Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Scholarship Program For High School Seniors!

In one local area graduating seniors are urged to apply for a number of scholarships now available through a state program. Full information and applications for most of these scholarships are available at the website. Applications for the following are due April 2010

One of the scholarship programs provides up to four $28,000 scholarships to graduating seniors who will major in engineering, mathematics or science.

Another scholarship program will provide several scholarships of at least $1,000 annually for tuition assistance to students pursuing an LPN, RN or BSN Nursing Degree.

Yet another scholarship program will provide a minimum of a $1,000 scholarship for tuition assistance to students of Portuguese descent.

Another scholarship program will provide at least $500 worth of tuition assistance to the area's graduating seniors whose parent or grandparent were also a graduate of the same high school!

Another scholarship fund has been established to annually provide at least $3,000 to a graduating senior who intends to study business!

Another scholarship program will award one scholarship of at least $2,000 to a senior in the hopes that he or she will return to the area after college and establish a business.

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