Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grant Program For Caregivers!

Grant Program For Family Caregivers

Program For Family Caregivers - BENEFITS: When you are not feeling well, home is where you want to be, no matter what your age. The major focus of this support program is to reinforce the care being given to frail family members at home. The major benefit, therefore, is that it allows caregivers to choose from available services.

The package of benefits begins with an assessment to determine what benefits best meet the needs of the caregiver and the older person receiving care. Benefits could also include counseling, education and financial information. This program takes a cost-sharing approach: income-eligible families may receive up to $200 per month to help with out-of-pocket expenses ranging from respite care to adult briefs. In addition, one-time grants of up to $2,000 may be given to qualified families to modify the home or purchase assistive devices to accommodate the frail relative. Such adaptations might include installing a stair climb or modifying a bathroom. Eligibility for this caregiver program is determined on a sliding scale and is based on income.

Still Need Help Paying Your Bills?

"I'm making payment arrangements with my utility company but I am still having problems paying my bill(s)......."

If you are making payment arrangements but are still having problems with paying your bill(s) then I suggest that you go online, do a little research and find the sites that let you request money. Some of them will require documentation on your part but I know of at least one site where you can request money but don't have to submit anything besides your request, how much you are requesting and what you need the money for. As far as this one site goes you can request up to $1000 but requests of higher amounts will be considered if your reason for needing the money is compelling enough.

Another source of money is unclaimed money. You (or a family member or spouse) may be on the list for unclaimed money and not even know it! To find out more information about what "unclaimed" money is just visit my blog, The Unclaimed Money Blog.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Still Think That There Are No Grants To Start A Business?

While on Twitter someone sent me a message saying that the SBA (short for the Small Business Administration) was not aware of any government grants to help start a business.

My reply was that just because the SBA says that they are not aware of any government grant programs to help start a business - that doesn't mean that there aren't any out there.

Secondly it is NOT only the government that has grant programs! Here are some excerpts from my files and databases:

  • If you are out of work, you may be able to get money (up to $10,000) to live on as well as money to pay for entrepreneur training in order to run your own business. These programs are run with federal money and state money. Each state has different rules and the main idea is that they have money for you to train to get a better job along with money to live on while you are training. And your new job can be starting your own business! These programs are run through state offices located in your state capital but will have additional offices all over your state. You can find your local office by calling 411 and asking for the state capital operator in your state capital or you can visit their online website for more information.

  • Maybe you don't need a bunch of money to get your idea off the ground. Maybe all you need is just a few thousand dollars to get started. Well, there are hundreds of non-profit organizations that offer small grants and easy loans aimed at people who would never be able to get money from traditional sources. It is difficult to locate all of these groups around the country but two good starting places are.........

  • There is an international entrepreneurship competition for bold and innovative business ideas that can help to solve some of the key challenges of this century.
    The goal of the competition is to promote the creation of sustainable new business ventures that combine financial returns with social and environmental benefits. These can include new products and services, operational processes and business models.

    The competition encourages ground breaking innovation and problem solving – challenging entrepreneurs from across the world to make a real difference through developing new markets and making a sustainable profit.

    To enter, participants business ideas must address a key challenge. Entrants will be required to write a 5-page outline summarizing their business idea.

    This competition is looking for the best business ideas from across the world!

    Entries will be accepted from individuals, teams, new companies, existing companies creating spin-offs, students, scientists, academics and entrepreneurs. Regional, national and international participation is encouraged.

    Business ideas can be based on a new product, a service, operational process or business model.

    To be considered eligible for this program one of the requirements is that the business idea be a commercial, for-profit venture! If you are not sure whether or not your business idea meets the criteria, this program is happy to discuss your particular case.

    All entries must be submitted via their website!. If you have a question or query about a plan that you have already submitted, you can also contact them by email using this email address.

Again, please do not tell me that there are no grant programs to help start a business!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scholarship Program For Minorities!

There is another foundation that has a free scholarship program that allows young people from minority and economically disadvantaged backgrounds not only to realize their artistic dreams, but also to give back to their communities.

The areas of study include: architecture, cartooning, crafts, environmental graphics, fashion design, film/theater design (costume, set, lighting), film/video, fine arts, furniture design, graphic design, illustration, industrial/product design, interior design, landscape architecture, new media, photography, surface/Textile design, and urban planning.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Grants For Homes And Home Repairs!

So many people seem to be looking for grants for homes and home repair, please take note of this excerpt:

"There are literally hundreds of free money programs for people to fix up their home. The government has free grant money to make your home more energy efficient, grants for seniors and those with disabilities to fix up their homes, and forgivable loans (the same as free money) if you buy a home that needs to be fixed up. There are many agencies and hundreds of local and non-profit groups that provide this free money for home fix-upfree money for home fix-up.

There is also an assistance program that is offered by utility and gas companies in many states. This organization, and the aid they will give provides energy assistance funds to families and individuals in need of help. In addition, the program will offer additional aid, such as help for paying medical bills, rent or housing costs, and more. You should check your state's website to see if this program is available in your own area!

You should also be aware that many localities receive grant money to buy vacant and foreclosed properties in their own local areas so that they can then rent and sell those properties at a reduced cost to low-incomed people.

There's even a grant program to help Jewish families relocate!

There are countless programs available out there that can help with some of your home repairs and there are a few programs where you may even be able to get a home for free but please bear in mind that you really have to research this kind of information!

A Prize For Writings

About Slavery

Here is a prize offered yearly for books that have been published the previous year on topics of slavery, resistance, and/or abolition. Works related to the American Civil War are eligible only if their primary focus is slavery, resistance, and/or abolition.

Deadline to apply: April 3rd

Award: $25,000!

You can contact this organization via regular mail, phone, fax (long distance charges will apply), email or you can visit their website.

Grants For

Financial Emergencies

There is an organization that can help you with paying an emergency bill such as sending a payment to a creditor for an expense for a relatively small, emergency expense which the individual or family could not have anticipated or prepared for.

The goal of this grant program is to prevent an otherwise self-sufficient individual or family from entering the cycle of poverty as a result of the financial burden posed by a relatively small emergency expense.

You can request a grant if:

  • You have encountered a short-term emergency expense that must be paid if you are to remain self-sufficient, but that you do not have the means to afford without assistance. For example, a person who lives in an area that does not have access to public transportation and needs help to repair the car that keeps him or her working working would be an excellent candidate for this kind of grant

  • You need help to afford a single, regularly-scheduled expense (your rent, for example) because of a short-term, emergency situation that has temporarily reduced your income. For example, a person who normally can afford to pay his or her rent but lost 10 days pay due to an injury would be an excellent candidiate for this grant program

In order to qualify for this grant:

  1. At least one member of your household must be currently employed on a full-time basis

  2. Your household's single largest source of income must be income earned from work

  3. Your household's total earned income must equal at least the cost of your monthly rental or mortgage plus $250, but not more than the cost of your monthly rental or mortgage plus $2500.00

  4. The expense with which you need assistance can be paid on your behalf, directly to a vendor

  5. The expense with which you need assistance can be paid in full for no more than the maximum grant for which your household qualifies

Please Note: These grants cannot be used to remit payment for regular expenses that an applicant can no longer afford due to a long-term reduction in income. For example, an applicant that has suffered a long-term reduction in income and, as a result, can no longer afford to remit payment for his or her monthly housing cost, car payment, or utilities would not be a good candidate for this grant program.

Also if you need assistance to afford a small, irregular expense which would substantially improve the quality of your life, but which you cannot afford without assistance due to your fixed income you should also apply for this type of grant.

If you have any questions about this grant or grant program or about the eligibility criteria, you are encouraged to contact the organization before completing an application. The organization says that it will respond to your question(s) as quickly as they can.

"Are there any grant programs that will help me buy a house?"

There are plenty of government grant programs that will help you to buy a home by helping to pay money towards your down payment and closing costs. However there is no government grant program that I know of as of yet that will pay for the entire purchase of a house.....

There is only one exception that I have on file that I know of......

There is a grant program that provides free homes to veteransveterans. These homes are provided free of any mortgages! But please bear in mind that this is not a government grant program. This is a program being provided by an organization outside of the government and in order to qualify to apply for this program you do have to be a veteran!