Saturday, July 7, 2007

Are You Looking For A Grant To Start Your Own Daycare?

I get a lot of emails from people that want to start their own daycare.

If you want to start your own daycare and are looking for grant programs to help finance it then there are some things that you should know (and do).

If you are going to operate as a licensed daycare center then you should go to your own state's website to find out what requirements you have to meet in order for your daycare to become licensed. Once your daycare is officially licensed you can then apply to become part of the official government declared daycare centers.

Next you're going to have to decide whether you are going to operate your daycare as a non-profit, a for-profit or a combination of both. I suggest that you operate your daycare as both - that way you will have the best of both worlds!

Next you should have a business plan. Most entrepreneurial grant programs will at least require that you submit a business plan. You don't have to have a complicated business plan but one that outlines the basics of your daycare will go a long way in helping you to secure a grant. You should also keep in mind that the better the content of your business plan the more likely you will get the grant award. There are many grant programs out there for people that want to start their own business. But remember you don't automatically get the grant - you have to apply for it. There are some grant programs that are open to women and minorities to apply for and that is an additional source of grant programs that you can use in your search for grants.

There are also grant programs out there for starting a business if you live in a particular area. I already know of one such grant program that was created just last year.

Lastly there is a category of grant programs that doesn't have a particular category. They are those grant programs that provide grant awards to individuals to help fulfill their dreams. Some of these grant awards are as high as $100,000 and you can use this grant money for anything that you want - including starting a daycare business or even paying off your bills!

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