Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Best Way To Get Free Grant Information Without Having To Pay Someone Is To Look For The Information Yourself

One of the biggest arguments about paying for grant information is that one is able to find this information for free. The problem seems to be that people are not finding this information. The only ones that seem to have the information are the ones that actually do the work, take the time and effort that is required - those are the ones that find the information.

An ironic twist on this whole thing is that how do you think the "professionals" get this grant information? They look!

Many, many times I have said that the information on government grants has to be made "easily accessible to the public". To do this the government has both an offical website and information about their grant programs are available in printed form at public libraries. I have most recently heard that the government figures that once they put up their website then people would automatically know about it and would go to the site and get the information. But that is not happening. I have heard comments to the effect that while the government does have an official website about their grant programs - they don't advertise it - and there-in lies the problem.

But getting back to the subject of finding the information about grant progrms without having to pay for that information. It is just so simple - you have to find the information yourself. You have to put in both the time and effort to find the information about these government grant programs. (And hopefully it will give you a "newfound" respect for those that do that kind of work for a living.)

It's a little different with the grant programs that are offered by non-governmental agencies. They are not under the same mandate as the government is. But the basic principle applies - you have to look for these programs. They won't come to you - you have to go to them.

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