Friday, July 6, 2007

I Hate To Tell You This But......

but no matter how many times you hear that there are no grants to start a business the


of the matter is that there are grants out there to help one start a business. However there are some things that should be understood. Number 1 is that just because you want or apply for a grant doesn't automatically mean that you will get it! You have to apply for the grant. Your grant application will be reviewed with the rest of the grant applications that were submitted. The application that best meets the needs of the organization awarding the grant will be awarded the grant.

There is another myth that the government doesn't have grant programs for for-profit businesses which is also not true. If you go to the government's official website you will see a list of current grant programs that are "open to the public" which means that individuals and for-profit businesses can apply.

There have been a few times when people have tried to "bate" me into telling them specifically about these kinds of grant programs - and - thank goodness - so far I haven't taken the bait! If they want to keep saying that there are no grant programs out there to start a business I tell them to keep on saying that but I know that they are wrong because I have the proof (and the clients) that these kinds of grant programs do exist. It is not my fault if they won't take the time and effort that is needed to find these kinds of grant programs.

If you knew of the different types of grant programs that exist out there you would thoroughly be amazed! After all if the government had a grant program that provided monthly checks to farmers to grow weed then you shouldn't be too surprised by the other different types of grant programs that are out there.

Another interesting comment that I had read was from someone who commented on someone asking about grants to start a business and their reply was for them to "stop looking for a handout". What this person failed to realize is that these grant programs were put in place to fill a need or bring a greater awareness to something and if there is a grant program for it then there is a reason for it.

Another big issue seems to be about grants for starting a daycare. I have noted many examples of daycares that have received grants, grant program examples of daycare grant funding and vaious related daycare grant information on my daycare page. I even talked about 2 grant programs that one could apply for if they want to start their own daycare. One is for $20,000 and the other is for $100,000! And this is just 2 out of many grant programs that are out there!

Another amazing thing about grant programs is the different kinds of them that are out there. Did you know that there is a grant program in place for doctors, nurses, dentists and other medical professionals who move their practice to New Orleans to help provide medical care to those who are still there? What's the grant? Up to $100,000 to help pay off their student loans!

Even in areas outside the United States there are and have been grant programs and awards that just boggle the mind! Did you know that a witch got a grant to start her own business? Why did she get the grant? Because in the words of the grant board she submitted the best proposal!

So everytime that you read that there are no grants to help start a business - what you are reading is wrong!

Think that there isn't a grant program for what you want? Then you just haven't looked hard enough for it!

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