Sunday, April 20, 2008

ANOTHER Local Grant Program For Individual Artists And Organizations!

Here is yet another grant program that provides grants to individual artists as well as organizations:

There is one local non-profit arts organization that sponsors an annual fine arts and crafts fair that has awarded grants to seven performing and visual arts organizations.

First started in 1976 this grant program has been in existance for more that 30 years! Today the program focuses its support on small- and mid-sized arts organizations, providing grants of up to $2,500 to assist organizations with the creation of new programs, expansion of current programs, or assistance with production or presentation expenses.

Criteria for receiving one of the grants included quality of the art performed/produced, diversity and number of people benefiting, innovative qualities, and potential for attracting a new audience for the arts.

This funding program has also been supporting and promoting artists and the arts for 41 years. The organization's activities include: supports for individual artists including grants and exhibitions; community-based art activities and events; and a nationally-recognized annual fine arts fair.

If you are an artist who is interested in finding out more about this grant program and whether you are eligible to apply you can visit their website. You can even email them to find out more information about their grant program for individual artists.

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