that he/she needs to prepare a good proposal. The grantwriter has no control over the many other factors that are considered by funding organizations in determining whether or not a particular grant will be awarded.

In addition, many people and organizations think that once they receive a grant, they will be able to use part of the grant money to pay the grantwriter. But this is exceedingly rare. The government won't let you do it, and neither will most non-government funders. So where are these organizations going to get the money to pay the grantwriter who has already done the work? If they didn't have the money to pay the grantwriter then, where will they get it after the grant is awarded? It's almost certain that it won't be from the grant.

Student Loan Forgiveness Programs For Teachers

Eligible applicants are permanent classroom K-12 school teachers. Applicants must spend the major portion of the school day during the school year teaching in a classroom at an eligible urban or rural school district. The program offers up to $2,500 in forgiveness for each year that the teaching commitment is fulfilled and up to $10,000 will be forgiven for any participant.

Of course there aren't just grants for individuals

So far a lot of my emphasis has been on grants for the individual but of course there are grants for the community. Here is a partial listing of some comunity-related grant recipients:

  • Logan Public Library, handicap accessible door and main computer, $3,000.

  • City of Missouri Valley, Watson Steam Train Restoration and Museum project, $5,000.

  • Woodbine Fire and Rescue Dept., purchase a new ambulance, $6,000.

  • Little Sioux Scout Camp, repairing the water distribution system, $3,500.

All grantees met the criteria as nonprofit agencies or organizations with charitable missions in the areas of civic, cultural, health, education and social services.

Friday, July 6, 2007

I Hate To Tell You This But......

but no matter how many times you hear that there are no grants to start a business the


of the matter is that there are grants out there to help one start a business. However there are some things that should be understood. Number 1 is that just because you want or apply for a grant doesn't automatically mean that you will get it! You have to apply for the grant. Your grant application will be reviewed with the rest of the grant applications that were submitted. The application that best meets the needs of the organization awarding the grant will be awarded the grant.

There is another myth that the government doesn't have grant programs for for-profit businesses which is also not true. If you go to the government's official website you will see a list of current grant programs that are "open to the public" which means that individuals and for-profit businesses can apply.

There have been a few times when people have tried to "bate" me into telling them specifically about these kinds of grant programs - and - thank goodness - so far I haven't taken the bait! If they want to keep saying that there are no grant programs out there to start a business I tell them to keep on saying that but I know that they are wrong because I have the proof (and the clients) that these kinds of grant programs do exist. It is not my fault if they won't take the time and effort that is needed to find these kinds of grant programs.

If you knew of the different types of grant programs that exist out there you would thoroughly be amazed! After all if the government had a grant program that provided monthly checks to farmers to grow weed then you shouldn't be too surprised by the other different types of grant programs that are out there.

Another interesting comment that I had read was from someone who commented on someone asking about grants to start a business and their reply was for them to "stop looking for a handout". What this person failed to realize is that these grant programs were put in place to fill a need or bring a greater awareness to something and if there is a grant program for it then there is a reason for it.

Another big issue seems to be about grants for starting a daycare. I have noted many examples of daycares that have received grants, grant program examples of daycare grant funding and vaious related daycare grant information on my daycare page. I even talked about 2 grant programs that one could apply for if they want to start their own daycare. One is for $20,000 and the other is for $100,000! And this is just 2 out of many grant programs that are out there!

Another amazing thing about grant programs is the different kinds of them that are out there. Did you know that there is a grant program in place for doctors, nurses, dentists and other medical professionals who move their practice to New Orleans to help provide medical care to those who are still there? What's the grant? Up to $100,000 to help pay off their student loans!

Even in areas outside the United States there are and have been grant programs and awards that just boggle the mind! Did you know that a witch got a grant to start her own business? Why did she get the grant? Because in the words of the grant board she submitted the best proposal!

So everytime that you read that there are no grants to help start a business - what you are reading is wrong!

Think that there isn't a grant program for what you want? Then you just haven't looked hard enough for it!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Doctors Can Now Receive Grant Money To Pay Their Student Loans!

Because of the devasting effects of Hurricane Katrina there has been a new incentive put in place to provide grant money for doctors who agree to work in area. Financial incentives up to $100,000 are being offered to doctors, dentists and other medical professionals to work in the New Orleans area after the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. This grant program was also put in place to lure more medical professionals to the area because so many of them left to find good paying work elsewhere. These incentives include student loan repayments and guarentees of income for the medical professionals who agree to practice in the area.

So far over 80 medical professionals (including nurses) have been awarded the grants (again up to $100,000 per recipient) and the government has allocated a LOT more money to finance this incentive program!

If you are a health professional and are interested in this program you can find out more about this grant program by going to their website.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Best Way To Get Free Grant Information Without Having To Pay Someone Is To Look For The Information Yourself

One of the biggest arguments about paying for grant information is that one is able to find this information for free. The problem seems to be that people are not finding this information. The only ones that seem to have the information are the ones that actually do the work, take the time and effort that is required - those are the ones that find the information.

An ironic twist on this whole thing is that how do you think the "professionals" get this grant information? They look!

Many, many times I have said that the information on government grants has to be made "easily accessible to the public". To do this the government has both an offical website and information about their grant programs are available in printed form at public libraries. I have most recently heard that the government figures that once they put up their website then people would automatically know about it and would go to the site and get the information. But that is not happening. I have heard comments to the effect that while the government does have an official website about their grant programs - they don't advertise it - and there-in lies the problem.

But getting back to the subject of finding the information about grant progrms without having to pay for that information. It is just so simple - you have to find the information yourself. You have to put in both the time and effort to find the information about these government grant programs. (And hopefully it will give you a "newfound" respect for those that do that kind of work for a living.)

It's a little different with the grant programs that are offered by non-governmental agencies. They are not under the same mandate as the government is. But the basic principle applies - you have to look for these programs. They won't come to you - you have to go to them.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

North Carolina Has A Grant Program for Businesses

What is very interesting about this particular grant program is that one of the recipients got a grant to START A BLOG NETWORK!.

This just re-affirms my position of their being grant programs for for-profit businesses!

The objective of this particular grant program is to help spur the growth of companies in North Carolina. It began in 2006 and has already received over 200 grant applications! It's purpose is to help companies who need funding to develope their product idea and who have not been able to secure other funding. The maximum grant award is $50,000 per recipient. The grants are targeted for companies in information technology, medical devices and material sciences. All companies receiving grants are required to incorporate, and the funds must be used for business related expenses.

The next deadline for grant applicants is Fall 2007!

The initial preposal applications must be submitted online by September 2007! Approximately 12 - 15 companies will be chosen to take part in the full application process.

Grants To Help Produce A Gospel CD?

A potential client's email:

I want to pay by creidt card to have you help me get a grant. Do you reseach grants? I was some what confused on the email and please help me understand!!! Will you help me seach for grants for people using it for personal use for a great cause?

My Response

First of all its not your grant until you get it.

Here is an excerpt from my Payment Information page:

How to Hire a Freelance Grantwriter

Count on having to pay a freelancer before you get any grants. Very few professionals will accept a percentage or commission or deferred payment. If you don't have the cash needed, collect enough from your board, staff and volunteers to pay for an hour or two with a freelancer. He or she can clarify some initial steps you could take on your own and suggest some potential grantors for you to research and cultivate. Don't ask a freelance grantwriter to volunteer their services. Seasoned grantseekers get asked constantly to work for free. If they do volunteer, it's usually for organizations or individuals they already have a relationship with. The fact that you're a non-profit carries no weight – that's all they work with!

So I suggest that if you want someone to get you the grant first then you find someone else to help you get it.

Let's take a look at your request specifically:

You want grant money to produce your CD - right? Since you will be doing a lot of the production work yourself have you considered the possibility of yourself being a production company? There is a $20,000 grant program for minorities that want to start their own business so if you start a production company that is the same thing as starting your own business. I mention this particular grant program because one of the past grant winners started her own film company with the grant money.

If your recordings provide a special educational message for others there are other grant programs that you can apply for.

Individual states have grant programs for artists, there are grant programs to help finance producing an artist's CD.............

A nationally known gospel artist has receive FIVE Grants for his gospel works....Here is an excerpt:

"Chanticleer is the recipient of major grants from various foundations, organizations and The National Endowment for the Arts."

Finding this information is what I do for clients. You get ALL of the grant information that I find delivered as an attached file via email. Once you get the information about the grant programs that you are eligible for you can then decide whether or not you want to apply for them yourself or whether or not you want to hire a grantwriter - whether its me or someone else - to write the grant for you. Either way its you the client that has all the information about the grant programs that you're eligible to apply for.

Monday, July 2, 2007

"Get Me The Grant First, Then I'll Pay You"

Of course it is inevitable that I would get an email like this. Here is an excerpt from my Payment Information Page

How to Hire a Freelance Grantwriter

Count on having to pay a freelancer before you get any grants. Very few professionals will accept a percentage or commission or deferred payment. If you don't have the cash needed, collect enough from your board, staff and volunteers to pay for an hour or two with a freelancer. He or she can clarify some initial steps you could take on your own and suggest some potential grantors for you to research and cultivate. Don't ask a freelance grantwriter to volunteer their services. Seasoned grantseekers get asked constantly to work for free. If they do volunteer, it's usually for organizations or individuals they already have a relationship with. The fact that you're a non-profit carries no weight – that's all they work with!

As I have said many, many times before - A grant is not guarenteed! You have to apply for the grant. Your application will be reviewed along with all the other grant applications that have been submitted. Theoretically speaking the grant application that best fits the needs of the program offering the grant will be the application that gets the grant.

If any grantwriter guarentees that you will get the grant you should be suspicious right there! You have to understand the process involved in getting a grant. Not every grant program is the same. They all have their different requirements for submission. Some are complicated, some are not and some are in-between. That is why I give all of my clients the grant information first! That way they can decide whether or not they want to apply for the grant program themself or whether or not they want to hire a grantwriter - be it me or someone else - to write the grant for them.

So if you are looking for me to guarentee that you will get the grant then you are going to have to look for someone else.

I work with the rules - not against them!

Storm-Related Grants For South Dakota

State and federal officials have approved almost $11 million in disaster grants and low-interest loans for South Dakota homeowners, renters and business owners who sustained damages resulting from the severe storms, tornadoes and flooding May 4-5, 2007. So far here is a summary of recent activity

  • 3,546 South Dakotans have applied for disaster assistance by calling the FEMA

  • $4.7 million in grants to 2,234 households have been approved by FEMA for home repairs and temporary alternate housing.

  • Individuals and families have received more than $322,000 in Other Needs Assistance to help meet other essential disaster-related needs such as medical expenses, transportation and personal property not covered by insurance or other aid programs. FEMA will pay 75 percent and the state will pay the remaining 25 percent


It never ceases to amaze me how many times I have seen students who post that they are looking for scholarships and other types of funding to continue their education! While they might get some good leads and references from others online why don't they just go to the financial aid offices of their schools? Here are some excerpts from my Grant Basics 101 blog:

There is a government program that provides tuition costs to white students who want to attend black colleges!

excerpted from The Reader's Digest - Learn to haggle - Some private colleges have become used to hearing parents say, "Even with your aid offer of $10,000, I still can't swing the other $15,000." In fact, in 1994 New York University heard some 1000 variations on that theme - and listened. The school increased grant money for about 650 of those parents. Schools may be willing to reconsider your aid package. But first you must convince them that you are less well off than they thought. Losing your job is a clear ground for appeal. But don't get too aggressive or try to bluff.

Do you realize that there are funding programs out there that will pay the full cost of your tuition! For those students that are studying to become nurses there are funding programs out there that will pay your full tuition costs? There are even some fellowship programs that pay for you to study overseas and will pay you a regular stipend besides! That means that your tuition costs will be paid PLUS you'll be getting paid by them with money paid directly to you to live! If you're an engineering student there are more funding programs than you can ever use and these funding programs are not student loans but funding programs that you do NOT have to pay back!

All in all if you want to be able to go to college and are looking for ways to finance your going to college without having to pay it back then you should be looking into the many funding programs that are out there that are available to you to apply for! Some of these funding programs go without applicants and either that money is rolled into the next year's funding program or that funding program is discontinued due to lack of interest!

Over $1 Million Dollars In Grant Money For Golf?

Kind of hard to believe but it is true!

Who is eligible? - non-profit organizations that support affordable and accessible golf programs and facilities to economically-disadvantaged children and individuals with disabilities

Why this grant program was put in place - to help the ongoing effort to create opportunities in people's lives through golf

What this grant money can be used for - Grant funds can be used for instruction, golf course and range access, equipment, transportation, and construction of accessible golf facilities.

Past Grant Recipients -

  • YMCA
  • Police Athletic League
  • The First Tee of Greater Alabama- received $16,000 grant award
  • Scottsdale Unified School District - received $11,000 grant award
  • Urban Youth Golf Program received $45,000!
  • The Midnight Golf Program received $50,000!
  • Tony Yates Caring for Kids Foundation received $12,000
  • Columbus State Community College received $32,000!

Another For-Profit Business Receives A Government Grant From The SBA!

So the Small Business Administration doesn't have grant programs - huh?

Steve Shivvers' chance at making a difference in the world did not come without perseverance.

After nine years of research, design trial and errors and relentless pursuit of funding for his work, the Corydon businessman was able to create an energy-efficient grain-drying system through his family company, Shivvers Manufacturing. His invention, which he hopes to introduce commercially next year, was funded in part with federal grants. "Without government grants, we never could have done this project," Shivvers said.

Shivvers is one of dozens of Iowa entrepreneurs who have tapped into federal agencies in recent years for grants to fund research and develop products at manufacturing companies.

The federal government will offer more than $2.2 billion this year through grant programs to U.S. businesses. The programs target innovative technology projects at manufacturing companies with 500 or fewer workers.

Andrew Peek said his company was able to use a $100,000 grant from the government to fund research on ribonucleic acid, or RNA, which is used in gene therapy. Peek, director of bioinformatics at Integrated DNA Technologies Inc. in Coralville, said the grant funded four researchers who worked on the project for four months.

Integrated DNA Technologies, which produces and ships tiny strands of synthetic DNA to labs around the world, identified three federal agencies that offered the grants for which the company might qualify. It applied to government agency in particular because it had the largest pot of money, giving the company a greater chance of winning a grants, Peek said.

The laborious grant-writing process took more than a month to complete because of all the information that was required. The company plans to submit a second proposal for additional grants next year to further its work on RNA.

Iowa companies received $4.7 million in grants this year, which was up from $3.5 million in 2006

Part of what I do is to help individuals and companies write and review grant applications. It is an added service of mine that I have now added to my other list of sevices because people and businesses that want to apply for grants need to know the basic ins and outs of the process involved in applying for grants.

Massachusetts and California receive "hundreds of millions of dollars each year" in government grants, and they rank among the top states obtaining the federal funds. Iowa is ranked 45th but that rank is increasing in number. There is enormous potential for Iowa companies to receive grant money.

Lack of awareness and support for submitting grant proposals are reasons why more companies don't take advantage of the programs

These grant programs were created to stimulate technology innovation and increase private sector commercialization of those innovations. Companies are eligible for up to $100,000 for a six-month project or $150,000 for a 12-month project. During the second funding phase, companies can receive up to $750,000 for research and development of a product over two years. After that, companies are expected to bring their products to the marketplace.

Shivvers has applied for 10 grants and received four, totaling $415,000, from two government agencies to fund development of his energy-efficient grain dryers. He has also applied for $350,000 in additional funding to further develop his product.

These government grant programs can enable companies to bring out products that would have great benefits to society.

The key is persistence

Federal agencies offering the grants have different deadlines, submission and review processes, topic areas and funding levels.

The best advice that can be given about applying for these grants is to read the solicitations from agencies carefully and following instructions to the letter and that will help improve your company's chances of being seriously considered for the grants.

Johansen said the payoffs, once awarded a grant, are substantial. The other benefits of receiving a government grant include:

  • No payback because the programs provide grants, not loans.

  • Brings recognition, credibility and visibility to companies.

  • Can act as a leveraging tool to attract other sources of financing.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Kansas Counties Eligible For FEMA Grants

If you live in one of the specified counties in Kansas that were affected by the May 2007 storms FEMA is looking for you because you may be eligible for FEMA disaster-related grants.

These grants include grants to help individuals pay for temporary disaster housing needs, grants for essential repairs needed to restore residences, grants to repair or replace damaged property, and grants for serious disaster-related needs and expenses not covered by insurance or other assistance programs.