Friday, July 20, 2007

Asking For A Lot Of Money

Maybe its just me but people seem to be asking for a lot of money - as far as grant programs are concerned.

First of all people don't seem to realize that just because one wants or applies for a grant that doesn't mean that they will automatically get the grant. You have to apply for these grant programs. Your application has to be reviewed by the grant board. Plus all the other applications that were submitted for the same grant have to be reviewed as well. The application that best meets the objectives of the grant program theoretically gets the grant money.

However people are asking for so much money. I actually saw a post where one person was asking about a $7 Million Dollar Grant! Now I know that there have been million dollar grant awards before but they go to big businesses and big corporations and big non-profit organizations. This is one area where I would have to admit defeat if a client came to me and said that they were looking for a $7 Million Dollar Grant to start their own business.

Grant Programs were put in place to help bring a greater awareness to a problem. They weren't put in place to provide you with everything you need. You have to bring something to the table too. Grant programs were started to help, not to substitute.

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