Tuesday, June 30, 2009

$700 Grant Program For Non-Profits!

Applications are now being accepted for projects that help people in need!

Applicants must prove their 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, have a budget of less than $2 million and have clear goals and objectives with measurable outcomes. Endowment or capital projects and campaigns, special fundraising events, general operating expenses, organizations that promote a religious or political ideology, and intermediary funding agencies will not be considered.

For information or to request an application you write to the organization that is providing this grant.

*Co-incidently this organization does not have a website!

Believe it or not there are still angel investors out there willing to invest their money into new businesses!

For example there is one network of angel investors interested in investing capital in promising companies with the expectation of receiving a substantial return on their investment. While ROI is absolutely the primary goal for these investors, the group also recognizes the value of supporting the entrepreneurial community for the economic benefit of the entire mid region and main areas of one state. You can either visit their website or contact the director of the group by phone.

For more investor-related information, just click here.

How About A $500 Grant?

This grant program was started by a business person who received a business grant of their own and who has now decided to help others by providing a grant program of their own!

If you have a business of your own and are experiencing financial difficulties then this may just be the grant program for you!

All you have to do is mail in your story. If you are chosen as the grant recipient all that is asked of you is that you after your business gets back on its feet again you promise to provide the same kind of grant program to another business that is struggling.

For more information, guidelines, application instructions and program-specific contact information please visit the website. This is also where you will get the information on the right address to mail your application to. *Please be advised that all applications will only be accepted via snail mail address only!

Does Your Business Need A Loan?

Although I mainly provide information about grants and grant programs, there are still many of those who are looking for loans that their businesses can apply for. Here is one such loan program:

This funding program supports small businesses in their initial stage of development with a minimum loan amount of $1,000, for example, an existing company can grow, or a start-up business can receive a needed boost to help it through a tough period. Although this funding program is limited to one state there are still many of those who have started their own business in this state alone! Entrepreneurs are starting hundreds of businesses, but they struggle when they can't obtain the necessary capital to provide their productions and services for a variety of reasons, many small businesses often can't rely on traditional sources of funding, such as banks and credit unions for business loans.

The mission of this funding program is to provide growth capital for small businesses. The goal of the program is to support emerging, start-up, and existing businesses, create jobs, and help sustain operations during difficult times, explore growth opportunities and expand hiring of workers.

This loan program also provides counseling mentor support.

Businesses must meet certain criteria. To be eligible a business at a minimum:

  • Must be based in specific areas of the state

  • Must be private for-profit

  • Must be unable to obtain capital from traditional sources, such as banks and credit unions

Loans will not be given to repay old debt or refinance existing loans from other lenders!

Hispanic Organization Offers Up To $5000

For Outstanding Latina Businesses!

In order to help support Latino Businesses this organization provides financial awards and also assistance to outstanding Latina businesses throughout the United States.

If you are the owner of a Latina business or know someone who is the owner of a Latina business then you may want to check this organization's website for more information.

Application forms are also provided via the website link above.

Could Your Business

Or Business Idea

Use Some Seed Money?

One state has announced the formation of a business plan competition for entrepreneurs! This program aims to raise $25 million for 30 yearly recipients by connecting each with mentors and venture investors willing to invest $500,000 to $1.5 million! The program hopes to replicate past competitions that were related.

The goal of the program is to launch new and innovative businesses in the state.

As part of the rules, winners must establish their startup headquarters in the state and create a minimum of five jobs in the state. Additionally, one outside investor must agree to match state investment funds.

The competition will be financed through public and private funds and features six category tracks:

  • health care and life sciences

  • IT, software and gaming

  • clean technology and energy

  • Social development and nonprofit

  • open category, seed stage

  • and open category, expansion stage

Winners will receive about $50,000 in cash to support business launch, with further seed money available, contingent on outside matching investment funds.

The program would also like to find mentors for young startups to bring them to the point where they are ready for venture investment on a bigger scale.

To find out more about this program and / or whether or not you are qualified to enter, please visit their website for more information.

There are currently over 25 government grant programs that involve inventions and / or machinery of some kind and they are ALL open for anyone to apply - including inventors!

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