Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Grant Program "Open To All!"

I found a very interesting little grant program. Unfortunately the deadline to apply is July 19th, 2007.

But it is still a very good example fo a government grant program that is open to all! As much as people would like to tell you that there are no government grants for the individual or small business, its the government's very own website that proves them wrong.

This grant program has to do with conservation. Preserving our nation's history and resources is a very big objective of the government. This particular grant program is for the conservation of a particular trail in Colorado. The maximum grant award is $24,000. The grant money can be used to provide a quality trail system, encourage user groups to enjoy recreation areas without destroying natural habitats, and provide education of public trail construction, maintenance, and safety responsibilities.

What this means is that if you have an interest in this particular trail and would like to see it flourish then you can take it upon yourself (or create a group) to help create and maintain interest in this particular area. You can encourage groups to visit the trail, provide education teachings/tours about the trail and conservation in general. You can even do this by creating literature about the trail and conservation in general and you could even set up a website and do the same thing!

Although I would think that those that are more familiar with the area and the trail would get special preference it has recently come to my attention that sometimes just providing a "killer" proposal may get you the funding!

Another very important thing that I want to add about this grant program is that it is open to all! That means an individual can apply, a small business can apply and even a non-profit organization can apply!

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