Monday, July 2, 2007


It never ceases to amaze me how many times I have seen students who post that they are looking for scholarships and other types of funding to continue their education! While they might get some good leads and references from others online why don't they just go to the financial aid offices of their schools? Here are some excerpts from my Grant Basics 101 blog:

There is a government program that provides tuition costs to white students who want to attend black colleges!

excerpted from The Reader's Digest - Learn to haggle - Some private colleges have become used to hearing parents say, "Even with your aid offer of $10,000, I still can't swing the other $15,000." In fact, in 1994 New York University heard some 1000 variations on that theme - and listened. The school increased grant money for about 650 of those parents. Schools may be willing to reconsider your aid package. But first you must convince them that you are less well off than they thought. Losing your job is a clear ground for appeal. But don't get too aggressive or try to bluff.

Do you realize that there are funding programs out there that will pay the full cost of your tuition! For those students that are studying to become nurses there are funding programs out there that will pay your full tuition costs? There are even some fellowship programs that pay for you to study overseas and will pay you a regular stipend besides! That means that your tuition costs will be paid PLUS you'll be getting paid by them with money paid directly to you to live! If you're an engineering student there are more funding programs than you can ever use and these funding programs are not student loans but funding programs that you do NOT have to pay back!

All in all if you want to be able to go to college and are looking for ways to finance your going to college without having to pay it back then you should be looking into the many funding programs that are out there that are available to you to apply for! Some of these funding programs go without applicants and either that money is rolled into the next year's funding program or that funding program is discontinued due to lack of interest!

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