Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Daycare Grants - How's THIS for ironic?

Do you know that there is a grant program in one state where eligible students can receive grant funding to help put their children in daycare? Did you also know that the director of the organization said that it was difficult trying to find the young parents who need the daycare grants? And if that don't beat all how about this - Did you know that the daycares that the young parents choose for the grant funding don't even have to be licensed daycares!!!! However starting in 2008 all the daycares eligible for this funding will have to be licensed daycares

Just like the majority of grant programs out there eligible students (you can be a part-time student) must apply for these grants. Applications will be accepted until September of this year ('07).

I find the dilemma of the director of this program quite interesting. Putting up a few flyers would definitely guarentee that enough people who would be interested in this program would contact them to find out if they were eligible to apply for this grant program.

Also too I have heard comments from others saying that while the government does have grant programs they either don't advertise them or don't have the money to advertise them - something else which I find strange but then again because its the government I don't find it strange at all.

Because of the work that I do I am begining to find that information about grant programs can be had almost anywhere. I remember a conversation with a neighbor and the subject of grants came up. He was talking about how one of the non-profit organization in my area has a woman who is very good at getting grant funding for that organization. Another woman in my area got a grant to write a book about the area. I have listened to radio shows (mostly local) that talk about grant programs and I have found articles in the newspapers about grant programs - both local and federal. It's not just the Internet and the library that are sources of grant information - I found that out very pleasantly!

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