Thursday, February 25, 2010

Still Need Help Paying Your Bills?

"I'm making payment arrangements with my utility company but I am still having problems paying my bill(s)......."

If you are making payment arrangements but are still having problems with paying your bill(s) then I suggest that you go online, do a little research and find the sites that let you request money. Some of them will require documentation on your part but I know of at least one site where you can request money but don't have to submit anything besides your request, how much you are requesting and what you need the money for. As far as this one site goes you can request up to $1000 but requests of higher amounts will be considered if your reason for needing the money is compelling enough.

Another source of money is unclaimed money. You (or a family member or spouse) may be on the list for unclaimed money and not even know it! To find out more information about what "unclaimed" money is just visit my blog, The Unclaimed Money Blog.

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