Monday, July 2, 2007

Over $1 Million Dollars In Grant Money For Golf?

Kind of hard to believe but it is true!

Who is eligible? - non-profit organizations that support affordable and accessible golf programs and facilities to economically-disadvantaged children and individuals with disabilities

Why this grant program was put in place - to help the ongoing effort to create opportunities in people's lives through golf

What this grant money can be used for - Grant funds can be used for instruction, golf course and range access, equipment, transportation, and construction of accessible golf facilities.

Past Grant Recipients -

  • YMCA
  • Police Athletic League
  • The First Tee of Greater Alabama- received $16,000 grant award
  • Scottsdale Unified School District - received $11,000 grant award
  • Urban Youth Golf Program received $45,000!
  • The Midnight Golf Program received $50,000!
  • Tony Yates Caring for Kids Foundation received $12,000
  • Columbus State Community College received $32,000!

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