Tuesday, July 3, 2007

North Carolina Has A Grant Program for Businesses

What is very interesting about this particular grant program is that one of the recipients got a grant to START A BLOG NETWORK!.

This just re-affirms my position of their being grant programs for for-profit businesses!

The objective of this particular grant program is to help spur the growth of companies in North Carolina. It began in 2006 and has already received over 200 grant applications! It's purpose is to help companies who need funding to develope their product idea and who have not been able to secure other funding. The maximum grant award is $50,000 per recipient. The grants are targeted for companies in information technology, medical devices and material sciences. All companies receiving grants are required to incorporate, and the funds must be used for business related expenses.

The next deadline for grant applicants is Fall 2007!

The initial preposal applications must be submitted online by September 2007! Approximately 12 - 15 companies will be chosen to take part in the full application process.

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