Friday, June 12, 2009

Farm-Related Grants Available!

Agriculture is important for the economy of United States and that is why the government offers money for small farm businesses.

Did you know that it is possible for you to try for government grants for small farms if you own a small farm or field and have products which can be sold, but don't have the money to do it?

The Government wants to encourage agriculture and small fields.

In order to be eligible to apply you will need to create a good business plan but you may also be able to get some help with your business plan from some of the related government agencies. Even though the eligibility process may involve some paperwork the effort is worth it to get government money for your agricultural needs! You need to have a good business plan before applying for the grant for farms, agricultural loans or start up money with details like:

  • Your marketing plan

  • Product details

  • Prices

  • Distribution

A good business plan also helps you make sure of what you will be doing for the coming five years in your small business. When you have a business plan ready, you will find it much easy to apply. You will have to do the required paperwork for the government funds.

The Economy becomes strong and grows with the help of small agricultural businesses. This is also a source of employment for many people. The Government also wants people to have successful small agricultural businesses and gives government funding to help you.

In order to apply for government money for these purposes you will have to give a few things which include:

  • The details

  • Personal information

  • Prove of who you are through an ID

If your business plan considered successful and can be marketed you will be able to find cash to buy a small farm through the funds given by the government which includes:

  • Low interest loans

  • Awards

  • Forgiven loans

  • Leased land agriculture funding

  • Government grants

Did you know that grant programs don't mandate co-signers, security deposits, collateral or credit checks. In most cases all that is required by you is to inform them on the progress of goals specified in the application and send in periodic progress reports. This is done to ensure that the funds granted to you are being used as intended.

Teachers Submit Proposals For Grants!

So far over $100,000 has been given out as grant money to area schools for worthwhile and specified teaching projects!

Different proposals have been flooding the offices of the Foundation that is at the head of this particular grant program. Proposals involving the use of everything from Kindles to puppets and high tech software to low tech magnets flooded the office of the Foundation so far this year.

Past grant recipients include:

  • one program will bring video based lessons and interactive activities to all elementary classrooms while another program will use puppets to teach autism awareness across the district.

  • pre-school students will become actors in their own movies that model appropriate behavior, an effective but fun way to learn important skills that don’t come easily to younger students.

While the foundation did not identify purchasing technology as a system wide initiative this year, it did fund individual grants for interactive whiteboards, electronic tablets and additional software.

To view the complete list of the foundation's grants, look on line at their website or you can contact them by phone.

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