Sunday, July 8, 2007

Not All Grant Programs Are From The Government

It is not only the government that has grant programs.

A lot of grant programs have been started by organizations, foundations and other entities to bring a greater awareness to some thing or some subject.

Let's take for example one of the more unusual grant programs that are out there. Did you know that there is a grant program to help increase the awareness of harness racing? Yes that's right - harness racing - you know horses and stuff!

You see this is what I talk about when I say that you just can't imagine the spectrum of different grant programs that are out there.

Now the one I mention above is offered by an organization to bring a greater awareness to harness racing. But it also wants to bring greater attention to the county fairs that are held all over the United States! But not just fairs are eligible for the grant program. Past recipients of this grant program have been horsing associations, various agricultural societies and even a historic race track has also received this grant. Unfortunately this particular grant program requires that the applicants have matching funds but if your organization can raise $5,000 then your organization is eligible to apply for this grant which will award an additional $5,000. This grant money has been used to pay for advertising and even for the creation of a website to help further promote the organization's fair.

This particular grant program started just last year but because it became so popular the organization decided to add additional grant amounts to their program.

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