Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grant Program For Caregivers!

Grant Program For Family Caregivers

Program For Family Caregivers - BENEFITS: When you are not feeling well, home is where you want to be, no matter what your age. The major focus of this support program is to reinforce the care being given to frail family members at home. The major benefit, therefore, is that it allows caregivers to choose from available services.

The package of benefits begins with an assessment to determine what benefits best meet the needs of the caregiver and the older person receiving care. Benefits could also include counseling, education and financial information. This program takes a cost-sharing approach: income-eligible families may receive up to $200 per month to help with out-of-pocket expenses ranging from respite care to adult briefs. In addition, one-time grants of up to $2,000 may be given to qualified families to modify the home or purchase assistive devices to accommodate the frail relative. Such adaptations might include installing a stair climb or modifying a bathroom. Eligibility for this caregiver program is determined on a sliding scale and is based on income.

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