Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Need Some Help Paying Your Heating Bill?

I just got finished faxing a copy of a client's heating bill to a local organization that helps people with paying their heating bills. They can't provide much but they do provide what they have in the way of finacial assistance to those that are having trouble paying their heating bill.

I have dealt with this organization before on the behalf of other clients who have had trouble paying their heating bill and need a little financial assistance to help them out. The woman on the phone was very nice and she told me that she was expecting some financial funds to help provide others with financial help to help pay their heating bills (which will be most helpful now because the weather is starting to get colder!).

The first time that I dealt with this organization all I needed to do was send in a copy of the heating bill. That was a few years ago. Now the procedure for getting financial assistance to help pay a person's heating bill seems to be the same.

This is a small organization and a local one. I suspect that one of the reasons why they do not advertise is because if a lot of people knew about the financial assistance that they provide they would get an over-whelming number of calls from people needing help to pay their heating bills. They do not even have a website.

So while this is a local organization, you should check within your own area to see if you can find a similar organization that helps by providing financial assistance to those that need help to pay their heating bills.

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