Friday, March 14, 2008

Grants For Daycare - Is This Just A Myth?

For some time now I have been seeing this article and it's really been bugging me!

The Straight Facts First - (The Plight of Grantseeking for For-profit Business Owners)

Before you begin your 8 Steps to Obtaining Grants, there is some very important information you need to understand first. While there is a lot of talk about "how to find grants" in the child care field, most caregivers, especially independent home child care operators or persons starting a private or for-profit child care facility, don't realize that it is almost impossible for them to find grant money from any level of government. That is of course, with the exception of perhaps that which might be obtained from new business startup programs and the odd program operated by their provincial or state governments, generally under the Department of Children and Family Services.

'Almost impossible' - does that mean that there aren't ANY such grant programs? Of course I know that this is not true. Also you have to remember that it is not only just the government that has grant programs. And even though the above article says that there is the "odd state program for start-up grants I have found that these kinds of state grant programs for start-up businesses are becoming more and more and increasing at a more than "odd" rate.

The truth is "When it comes to private enterprises --- no matter how worthy or socially relevant --- unless they seek and obtain non-profit status, there is not(hing) I (or they) can do."

For-profit child care business operators, large and small, may, that's a small may because they aren't all that many programs available with a few exceptions (may) be able to: apply for local state/provincial programs. Other than that, the best way to locate financing for their child care business is to:

  • Look into bank loans
  • Obtain venture capital

  • Seek gifts and loans from family and friends

  • Look for advice from incubator organizations

  • Obtain counsel from local small business and women's associations.

Unfortunately the above article is very troubling. It's obvious that they just don't know what they are talking about!

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