Friday, July 13, 2007

"No Grants For A Start-Up, For-Profit, Service Business"

I just had a very interesting conversation with another person online. She wants a grant to help start her salon. When I replied to her posting that there were grant programs for those that wanted to start their own business she replied back that she had done her research at the government grant site and found that there were no grants for the type of business that she wanted to start.

Of course I have to fully disagree with her. First it would help if you have a basic understanding of grants and the grants application process in general. Most importantly you are not guarenteed a grant. You have to apply for it. Then your application will be reviewed by a grant board. If your application best meets the objective of the organization sponsoring the grant then you are most likely to get the grant. Another thing that has to be understood it is not just the government that has grant programs. All different types of organizations, foundations and even businesses have grant programs.

She may think that she has done her research but she just hasn't done enough of it and that is probably what turns a lot of people off - the fact that you have to do a lot of research.

The only reason why I know that there are grant programs out there for people that want to start their own business is because I took the time and effort to find those programs. I'd advise you to take another look at my grants page and take a look at the examples of businesses that have gotten a grant to start their own business. I would also advise that you take a good look at the bottom of the website where it says "if you still think there is no hope" where it lists people who have gotten grants to start their own business.

If you think that there are no government grants out there to start your own business then you are sadly mistaken!

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