Sunday, February 21, 2010

Still Think That There Are No Grants To Start A Business?

While on Twitter someone sent me a message saying that the SBA (short for the Small Business Administration) was not aware of any government grants to help start a business.

My reply was that just because the SBA says that they are not aware of any government grant programs to help start a business - that doesn't mean that there aren't any out there.

Secondly it is NOT only the government that has grant programs! Here are some excerpts from my files and databases:

  • If you are out of work, you may be able to get money (up to $10,000) to live on as well as money to pay for entrepreneur training in order to run your own business. These programs are run with federal money and state money. Each state has different rules and the main idea is that they have money for you to train to get a better job along with money to live on while you are training. And your new job can be starting your own business! These programs are run through state offices located in your state capital but will have additional offices all over your state. You can find your local office by calling 411 and asking for the state capital operator in your state capital or you can visit their online website for more information.

  • Maybe you don't need a bunch of money to get your idea off the ground. Maybe all you need is just a few thousand dollars to get started. Well, there are hundreds of non-profit organizations that offer small grants and easy loans aimed at people who would never be able to get money from traditional sources. It is difficult to locate all of these groups around the country but two good starting places are.........

  • There is an international entrepreneurship competition for bold and innovative business ideas that can help to solve some of the key challenges of this century.
    The goal of the competition is to promote the creation of sustainable new business ventures that combine financial returns with social and environmental benefits. These can include new products and services, operational processes and business models.

    The competition encourages ground breaking innovation and problem solving – challenging entrepreneurs from across the world to make a real difference through developing new markets and making a sustainable profit.

    To enter, participants business ideas must address a key challenge. Entrants will be required to write a 5-page outline summarizing their business idea.

    This competition is looking for the best business ideas from across the world!

    Entries will be accepted from individuals, teams, new companies, existing companies creating spin-offs, students, scientists, academics and entrepreneurs. Regional, national and international participation is encouraged.

    Business ideas can be based on a new product, a service, operational process or business model.

    To be considered eligible for this program one of the requirements is that the business idea be a commercial, for-profit venture! If you are not sure whether or not your business idea meets the criteria, this program is happy to discuss your particular case.

    All entries must be submitted via their website!. If you have a question or query about a plan that you have already submitted, you can also contact them by email using this email address.

Again, please do not tell me that there are no grant programs to help start a business!

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